For the Friday showback, we had been asked to observe an animal of our choice and show these mannerisms within a group in front of the class. Although wewon the audience’s attention (We were one of the few to make it to the end of the scene), Philippe thought our witches ‘who have discovered Karl Marx’ didn’t show enough of our pleasure. I went away and did a bit of further work on it. Quite why this was I still don’t understand, as it brought me love from the audience, but perhaps he likes each exercise and character to remain separate? After all my problems with volume, spelling out the text’s meaning and struggling to find my ‘actor voice’, I never thoughtthe subject I’d have the most success with (So far) would be Shakespeare andChekhov. Photography by Luciana Inácio. Autocours 3. By beauty he means "anyone in the grip of pleasure or freedom". It just so happened that on the second Sunday of each month this park was host to a carboot sale which sold the most peculiar paraphernalia; from instruments to globes to tools. As well as performing as a clown, he is also a playwright and director. Photography by Scott Parker. This positivity could not last. ‘He doesn’t know the text’, rung through the room before Philippe had a chance to shout it. OK, so clown kind of faded out for me. She's studied clown and physical comedy with Virginia Scott and Christopher Bayes, Ecole Philippe Gaulier, The Humanist Project, and the Comedy Cellar. Philippe was positive too, saying that my ‘fart noises were better than the previous guy’. (function(w,d,s,l,i))(window,document,'script','dataLayer','GTM-5LWWHP'); MovieFlix - HD Movies Web Series for Android. For example, with the clown, he helps students uncover their own clown. He studied under Jacques Lecoq in the mid-1960s and was an instructor at L'École Internationale de Théâtre Jacques Lecoq in the late 1970s. In 2005, it reopened back in Sceaux, Hauts-de-Seine, until 2011, when it moved again, this time to Étampes, where it opened in summer 2011. This time, it was OK for the audience to laugh, in fact it was preferable. Philippe asked us to speak some text he had written for the bouffons to say as they would introduce their show from the swamps. Too natural,’  he told me. On my first day, Tuesday, I decided to wander around the beautiful rural French town of Étampes. …’ This time, stood up and with stuffed hunchbacks, we would speak as though children’s theatre presenters. We all seemed to find improvisation tricky, even those who were successful in this style outside of the school, but the last week was essentially a massacre, where you would occasionally find a couple of survivors, but personally I was on the receiving end of a torrent of negativity. Each time Ollie kicked me, Philippe would shout ‘Don’t move!’. She told me that she thought I could play the leader that struggles to control a situation well, recalling the tortoise I had played during Neutral Mask. The sun was shining, baguettes available for 80 cents just round the corner in the picturesque little marketplace and I had the day to myself. Philippe Gaulier (born in Paris, 4 March 1943) is a French master clown, pedagogue, and professor of theatre. The school was beginning to feel claustrophobic as many of us are based within a 10 minute walking radius of it and our social circles were almost solely defined by it. I ran along the river bank until I could disappear into the first crowd I found. ‘Greetings! The exercises we would do included going on an imagined journey through different terrains and conveying different elements, all the while varying rhythm and tension states. I was in an average position within the class; Some students were still waiting for that much acclaimed first ‘good moment’, while others appeared to be within his go to circle for regular praise. However, despite the romanticism of life on the continent, I soon found myself bored of my solitary day in a town that seemingly had very little to offer in terms of activity. I kept finding the most widely spoken British phrases being questioned by the others and was startled by the Aussie’s curiosity over what ‘conkers’ are. I think I could have found another week of it useful, however, just so we could focus a little better on Moliere and the set text. For this module we were to draw from all the modules we have worked through so far to bring scenes from William Shakespeare and then Anton Chekhov to life. Sat in my new position as ‘secretary’ for Friday’s Autocours. I turned to see that the man had returned a third time, this time with his hand held out in request for money. Those of us who had continued from the first module were already approaching our work with a tick list that included have pleasure, balance the stage, play with rhythm, have pleasure, find complicité, play for the audience and above all else keep pleasure!!

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