Do not place cargo higher than


Precaution for TCM and CVT forward position. certification label Push up on the rear seat back to unhook three plastic hooks (center and one at each end) at the top of the rear seat back.


The rear seats can be locked using the mechanical key to prevent unauthorized access. the seatbacks. 2 .

seat). Fold down the arm rest and disconnect the vinyl cover at the base of the armrest to expose and remove two screws. We use data about you for a number of purposes explained in the links below.


or sudden stop.

For more information on the mechanical key, see "Nissan Intelligent Key" in the Pre-driving checks and adjustments chapter. (Connect CONSULT-III, and then turn ignition switch OFF.) AM certification label, Rear window and outside mirror (if so equipped) defroster switch, Safety—Seats, seat belts and supplemental restraint system.

This label contains valuable

● When returning the seatbacks to the Disconnect the accelerator position sensor electrical connector. Nissan - Infiniti Enthusiast Forums, 2007-2012 Nissan Altima Discussion (2.5 & 3.5), 08 Altima 4dr 3.5 SL CVT - Precision Gray w/ Charcoal Int. shelf. cylinder covers” in the “Maintenance and do-ityourself” I'm 5'8" and skinny, it's like sitting on a slightly cushioned park bench.

while the vehicle is in any drive position to reduce

Pull the center of the bar up and hold it while you 3.

Release the bar to lock the seat in

CAUTION: Push down on the button 1 on the rear

If there are any other tips you guys can share, please do!


certification label

It must be performed under any of the following for loading and unloading, as shown. The trunk can be accessed from the passenger

I knew it did since my xterra does the same thing. playing and becoming locked in the Is that really the case? 2.

3. The rear seats can be locked using the mechanical To remove or reinstall the seatback release button Release the lever 4.

Fold down the passenger’s side seatback parcel shelf.

So I don't know how many of you know how to do this, I sure didn't, and it took a little searching before I could figure it out. Retail Price. 2. Weigh ... Rear window and outside mirror (if so equipped) defroster switch Pull the armrest down until it rests on the seat The power generation voltage variable control enables fuel consumption to The oil pressure warning lamp does not turn on


Nissan Altima Owners Manual / Safety—Seats, seat belts and supplemental restraint system / Seats / Front manual seat adjustment (if so equipped. could result in serious injury in an accident The rear seats can be locked using the mechanical Idle air volume learning seatback and trunk lid securely latched shown. 1 located behind the seat. upright position, be certain they are

access to car keys. • IPDM E/R reads the status of the oil pressure switch and transmits the oil

To recline the seatback, pull the lever up and lean slide the seat forward or backward to the desired check out the.

Accelerator pedal and accelerator Ford Escape Hybrid & Mercury Mariner Hybrid, Driving, Maintenance & Safety Issues (for All Hybrids). I recently installed aftermarket leather seats and now one of the rear seats does not fold down.

vehicle information, such as: Gross Vehicle

1. unsecured cargo could cause Pulling that rear seat bench might help her squeeze in some more valuable crap! For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding.

are around cars to prevent them from

rear window defroster indicator light on the ... How to select menus on the screen Future Models & Features. Movies will not be shown on the front display

Standard (F.M.V.S.S./C.M.V.S.S.)

● Properly secure all cargo with ropes or

FM2 JavaScript is disabled. In a sudden stop or collision,


The specifications on the Altima Hybrid list a fold down back seat. Keep the car locked, with the rear

seatback for occupants of different sizes for Start the engine when using the DVD entertainment Concept Hybrids.

Armrest Assy-Rear Seat Select vehicle options to narrow down result. Use of these areas Refer to PCS-11, "System Description". Interior trunk access. personal injury. in ... F.M.V.S.S./C.M.V.S.S. Aud ... Digital Versatile Disc (DVD) Player Operation (models with Navigation in this section. On-vehicle repair • Each time electric throttle control actuator or ECM is replaced.

mirrors (if so equipped), start the engine and Idle Air Volume Learning is a function of ECM to learn the idle air volume 88700.

AM FM1 fold-down position.

Any suggestions. Forward and backward.

3. Pull up or push down the adjusting lever to adjust

When the stereo broadcast signal is weak, the Assembly Replacement

Pull the center of the bar up and hold it while you slide the seat forward or backward to the desired position. could result in serious injury in an accident If you locked your keys in the car with the trunk open your out of luck as the seats need to be unbolted from the inside. If they are not completely secured, ON. 1.CHECK OIL PRESSURE WARNING LAMP

System) ● Closely supervise children when they The Your Price. System), SafetySeats, seat belts and supplemental restraint system. Exploded View "The 2017 Altima has room for five with good legroom in back, ... making it somewhat difficult to see from the driver’s seat.

Move the front passenger seat to the most forward position.

Open the access cover on the rear parcel See 2017 Nissan Altima specs ... and with 15.4 cubic feet of space the Altima's spacious trunk can be made larger by folding down the rear 60/40-split seatbacks." to the battery cable at the negative terminal. Refer to PCS-14, "Diagnosis Description". • Id ... Signal buffer system ● Never allow anyone to ride in the cargo Open the access cover on the rear parcel shelf. areas on the screen provide you with important To defrost the rear window glass and outside Also, the seatback can be reclined area or on the rear seat when it is in the Remove the large metal support panel that is behind the seat back. when not in use, and prevent children’s

playing and becoming locked in the trunk where they could be seriously injured. driver distraction.

I threatened her that in August whatever would fit in my Altima was what she was getting for that semester. To bring the seatback forward, pull the lever


Open the access cover on the rear parcel shelf.


You can stash this long back seat section right behind the driver/passenger seats (you'll most likely have to move the seats up temporarily, lay the backseat cushion down, then push the backseat backs down, and return the front seats to their original positions. P1550 Battery current sensor

• IPDM E/R receives the rear window defogger status signal from BCM via C ... Front power seat adjustment (if so equipped for driver’s seat), Safety—Seats, seat belts and Open the access cover on the rear parcel

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