Inspriring! I just watched your Logo Design challenge video and thought I’d leave some feedback. Hey Mr. Draplin…just wanted to say I love your style of graphics…kinda they way I hope to design being from the Venice/Santa Monica area in CA…great artwork:) It has some great energy vibes. can i give you a call to chat about this? just wondering…. Aaron! I have been skating my whole life, when I saw those marks I was really impressed. Too damn funny. forgot something. it’s easy to see why you get paid. If for any reason you are over that way, my cell is 760-699-4303. In our conversation he said he knew you and that I should reach out to you. I’ll never forget that you held the record for the most sleeping on the train. Some said I was vain. I like what your doing-bringing the old and forgotten back from the dead. If you have an opportunity your feedback would be invaluable to me. sorry we missed you when we were doing interviews in portland for the david carson documentary. To say he will be missed, is a huge understatement. Great work! Re issue of the action caps any time soon? Your talk on creative mornings taught me about myself. hey draplin! I just saw your thing on creativemornings in portland. I’ve listened to a lot of designers say a lot of crap, but there’s something different about you. Hello Field Notes, I have a trade show on October 2nd, and need to know if you can produce your vintage looking paper products in that time frame…360-518-4481. It’s a beard products line called Bearded Badass but it’s funny it’s like Frank’s red hot cause we put that shit on everything, my daughters acne my son’s heat bumps on his ass from football lol so we were thinking of redoing a few things in the formula and making a skin Moisturizer Or something and call it B cubed maybe with a 2 or an actual cube but wanted your input and maybe a price for the both. Hi, How about looking at a meet when you are back in TC for the skateboarding/art contest coming up here soon… YOU would DIG our facility and our paper artists and THEY would dig you right back. I think you need to check this little guy out…. Any chance of are reissue of the Anvil Strength Torso Cover? I study Digital Design and Art Direction in Germany and you are one of the few people that inspire me and for that I want to thank you! I have a few pics of you up. The book is Pretty Much Everything, a mid-career survey of work produced by graphic designer Aaron James Draplin, the very man behind the brand aesthetics of Union bindings, and just about every other brand in snowboarding worth remembering. Check Reputation Score for Justin Draplin in Travelers Rest, SC - View Criminal & Court Records | Photos | Address, Emails & Phone Numbers | Personal Review | Income & Net Worth Hope to catch you one of these days. Click an entity to go directly to the entity box. And I would know, being one myself! I just wanted to say, I loved your interview with Marc Maron. Do you have any Shitchyeah stickers left? Found some great sites that would be a great hook for you: Your name came up on a flyer for the Adobe Max conference and I’m bored as shit at work so I decided to look you up. C’mon… make a gals day & say you’ll talk further with our group. Best wishes Hope to stay in touch. Thank you for doing that video, because it helped inspire me to keep developing and honing my skills as an amateur graphics designer. Im interested in a logo design for a small building company just starting in Australia. Especially the one on the collective podcast!, Didgeridoo player and Field Notes Montage And you know how funny those are. This man really is a part of history. But, I can’t find any info on that NYC gig date; could you fill a brother in. We love ya!!! Where’s the Portland library talk with the free tickets? Your website is awesome, although it doesn’t have as many naked women as the other porn sites I’ve been to. Thanks mate. Loved all the design stuff and inside info on Field Notes. I’m not in purchasing and I don’t buy tools for work, so he had no reason to talk to me, yet he always did!

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