Read a Pay Stub. Stand up for yourself today. Hello Giggles may receive compensation for some links to products and services on this website. What is home owner’s insurance, and what do I need to know about it? Adulting shouldn’t be all paying the bills and chores, it should also be dancing like noone is watching. Most millennials identify with this meme. How about dropping, Interested in reiki? Leave the take out menus in the drawer tonight and flex your cooking muscles! [RELATED] How To *Actually* Budget Using The 50/20/30 Guideline. Make sure to pay your good fortune forward. [RELATED] Cheap Grocery List + Meal Plan for Family On A Budget Trying To Grocery Shop Once A Month. “Make new friends but keep the olddd one is silver , the other is gold” …remember that little ditty from elementary school? Seriously, it only takes $50 or $100 to open an IRA, so use some of that holiday money to get started! What can I do to fake a clean house when people are coming RIGHT NOW? Thanks for keeping these safe mom and dad, but it’s time I take over! I want to change my life, teach me, O Wise One! How do I choose my health insurance plan? You probably should’ve seen that coming from the last too, eh? What the hell is personal net worth and how do I calculate mine? Seriously, get them out of your house and car! Bite the bullet and schedule your yearly medical exams for the year ahead. THANKS HIGH SCHOOL. Check out the wellness trends I'm all about here. Or point you in the right direction at … Is there a 5-minute work out I can do? Focus on understanding others, overcome setbacks and remember that not everything will always go your way. Okay, so I probably freaked you out about your digital back ups, so what’s a girl to do with her digital life? Or you can use an external hard drive to back your stuff up, but again it’s JUST a back up, not storage, so when your hard drive runs out of room, it’ll start erasing your oldest stuff! All emails come with 1-click opt-out, and we will NEVER share or sell your personal info. I'm thrilled you're here! What documents do I need to take with me to doctor’s appointments? I’m awful at procrastinating, please help! Don't let it all pile up again! Seriously, Andrea from Hustle & Hearts just unfollowed everyone on Instagram and is slowing following people back in an effort to focus more on building deeper relationships, and honestly, has me thinking about doing the same! Organize your digital life using a calendar or. Create four piles: keep, dry clean, toss, and donate. Remember, your credit is weighted on most recent activity and tons of other factors that you can read about here. ​This guide gets her sexually attracted to you, even if she’s only seen you as a friend for years! I just moved to a new city and haven’t made any friends, what am I doing wrong? Focus on things you’ve learned and how you’ve grown. Take some time to dump out all of your bags (purses, gym bags, back pack, etc.) How about dropping one of these harmful communication tactics. Maybe it’s a personal connection like your college roommate you lost touch with or maybe it’s an old boss or mentor. P.S. I’m ready to do online dating – which platform is right for me? I know because I’ve been there. When do I need a cover letter and how do I write one? Part of adulting is finding your voice! Life is about exploring, innovating, and growing and what better way to do that than networking?! It’s easy to slip into a routine and become comfortable with where you are in your career, but there are always people to meet and learn from. But keep in mind that a backup is just that, a back up! Thus enabling them to schedule their oil changes at 3,000 miles on the dot, know exactly where last year’s tax returns are and handle life’s little emergencies with skill, purpose and grace. While you were in the kitchen the other day you may have noticed some things growing mold in the back of your fridge… okay just me again? Organize your digital life using a calendar or Trello and set due dates to make sure you’re on top of keeping things clean clear and on schedule. – Legit just found two loaves of bread in a cabinet from the hurricane we had 4 months ago… oops! We’re here to help you get your shit together. Whether that's spending five minutes today meditating, taking a mindful walk around the block, or even just enjoying an orange slice in the present moment. I started with the previous two because paying yourself FIRST should be priority #1 before you start dishing out your hard earned cashed to big box retailers and your landlord. Hello Giggles is part of the Meredith Beauty Group. Create a savings plan or debt repayment plan. and pockets! Chances are you know the Pythagorean Theorem, but have no idea how many withholding allowances to claim on your W-4. Start easy with something simple like steamed broccoli, pasta, and a chicken breast! It’s so easy to get caught up in the day-to-day grind and forget to check in with your overall career goals. Next, reach out to those contacts with whom you’ve been meaning to grab coffee. Stand up for yourself today. Or point you in the right direction at least. Taking care of all the #adulting responsibilities I'd been putting off felt SO good that I knew I needed to share it with you guys! [RELATED] 5 Financial Boundaries You Need To Set With Friends [+ How To Do It!]