The task lasts for three minutes; degree of difficulty (speed of the airplane) increases in kind. 4. The difficult was on par with the actual test. Which part of pilot was rough for you? Study guides are going to be one of the most valuable study resources to help you ace the AFOQT exam. If you go with your gut feeling, you can easily finish this section with time to spare. Peterson's was the most similar to the actual AFOQT, but AFOQT Guide was right there with it. