Furthermore an ATC in-line fuse holder with a 3 amp fuse. approved LED lights. This is a 12 volt Toggle Switches LED Turn Signal Kit with surface mount Super Bright D.O.T. In other words, a steering column mounted turn signal switch is located in the same area as your automobile. copyright owned by hi-torque publications, — A HIGHER PERFORMANCE VERSION OF THE STAMPEDE —. That is to say you can go from pavement, to off-road trails and back again. In addition you can customize the UTV with Double or Triple lights. The Havoc X 1000 is the first fruit of the combined company. The Havoc X joins the sport-utility side of the market currently epitomized by the Polaris General. Our SM LED Running Lights & Turn Signal Kit includes. Textron kept the controls clean and simple. Option3 – UTV Wire and Connector Kit, to clarify this kit will make it easy to connect your turn signals. Some of the very popular trail systems—the Hatfield-McCoy system for example—are better suited to a well-suspended utility machine than to a wide sport unit with over 100 horsepower. Secondly, two (2) Toggle Switches with Rubber Boots. Also, 2 surface mounted ¾” inch red (rear) LED lights. Our toggle switches LED turn signal kit includes. The SM LED Turn Signal Kit with surface mount Super Bright D.O.T. This is a 12 volt LED Running Lights & Turn Signal Kit with surface mount Super Bright D.O.T. Each piggyback reservoir shock has fully adjustable preload with a split threaded ring that compresses the spring and an Allen bolt that locks the ring. Dune running isn’t exactly what it was designed. However, you can add additional lights to give your Textron HAVOC a custom look. Most importantly, with our Textron HAVOC turn signals you get all the help and support you need from EZ Turn Signal Kits. The Havoc has selectable 2WD/4WD with an automatic-locking front differential. It is the perfect space for tools, coolers, fishing gear or gun cases. Hence, we have developed D.O.T. It does exactly what a crossover UTV should do, and we’re looking forward to seeing if it does it better than the Polaris General. All states have their own D.O.T. In addition, they have a polycarbonate lens & housing and come with encapsulated electronics to eliminate corrosion. If you spend most of your time driving aggressively, you can increase the compression damping on the shocks for more bottoming control. Our Toggle Switches (TS) LED light kit comes with 2 surface mounted ¾” inch amber (front) LED lights. Some machines don’t provide much in the way of tie-down points for transporting the machine. The Havoc X is $17,299, and it’s only available as a two-seater for now. UTVs that go up must come down, and the Textron is easy to control on difficult downhills because transmission offers very good engine braking in low range, and the four-wheel disc brakes have very good power and feel. The difference is that the Havoc X can also hang out in the land of sport machines and provide a third performance facet. As a result, order from the drop down box Light Options:  2 Amber ¾” LED Lights  or  2 Red ¾” LED Lights  or  4 Amber ¾” LED Lights  or  4 Red ¾” LED Lights. In addition two (2) LED indicator lights for the turn signals and 4-way emergency flashers. As a result, order from the drop down box Turn Signal Switch Mounting Hardware. It doesn’t have automatic engine braking, but the transmission remains engaged almost continuously in low and briefly in high to offer some engine braking in off-throttle situations. This category only includes cookies that ensures basic functionalities and security features of the website. ONE, you do not want any possible feedback from the LED Electronic Flasher into the ECU of your UTV. I developed my Turn Signal Kits (TSK) to be completely independent for THREE main reasons. Finally, I have sold thousands of the column mounted TSS and never had a customer complain about bumping or breaking one. Textron’s Arctic Cat Havoc X offers impressive sport performance with most of the serious utility capabilities of the more work-focused Stampede. If all of your driving is in high-speed whoops and sand dunes, there are better choices. We played with the Havoc X in Johnson Valley near the infamous King of the Hammers. Option2 – Turn Signal Switch (TSS) mounting hardware for your particular year, make and model. It looks sleek and purposeful, and it has everything you will need for recreation as well. Furthermore, they have a Space Saving Design, Hi Impact Acrylic Lens and Housing. Also, the self tapping screws for mounting the lights and flasher. Also, the LED Flasher with mounting hardware. The spool-type rear differential is continuously locked. Since that first Stampede