. this link is to an external site that may or may not meet accessibility guidelines. We also use third-party cookies that help us analyze and understand how you use this website. so if I delete it off my computer, it’s always with me in the cloud! Most millennials identify with this meme. Is this the year you're finally going to pay off that big credit card? That way the funds automatically get set aside from the previous step! Or maybe you just want to try those. Some allow you to do this by a fixed dollar amount, others a percentage, either way, out of sight, out of mind = winning! Write it all out! I want to learn a new language, where should I start? Not a cook? and 30% goes towards your lifestyle (clothes, gym, subscriptions like Netflix or Hulu). Not a cook? Nope, I'm the only one?! Like W2s, W9s, bank statements and the like? Inbox zero exists. [RELATED READING] How To Make The Perfect Planner For You. up! Well today is the day to be bold. HelloGiggles, Your ultimate adulting checklist to get you organized for the year ahead. LBH, our lives are digital now, so back that. Kick it up a notch by getting with your significant other or parents and making sure you know how to access their stuff in case of an emergency (think bank accounts, wills, etc.). Check in on your drinking habits, if alcohol is a part of your life. My friend is having a party, but I’m an introvert. No worries! A great rule of thumb is the 50/20/30 guideline. To speak out loud. There are auto-backer uppers like backblaze or icloud. Back-to-school season isn’t just the time for students to pencil exams into their planners—adults should, too. Share on social media using #31dayofadulting & tag me! I don’t know my way around the kitchen; please teach me some basic cooking techniques! Copyright © 2017. Chances are you know the Pythagorean Theorem, but have no idea how many withholding allowances to claim on your W-4. People love to throw this phrase around,... Too much thinking is a recipe for disaster in just about any situation in life. Yeah, it’s time to check those credit scores! 2018 ORGANIZED UNDER: College // Learning to Reason. I want to turn things around with her so we can be a LOT more than friends. [RELATED READING] The Beginner’s Guide To Meditation: 5 Tips To Get You Started. Ahhh part of adulting is gaining self awareness from all the experiences we’ve had so far. FREE DOWNLOAD: How To Turn Things Around When She Ghosts You, withholding allowances to claim on your W-4. Giving back and doing a selfless act is one of the most adult things many of us can do in this “me me me” society many of us find ourselves in. One of the most important parts of planning for the year ahead is taking a look at your finances. Breast exams, dentist appointments, planning a budget for the new year—no, these things aren’t exactly fun, but that’s why you’ve been putting them off for so long. Basically 50% of your income goes towards necessities (rent, insurance, utilities, etc.) My daughter’s best friend had her homeschool graduation last May. Well, take the time to put your username and passwords somewhere safe, secure, and organized to save yourself a headache and time down the road! But keep in mind that a backup is just that, a back up! We're covering some BIG areas that I know, if you're like me, you've been procrastinating so take it at whatever pace you prefer! Title: 30-day adulting challenge: Tackle these financial wellness tasks over the next 30 days. Whether it’s with that inner voice and telling it to pipe down, or standing up for yourself at work or in another relationship. Figure out how many months that'll give you, then divide the total funds needed to reach your goal by the number of months until your goal date. Look at Hugs and Lattes already jumping on it LESS than 24 hours since it went live!! It was a much needed change of pace which allowed me to reconnect with myself, my creativity, and also reach some adulting accomplishments. Seriously, Andrea from. Ask yourself: Am I consuming a healthy amount to build the lifestyle I’m working toward? …alright, that's if you've made it through week one, congrats! Becoming financially responsible and independent is a long process, but setting boundaries and goals for your financial habits will make it less of a stressor in your life this coming year. Is this the year you're finally going to pay off that big … Lexington Law Firm and I are looking to give 3 lucky winners FREE access to their established credit repair process! How can I resolve a fight with my girlfriend? These cookies do not store any personal information. It is mandatory to procure user consent prior to running these cookies on your website. What are the best travel accessories out there? Speaking of interest… if you're not super lazy, and can look at your account and move some money to savings on your own every month (or divert a portion of your paycheck to savings every month) consider opening with Ally (it's the bank I've used for years!). Note every local election coming up in your calendar and vote. Apps: There are many savings apps out there today. Credit: We all have that running tape, that voice inside, that’s talking to us all day. Digit, now charges $2,99 per month, crawls your accounts and basically analyzes your spending habits to find money to move to savings for you & pays you a little in interest, truly the lazy man's saving option. Checklist for Adulting. STORE IT! While you were in the kitchen the other day you may have noticed some things growing mold in the back of your fridge… okay just me again?

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