What about the legislature or parliament – are there interest groups in the policy area? Policy monitoring alone may prompt corrections to policy failure or lead to improved policy implementation, but most civil society groups concerned with ICT policy also carry their own ideas about what policies are desirable. Where are policy decisions taken and who has influence over them? Case Study: Community Radio Development in Nigeria, Case Study: Grameen Gyan Abhiyan Rural Knowledge Centre Movement, Case Study: São Paulo Telecentres Project, Association for Progressive Communications (APC) 2020 (iv)Establishing credibility as an advocate. Tip: Consider whether this change needs to take place on an administrative or legislative level. (iii)Building partnerships and coalitions. The advocate checks in with the survivor regularly to determine whether her unmet needs … We are trying to get across to an audience that animal testing through the use of cosmetics is an unnecessary and inhumane practice. As Drèze and Sen describe it: “One is assertion (or, more precisely, self-assertion) of the underprivileged through political organisation. Rather they are run by well-educated middle-class professionals for whom pro-poor advocacy is a vocation. Some of the basic tenets of the art of persuasion, found in political science and communication studies, appear also in early Greek and Chinese philosophy. Identify specific problems to address. [19] Among others, this section draws from the advocacy research and experience of Amnesty International (1997), Sprechman and Pelton (2001), Wolf (2001), Rose (2005) and IFEX (2005). The Brazilian government is now considering investment in 10,000 new telecentres drawing substantially on the experience of the RITS demonstration. Our advocacy project consisted of an infographic to inform the public about transgender discrimination in the United States paired with an online petition to show lawmakers that this is an important issue in the eyes of the public. Although reorganization has not been the norm, there is likely to It is useful to rate both impact and likelihood (e.g., low, medium, high). [19] For each of the stages we set out some key considerations to be addressed. Would a change in policy alone be sufficient to achieve the advocacy goal? This project stemmed from Victoria’s issue brief with a similar focus. They may require certain policy decisions before they can proceed, but policy makers may also be more receptive to allowing a limited experiment to test and demonstrate an idea than to agreeing a major policy change. What partnerships and alliances are most likely to assist in mobilising broad-based support? St. Paul, MN 55114, Adoption Assistance/ Adoption Subsidies International campaigning organisations, such as Amnesty International and Greenpeace, have tested their campaigning methods over many years. The law has ensured that civil society groups have a legal entitlement to use part of the digital television spectrum. If the approach taken is public or based on a broad coalition, what key messages are likely to mobilise the broadest support, gain traction in the media, or have a viral effect, with the audience itself acting as a multiplier? Might the planned advocacy provoke state repression? It is important to identify both the potential allies and the likely opponents. Sponsorship Opportunities, North American Council What is the pro-poor ICT access issue to be addressed? What organizations or individuals could act as partners with you to accomplish these goals? In developing the strategy, and in the light of more systematic analysis of the policy environment, it is advisable to return to the advocacy goal and to set specific and realistic objectives that can be achieved within a reasonable, defined timeframe. [7] Toby Mendel Freedom of Information: A Comparative Legal Survey 2nd ed. Or to broader development goals? Attached to the email was my infographic, along with my issue brief. Their priorities include not only a focus on existing ICT policies such as the Rural Communications Development Fund (a levy applied to telecom providers to support areas that are underserved by markets) but also engaging in policy development processes such as the review of the National ICT Policy. It explains step by step how to devise an effective advocacy strategy for ICT policy reform. The colors and graphics on the infographic are meant to engage any potential viewers. Monitoring. Such strategies can be effective in enabling people who are disadvantaged and marginalised to speak out directly on the issues that affect their lives and livelihoods. The challenge culminates in a pitch competition on Thursday afternoon. Due to the nature of our age and location, college-aged students are most likely to view, sign, and share our project. [2] Notably in the writings of Aristotle and Confucius. The credibility of the organisation, partnership or coalition that is advocating change is likely to be a key factor in its success.

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