c. 500 m/sec 2) Ariel dropped a golf ball from her second story window. In other words, the sign of the acceleration tells you how the velocity is changing. Complete Test Preparation Inc. provides unofficial test preparation materials for a variety of examinations without warranty of any kind. << Adding and Subtracting Polynomials - Tutorial and Practice, Listening Comprehension Practice – Solving a Problem. stream >> for the above equation sample, I believe the Answer should be D and not C. Well it is given that the football was initially travelling at a rate of 12m/s.So, v0=12m/s Don’t let that throw you. Charities we Support /PRFOCI+TimesNewRomanPS-ItalicMT_3 16 0 R What is its average acceleration? A rocket travels 3000 meters in 5 seconds. /Resources A rocket ship is going to land on the Moon in exactly 2.0 hours. /I false << Checking your stopwatch, you see that you stopped in 4.5 seconds. 1. /OBJ12 63 0 R 100 meters/second stream a. yeah can u xplain number 4..but thank you it helps me. d. 0.5 m/sec2. /OBJ44 68 0 R After 60 seconds, it comes to a stop. �V��_������ý�u$�~u���z5�=��O����u�~�ɀqA�R�_f�d|>j3m#�!�\(a/�Z����"2f������c�ɥ_�[s��z8y�Ge|�u�!o| �K��4&ޮ�� ����%"�$�� �j���E/���H #^��k���[X��-O�#���.Ɏ\͔��V��SjzA�ɞ�4�{�+�~�fŖ/�Idu�uHx1�n�� &��ĝ'ܙ��q�S���:fVwX}���Z²E�u{����Z(. Air resistance may be ignored. For example, a car might be traveling at +25 m/s north as it reaches a red stop light. c. 760 meters 200 meters/second Following are answers to the practice questions: Start by converting 17,000 miles per hour into miles per second: To land on the moon, vf must be 0 miles per second, and tf – to = 2.0 hours, or 2.0 x 3,600 seconds = 7,200 seconds, so: So the rocket needs a constant acceleration of 6.6 x 10–4 miles per second2 in a direction opposite to the rocket’s initial velocity to land on the Moon at a speed of 0 miles per second, touching down lightly. List Equation Fill in equation Work/Answer 2. /Creator(PDFsharp 1.31.1789-g \(www.pdfsharp.com\)) /OBJ41 71 0 R /OBJ17 58 0 R /OBJ43 69 0 R b. /Font Here is a typical question: A car starts from standing top and in 10 seconds is travelling 20/meters per second. There’s a big difference between positive and negative in terms of solving physics problems — and in terms of law enforcement. These notes are tied to the following Physical Science Georgia /Length 59 The formula for acceleration = A = (Vf – V0)/t and is measured in meters per second 2. A roller coaster car rapidly picks up speed as it rolls down a slope. 100 m/sec �����(�3זJ%�JExy���R��4��զc7���m�݌WY�'k�D�jS�j�D���ͥx�W�طa��i��� ��@�Ia-MUX���ܓP��#\av���9�݆oam�8�sKԘG�jŠČ?��>8x��ޣ-_e���n=X9��2C �)H�ې�IĹ��("� ���=AL�|�c/T1 �K�.Xg��l� ��1��HW�l�u����L��x:�T�8��O�љz�d��H�.`q�V

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