test, Textron vastly expanded its quad and UTV lineup when it acquired Arctic Cat. We have some Custom Kit Brackets, UTV Wire & Connector Kit and Dash Indicators. These cookies do not store any personal information. Textron is a multi-industry company, recognized for it's powerful brands, world-class enterprise processes and talented people. Most importantly, with our Textron HAVOC turn signals you get all the help and support you need from EZ Turn Signal Kits. Also, 2 surface mounted ¾” inch red (rear) LED lights. In addition, they meet the P2PC requirements for 45 degree mounting and provide superior light output. THREE, you want both rear stop lights when activating the turn signals (like our automobiles), not just one. More rockers control lighting and the winch. Get into the throttle and you won’t mistake the Havoc X for a regular recreation utility rig. Subsequently, we build the Textron HAVOC turn signals and accessories you need. Under the dual-rate rear springs are crossover rings. This area is the natural home of high-power, long-travel sport machines. It jumped from 80-ish to 100 horsepower, grew wider and gained wheel travel. Finally, the mounting installation instructions with wiring instructions & diagram. Like the Stampede, the Havoc has an extended cab storage area forward of the cargo box. There are also front and rear sway bars to control body roll. In addition you can customize the UTV with Double or Triple lights. This website uses cookies to improve your experience while you navigate through the website. For instance, having a Street Legal Textron HAVOC UTV is just awesome. Used with our stock #104, #105 or #107-SM LED Turn Signal Kits. They’re sport seats that offer good support, and they have cool-looking two-tone covers, but the seat base is a little short for most adults. Toggle Switches LED Turn Signal Kit #604 Options: Option2 – TS Wire and Connector Kit, to clarify this kit will make it easy to connect your turn signals. Secondly, the Turn Signal Switch and the hardware to mount it to your steering column (see TSS mounting hardware notes above). Textron Havoc X. It’s aggressive and fun without being too abrupt. This special LED Flasher has the 3 pin connections for LOAD, PILOT and POWER. Option3 – If you don’t have a rear bumper, you might want to use our Rear T-Brackets (4″ x 2″ lights only). Like the Stampede, the two tow hooks on the front and the trailer hitch on the rear made tying the Stampede down safe and quick. approved LED lights (no brackets required). Gripe number three is legroom. We thought the 80-horsepower engine in the Stampede was pretty impressive, but the jump to 100 ponies makes a big difference. Since then, parent company Textron has changed their name, though the impressive Stampede remains pretty much the same. Option4 – Dash Indicators for those that want one or two dash indicators. A larger, more powerful engine, longer travel suspension; sport seats; a roof; a winch, color-matched A-arms and suspension springs; and larger ITP Ultracross tires on aluminum wheels set the Havoc X apart from the Stampede 900. Textron trimmed the lineup some but added the Stampede models. Above all, we highly recommend turn signals for your added safety. For the rocks and desert terrain, the ITP Ultra Cross R Spec tires with closely spaced tread blocks were fantastic. You have come to the right place! Arctic Cat Soft Cab Kit - 2017-2020 Stampede Havoc. In addition, our SM LED light kit comes with 2 surface mounted ¾” inch amber (front) LED lights. A fully automatic, dual-range, belt-type CVT. Textron didn’t make any dimensional changes to the cab, and bucket seats always take up more room than a bench seat. ATV Reviews Textron. We got some grinding from the transmission while selecting ranges on our early-production test machine, but our contacts at Textron tell us the problem will be handled before Havocs reach the public. We found the display easy to read with all the handy information we needed. For instance, D.O.T. That is to say, you will need these while converting your off-road recreational vehicle to street legal status. Our LED light kit comes with two 4″x 2″ inch rectangular amber (front) and two 4″x 2″ inch rectangular red (rear) LED lights. It moves! approved LED lights (no brackets required).). In addition, the mounting installation instructions with wiring instructions & diagram. Everything else is pretty sweet. We recognized the sport potential in the machine. A 957cc, single-overhead-cam, eight-valve inline twin with 100 horsepower. The Toggle Switches LED Turn Signal Kit will fit all years for the Textron HAVOC models.

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