At the same time, the 300 PRC has a longer case neck than the .300 Win Mag (.3076″ vs .264″). 0000042215 00000 n

Handloaders have utilized bullets weighing up to 250gr with the cartridge with great success.

0000037646 00000 n Exactly how fast that occurs depends on a number of factors like the quality of the barrel, the exact ammunition used, etc. H�\��j�0����l/�%%�i �-��p�Ijhd�8y�*�Bk��ctsF�t���\?����^&u�]��2\}+� ��%y��������4����$�;�b��?�x��M=-�� �I��w�{wRO���g����)gq��T]�N���5gQi���P��K����{E�s�i�N.cӊo�I�E�Z-��q��r��pl?���x�Yi-�-�����+T@[HG*h�H��Za��P��Y�2�6.:�����O�g���3X���.

When setting up the sizing die, I used the Hornady Headspace Comparator tool to check shoulder bump. So, they took a necked down .375 Ruger cartridge case and built the cartridge with a very long head height. Even at 1,000 yards, the .300 Win Mag has about 10″ (~18%) more wind drift than the 300 PRC. There you have it, my precision reloading setup for 300 PRC. 0000000016 00000 n The 300 PRC also has a smaller freebore diameter than the .300 Win Mag. There is some overlap in the common bullet weights they use, but the 300 PRC generally works better with longer and heavier bullets.
I’m sure more companies will start manufacturing 300 PRC hunting ammo options in the near future and I’ll update the list as more manufacturers start producing ammo for the cartridge.

That said, I wouldn’t count on finding 300 Precision Rifle Cartridge ammunition in smaller gun store.

0000114781 00000 n 0000116934 00000 n Poll: What Rifle Cartridge Do You Reload Most Often? Glad you liked it Jaco! Hornady formally rolled out their new 300 Precision Rile Cartridge at the 2018 SHOT Show.

�pS�G+�&a�[��PX�. 0000005861 00000 n In particular, the existing .30 caliber cartridges were not well suited for using extremely long, high BC bullets.

With an overall length of 3.7″, the 300 PRC requires a magnum length rifle action. .300 PRC reloading data with 102 loads. With the rise in popularity of extra long range shooting during the 21st Century, ballisticians at Hornady identified the need for a .30 caliber cartridge designed specifically for that sort of work. Ever since the .30-06 Springfield took the hunting world by storm at the beginning of the 20th Century, .30 caliber cartridges have been extremely popular among hunters and shooters in North America.

0000071844 00000 n While the .300 Win Mag is certainly capable of excellent accuracy in the right hands, the 300 PRC was specifically designed for exceptional accuracy and outstanding performance at long range. If they’re not plugged into the long range shooting community, most hunters and shooters probably haven’t heard about the new 300 Precision Rifle Cartridge (300 PRC) Hornady officially released in 2018. Then on to annealing! Though the .30-06 was and is a great option for many uses, hunters and shooters looking for more power or better long range performance have flocked towards the various .30 caliber magnum cartridges for many decades.

In this article I’ll give you a complete walk-through of my current reloading process for 300 PRC! The data used to compare the trajectory of the cartridges was obtained from Hornady (here, and here). 0000117308 00000 n If you really enjoy shooting at longer range, then the inherent accuracy of the cartridge and the fact that it’s designed to use very heavy, high BC bullets are both compelling arguments in favor of the 300 PRC. Click here to download the new .300 PRC data. For bulk reloading I’ll typically dry tumble or wet tumble.

0000075238 00000 n 0000052967 00000 n 0000075399 00000 n 0000115570 00000 n The .300 Win Mag normally uses a 1:10″ rifling twist, which is optimal for stabilizing bullets in that weight range.

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