To make sure that you get the lowest possible Golden Acres CBD cost, order today since the price is only going to go up. Peter, Ryan is correct about the market telling you that your land is not priced appropriately if you have marketed your property broadly. A company called Acre Gold has started a monthly guying guide. Excellent comparison Jonathan! This article may contain affiliate links. It does sound intriguing, though it’s the constantly changing price of gold seems like it might make effective implementation a little difficult. Torrey- Thanks for reading. Have you ever heard the saying “land poor”? I have 310 acres with 12,000 Sqft house 40 acre lake Ect that has been on the market for 3 years and we might have had 2 lookers. With the threat of inflation looming, gold and silver is one of the best ways to hedge your cash compared to land. Price was reasonable. Land can be a good asset but be cautious. Good luck on selling it. The lake alone would cost 3 to $400,000 to build so it’s not over priced. Gold isn’t taxed at all. Then again, modern technology being the way it is, it might be stupid easy. John D. Rockefeller is quoted as saying, “The major fortunes in America have been made in land.” I tend to agree with his assertion, after all he managed his wealth successfully. Timber is OK but you must have a longterm outlook on returns. Very affordable custom clubs. Timber is at historical lows. Custom clubs at value prices. Wow, 17% to 34% annual property tax. Gold like land requires upkeep, and the upkeep for land can be significant, and anyone who has dealt with Kudzu in the South or Serecia Gold in its purest form is too soft to handle, so an alloy like copper is added to keep the shape of the gold bar or round intact. Given the choice between an ounce of gold or an acre of land, I take the land every time. The aspect you left out is liquidity. Very amateur golfer, but loving the Dynacraft 2 iron. Awesome article Jonathan!!!!! If you need to sell now, get a good agent, price it accordingly, market the heck out of it, and divide it into smaller parcels if need be to move it. (And the best college football teams. So the big question is where is the agent with the contacts and how do you find them? I do that already for long time in Samana, Dominican Republic. If you don’t pay your taxes, your land will be seized by the government. The other consideration is that you have a large piece of land and a huge house. Land is unique and no 2 tracts of land are the same. It is frightening. I bought the land cheep but i’m not going to give it away so what do you do? Another angle to look at it: from the buy low/sell high philosphy, gold is at an all time high. I invest in both and have for some time now. Therefore it is only the large investors that can take advantage of the land investment. Your buyers can have their cake and eat it too. Get land smart! We have some of the lowest property taxes in the nation. Notify me of followup comments via email. Lespedeza in Kansas knows. And grave-robbing is certainly an option, but there’s no guarantee someone you dig up will have any gold teeth (or for that matter wearing any gold jewelry). It could cost a oz of gold just for the taxes every year. And by the way it’s 12,000 sft. I’ve bought an sold lots of land in the past! I posed the question to two local business owners whether they would rather own an ounce of gold or an acre of land. I love that you can drive by and it will be there tomorrow. If everyone who has money in gold wanted their physical gold right now, what % of it can be covered in actual gold bars? Gold is gold and it really doesn’t matter where it’s located and if someone gives me an oz of gold I take possession of it and put it in the safe. With Gold it’s what’s its purity and how much does it weigh period, with real estate its location as we all learned in real estate 101. Ladies and Gentleman, Peter is the perfect example of why the land market in most areas is in gridlock. It is also much easier to buy land in an IRA than gold. Buy Acre Gold or not: but if you decide to check it out, do us a solid and do it via our link. We have no idea. Individual bars are presented in a sealed protective assay package that lists the weight and authentication of the bar by the assayer. Some would argue that having land to sell was like gold a few years ago. Hope to see you soon. LANDTHINK strongly advises visitors and readers to seek their own professional guidance and advice related to buying, investing in or selling real estate. I question that logic for 3 reasons: I like land as an investment for several reasons. ie. Also a person on a limited budget can buy a quarter of an ounce of gold at a time and eventually have an an. Our team spent 7 hours analyzing 26 data points to rate the best alternatives to Acre Gold and top Acre Gold competitors. I got more almost a 1000 acres but the thing is you couldn’t replace what is on this 310 acres for 4m. They would offer some discounted price. Land can be as liquid as gold just as fast. The same is true with buyers of land. The best place to find accurate pricing information is the official website. Invest in minutes and we will handle all of the details from farm management to paperwork and payments. The articles, posts, comments, opinions and information provided by LANDTHINK are for informational and research purposes only and DOES NOT substitute or coincide with