This is fine but it doesn’t help the sniper to deliver pinpoint accuracy as we understand it today. See each listing for international shipping options and costs. To be totally historically correct, this rifle was getting past its sell-by date when Vietnam started, having seen the majority of its use in WW11 and Korea but there are documented cases and pictures of this rifle being used in action against the VC. Instructions for installation of the 1903 Springfield The simple attractive and efficient design of this mount base makes it ideal for the shooter whom desires a fine mount but has little means with which to alter his firearm to accept a scope. Find the scope mount you have been looking for at The Country Shed. The downside is, it does become a place where dirt and general junk can accumulate in combat conditions. Sorry, I should have said very (hens teeth type) hard to get hold of. Unertl 8X scope was based on the Unertl target scope. The M1903-A4 was an accurate rifle with an effective range of about 600 yards (550m), with the main limit on long range accuracy coming from its very low power scope (2.5x). The other question I always get asked about this scope is "What is the spring for?". Luckily there's lots of loading info. Something went wrong. I ran two test batches and both had similar promising results. So I decided on a real tough test - the Springfield M1903A1. out there for this rifle and a search on the net throws up loads for everything from 155 to 220g bullets. Will not fit the 1903/1903 Mark I. Springfield Low Scope Safety. (Note the original wooden box and brass fittings that their scopes were dispatched in - no cardboard here.). No need to bend the bolt, a simple grinding of the bolt handle for clearance is all that’s needed. Interestingly the best groups were @ 48.5g of N140 = 2650 fps - both showing 5 shot touching groups, I took the two best and ran the same test at 300yds. Has bridge in rear. This rifle was usually built on, or around, the Springfield 30-06 National Match rifle which was taken and accuracy tested/ gauged and fitted with the then new and top of the line Unertl scope. Great, so I handed the problem over to him (a problem halved...) and true to his word, 6 months later I got a call saying he found one, in very nearly mint condition and it was in great nick for a rifle that was built around the 1920`s. This rifle was usually built on, or around, the Springfield 30-06 National Match rifle which was taken and accuracy tested/ gauged and fitted with the then new and top of the line Unertl scope. Several days later and project that I had worked on for a year without seeing the majority of the parts, landed assembled in my lap. Includes S&K 1" High Scope Rings. Required fitting. The whole rifle had been stripped, serviced and cleaned to bring it back to an as-new condition. 1903/A3 Springfield The Springfield Armory was the first federal armory in the USA, producing firearms for the US military for nearly 200 years until its closure in 1968. No drilling, tapping or major alteration. These were stamped and serial numbered on the side of the tube and if you have one on top of your wardrobe that a long-forgotten uncle left you, it's probably worth around the £5000 mark! Or should I say re-create one to the same specification as the original sniper rifle and test it. 2X or 4X - at the most 6X. Springfield Low Scope Safety. The rationale behind this low mag. Blends in well with original finish. As usual nothing was that simple - the scope mounting-blocks have to be mounted in set designated positions, one on the barrel, one on the action. There is still a healthy trade in the second-hand market for Unerlt scopes; they do have a somewhat cult-following around the world and the holy-grail amongst collectors is a true USMC 8X sniper scope. ad-hoc weapons from the WW11 and the Korean conflict. A great idea but naïve to say the least. Can be removed and reinstalled easily. Or were these well documented extraordinary shots just a case of these men being truly exceptional marksmen. Save springfield 1903a3 scope mount to get e-mail alerts and updates on your eBay Feed. Item Number SPF054. To attach this base, proceed as follows: 1. View cart for details. I started the search for a rifle around the same time as the scope and I thought this was going to be reasonably straight forward, after all the were thousands of Springfield National Matches made. Just as a comparison test, I shot a friend`s Sako TRG with a 8x32 Nightforce scope and the Springfield at the same distances 300yds, the Sako does have smaller 5 shot group of 3inch which was only to be expected but the old rifle did put up a good show on the day with a 3¾ inch group. So, shortly after the start of the war, Lieutenant Jim Land managed to convince upper echelons of the USMC of the value of scout snipers for reconniassance and harassment of the enemy on their own ground. Posted by Unknown on Jun 25th 2020 Casting. The ret. Only one way to find one! Mild steel. is a fine cross-hair which affords the user an uncluttered view and best of all, a very fine aim-point. Given that I said at the start of this project that I wasn’t a fan of old military rifles, I fell in love with this rifle as soon as I unwrapped it. Will watch, but the softness of the steel has me concerned. This was quite a bold step for the military, in as such that the standard thoughts on the use of scopes for military use was in favour of very low power - i.e. The Scope. Add a scope to your old military rifle to increase accuracy and increase distance. Includes 1" fully machined, horizontally split scope rings and is windage adjustable. Use high rings if you do not grind bolt. The old adage “today’s wars are fought with yesterday's technology” is as true today as it was then. In order to make this a tough test, I ruled out the Remington and Winchesters that stayed in service throughout the major part of the war as they are basically the same rifles that can be bought off the shelf today. It's light, well balanced and comes up to the shoulder really well. I would go further by saying that with some more load-development and in more experienced hands than mine, I'm sure that this rifle could do much more. The Unertl scope has a few other things going for it too; the rear mount or housing has an external micrometer ¼ clicks for windage and elevation. At the start of the conflict in Vietnam in 1959, there was no official sniper training program or defined weapons, as everything had been mothballed after WW11 and only slightly re-kindled for the Korean conflict. Jump to page: Results 1 to 10 of 13 ... And at what point in time did the Lyman Alaskan take over as the standard military issue sniper scope in WWII for the 1903-a4? Copyright © 1995-2020 eBay Inc. All Rights Reserved. Scope Mount for 1903 Springield. Well, the scope was designed to move within its mounts under the recoil of the rifle and the spring returns the scope to its original position so maintaining the correct eye relief. Having made my usual sweeping statement, I should say I do have a more than passing interest in the Vietnam war and its weapons so, sometime ago, after reading about the extraordinary shots and exploits of the famous snipers from that era, such as Carlos Hathcock and Chuck Marwhinny, I got to wondering, given their age and production methods, just how accurate were these rifles? It took me the best part of year to find a good one and get it over from the US. Its worth noting that it's only in the past couple of years that the UK forces have moved up from a set magnification of an 8X S&B to the variable 12X, a move that was way overdue, so as you see the US military was way ahead of its time. That was a tough one - there were several different “sniper rifles” used throughout the Vietnam conflict or that should be - rifles that were pressed into service to fulfil the role of a sniper rifle. Andrew had even managed to get me a leather sling to finish it all off however the point of all this was not to stroke it but to find out what it's capable of. Page 1 of 2 1 2 Last. OK, got the rifle, got the scope, just a case of getting them together - did I say just? We offer receiver mounts and long eye relief scope mounts. was to give the shooter the biggest field of view possible. I had plenty of 155 and 168 Lapua match bullets and in order to give the rifle the best chances, I gave it the best equipment to work with - Lapua brass and Redding competition dies and in order to be a little gentle on the bore, I moly-coated the bullets. Constructed of solid steel CNC machined in matte black, Precision CNC machined from 6061/T6 Aluminum Block. 1 review Write a Review ... 03 Springfield Low Scope Safety.

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