Shooters have different opinions on recoil but we can all agree that the big cartridges need to be paired with a rifle platform that handles recoil well and keeps you out shooting. 2950 with the 180"s. Guys on site are getting that with 7RM. Subscriber Services. Mag., it’s got some pretty outdated design characteristics. Gun Parts - Stocks, Barrels, Actions, etc. Mag. For the hunter—within sane hunting ranges—the benefits of the higher velocity and higher B.C. However, like the .300 Win. ); not bad for a factory rifle using production ammunition at 10 football fields. Both the chamber throat and the cartridge case of the .300 PRC can accommodate long, heavy bullets such as the new 250-gr. We’ve got short magnums, long magnums and everything in between, but at the top of the heap—as far as sales are concerned—is the .300 Winchester Magnum; it has been adopted by military snipers, it has been all over the globe in the hands of hunters (including this author), and it makes an excellent choice for those wishing to ring distant steel. more of wind hold. The next design element that sets the PRC apart is the cartridge’s throat diameter and geometry. Crusader Safaris’ Umkomaas Valley hunting camp turned out to be an ideal location to determine just what the PRC could accomplish both as a hunting and as a long-range target cartridge as well as evaluate Trijicon’s optics since lighting conditions vary from dim forests to sun-bleached slopes. The negative comb, the thumb shelf for your trigger hand, the adjustable recoil pad, and the vertical grip all make for a lightweight rifle system that will track well under recoil and make the largest 300s feel like shooting a little ‘ol 308. Are the .300 PRC’s qualities enough to earn it a spot among the top .300 magnums? 300 PRC vs 300 Win Mag. Frank and Tony from Gallery of Guns spice up the Glock test using their non-dominant hands. This beast provides more initial velocity than any of the previous cartridges discussed, and has proven to be an outstanding elk cartridge. The idea of the .300 PRC was to achieve all of the benefits of handloading in a factory cartridge. Hornady has two loads on the market for the .300 PRC: a 225-grain ELD Match load at a muzzle velocity of 2810 fps and a 212-grain ELD X hunting load at a muzzle velocity of 2860 fps; this pair will handle both long-range target shooting and hunting duties for all game up to brown bear, Cape buffalo, hippopotamus and elephant. At 200 yards the test group I fired to check my zero measured 0.95 inch, and one bullet punched a hole in the center of the bullseye.

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