the advice of an attorney, accountant, real estate broker or any other licensed real estate professional. You must always pay the government for this exclusive right. It’s a virtual game of nonsense and who is going to be left holding it in the end? Required fields are marked *. Beskar Blaster: Mando’s Build in 458 SOCOM, Threesome Thursday — Tactical Sunglasses Edition, Threesome Thursday – Shotgun Light Options, Hornady Black – The Full Power FliteControl Killer, Explosion in Beirut: shockwave causes damages for kilometers around, DRG Hires Former Grey Ghost VP Jason Curns as New COO, Border Report: Cartels Increasing Marijuana Traffic into US. Once you understand how to buy gold, here are some things to keep in mind: Any basic good used in commerce is a commodity. In my opinion, timing is the key! How is the COVID-19 Pandemic Impacting Recreational Land Sales? Obverse: Features a single stamped Acre logo along with weight and purity. This is a very thought provoking article. Throw in a little seller emotion and its market get’s all fowled up. We own land, but in a very real sense, it owns us too. The estimator came out, and said they don't usually do partial repairs. Golden Acres CBD Review You may not know about plans by some groups within the UN to limit your ownership and use of rural land. Most say that you will see gold north of $3000 and some say it will go to as much as $8000, but in the same environment land will appreciate too. Go buy gold. Both men responded that they would rather own land. Glad to see you’re on landflip. Go buy more! Thank you for the intriguing articles. Long term future value is the game you play with land. Land or gold…. The standard quality of gold fineness is .999, or 99.9%, pure. You can also subscribe without commenting. Is Acre Gold the cheapest way to buy gold, or reliable? Nothing better then land directly on the beach or on the ocean, on a cliff. Here’s something you don’t see every day. *”retained value” refers to the market value of Gold now and in the future. We’re just passing the info along. Now, in the current environment, gold is going to appreciate. Gold is gold and it has 1 highly publicized market price – right now $1618/ounce. Historically, gold and other precious or noble metals (such as silver and palladium) have functioned as currency and a commodity. Sorry for the dig.). Great job Jonathan. I bought a cheap Walmart set of clubs and have been replacing clubs from that bag and adding new ones with great upgrades. You can use AG’s monthly service, of course, but if looking for an option we recommend doing some research first. Have you ever seen a government entity lower your taxes? Create your free account to start diversifying your portfolio today. This is an intriguing question about investing and value. Jonathan is an Accredited Land Consultant (ALC), working with Southeastern Land Group (AlaLandCo) since 2008, serving Alabama and Mississippi. *”retained value” refers to the market value of Gold now and in the future. That’s a problem assuming it’s a hedge against the dollar. It doesn’t matter what you paid to build whatever. I hope some of the people sitting on piles of cash or gold that can be turned into cash will see some of the opportunities in today’s land market and jump in to a safe long term investment. Gold began its current run up in price in 2001 at $265 per ounce and has climbed to a high this week of $1602 per ounce. Like what you read on Breach-Bang-Clear? Nixon took us off the gold standard. The $400k lake and 20k sqft house is personal satisfaction that brings you value and satisfaction. This can’t be done with land. The only problem with land is – with notable exceptions – it is taxed based on market value rather than use. TL/DR: visit Property Lines: Trump and Biden’s Tax Policies that Shape the Land Market, The Future of Farming? Reverse: Features the Acre logo in a pattern stamped in simple perfection. Yesterday I noticed that the price of gold has risen to $1600 per ounce, and the thought struck me that land in my part of west Alabama is selling for approximately the same price per acre. We haven’t tried it. Great Post and I agree to a certain extent. Peter you certainly have a beautiful place. When you have to start paying taxes every year on gold you might have a point. I’m bias, but I like land too. Who the hell wants the bars to carry around! You either sell it at or near the market price (high or low) or look at it. Without the bars to back up the gold if/when the world comes to an end, it’s worthless. Where is your property located and I will send you information on an agent and agency that has been marketing your kind of property nationally since 1928. Peter, All you have to do is click any of the links on this page! taxes. I like your tag line by the way. While gold is a great investment, it currently is only valued at about $1650 per ounce, I don’t know too many acres of land that can be bought for that price. They are currently the only national company specializing in rural property. If it’s an acre in the middle of some barren place in west or high atop an inaccessible mountain in the Appalachians where it’s maybe now worth $50 and will never be worth much more than $50 than I’ll take the gold thank you. I have to say I agree that land is the better choice, but like Jim Owens mentioned – it depends on the location.

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