This case involved John Scopes, a biology teacher, who taught Darwinism (theory of evolution). There is no blinking the fact that certain races do not fuse with us and have no intention of trying to become Americans. What led to the tension between old and new AND in what ways was the tension manifested? The 1920 census demonstrated to traditionalists that their views were under attack by the modernists who gradually came to outnumber them. Traditionalists were disturbed, 2011 This made women more equal to men and gave them more power therefore; more men became disinterested because most of them wanted the regular housewife. World war 1 was great for American businesses, and the economy grew immensely. The Poles, for example, are determined to remain Polish. 1920’s DBQ Get Your Custom Essay on, By clicking “Write my paper”, you agree to our, Get your custom Following the First World War, the United States went in search of a, “return to normalcy,” which many agreed was exactly what it needed. However, to the dismay of many, all the United States could find was a significant amount of tension that had developed between, “Old America,” and, “New America.” All in all, this tension that arose between old and new traditions and ideas did so in the form of religion, conflicts within society, and cultural values. Since 1890 the majority have come from southern and eastern Europe. They all represent the newer immigration. In conclusion, “The Roaring Twenties” were a time where old and new tensions met and manifested. Retrieved from, This is just a sample. In case you can’t find a sample example, our professional writers are ready to help you with writing Against these unassimilated and unassimilable peoples the proposed measure would discriminate. Source: Scopes Trial Transcript, 1925 Source F [pic]. The 1920s, also known as the “Roaring Twenties”, was an exhilarating time full of significant social, economic, and political change. Option Two: 1930s. Dictators arose in countries that were The American dream was very diverse and looked different for everyone; women were completely new people, African Americans were free, A P European History Test Prep Beginning in the early 1900s, America continued to build up its nation economically, socially, and politically. I will answer it all at once, and I have no objection in the world, I want the world to know that this man, who does not believe in God, is trying to use a court in Tennessee— Mr. Darrow:I object to that Mr. Bryan: (continuing) to slur at it, and while it will require time, I am willing to take it. 4. Get access to this section to get all the help you need with your essay and educational goals. and throughout the 1930’s the clouds of war were forming. Not because a man had flown across the Atlantic! With new revolutionary achievements, many dark sides were brought out. **************** The Klan, therefore, has now come to speak for the great mass of Americans of the old pioneer stock. Scopes was found guilty. However, in the late 1920 's and throughout the 1930 's, they realized that they were wrong. Silent movies were very popular at this time, along with radios. This showed how old and new ideas eventually clashed. The 20's were known as the "Jazz Age" or "The Golden Age". Source: Mary B. Mullett, “The Biggest thing That Lindbergh Has Done,” The American Magazine, October 1927 Source I [pic] Source: Marcus Garvey, 1925 (photograph) Source J Be it resolved that the National W. C. T. U (Women’s Chirstian Temperance Union) encourages further scientific research into the effects of nicotine and urges all public and private school teachers and Sunday school workers, both by precept and example, to assist in an educational campaign to make these effects known with a view to instructing the youth as to the well-proven facts of science; and. 3/11/10 The struggle continues over the Johnson bill to restrict immigration to two per cent of each national group domiciled here in 1890. Comparison/Contrast Essay 1. View 1920s_DBQ.docx from HISTORY 101 at Silverado High School. Source H DBQ: (Form A) The Polish Diet, as the Indianapolis News points out, has adopted a resolution asking the government to request the Holy See to use its influence with the Catholic hierarchy in the United States to permit the continued use of the Polish language in Polish Catholic churches and parochial schools. A struggle between old ideas of conservatism and new liberal movements surfaced during the “roaring twenties”. In Document F “The Biggest Thing Lindbergh Has Done” this new value was set and crushed some people’s belief of things being the same as they were “nineteen hundred years ago”. We shouted ourselves hoarse. Far worse, it makes it hard for us to state our case and advocate our crusade in the most effective way, for most of us lack skill in language. was attempting to perform a scientific research on tobacco and its deadly affects. Source I A dispatch from Warsaw declares that the resolution is part of an effort to stop “the systematic Americanization of the Poles”! To understand the Klan, then, it is necessary to understand the character and present mind of the mass of old-stock Americans. This was attempted because there was a rise in women smokers. ****************** Mr. Bryan:You honor, I think I can shorten this testimony. DBQ & Free Response Questions Modernists were more open-minded and liberal in their thoughts. When, because of what we believe him to be, we gave Lindbergh the greatest ovation in history, we convicted ourselves of having told a lie about ourselves. Mr. Bryan:I believe everything in the Bible should be accepted as it is given there; some of the Bible is given illustratively. Just as he was an Elk, a Booster and a member of the Chamber of Commerce, just as the priests of the Presbyterian Church determined his every religious belief and the senators who controlled the Republican Party decided in little smoky rooms in Washington what he should think about disarmament, tariff, and Germany, so did the large national advertisers fix the surface of his life, fix what he believed to be his individuality.

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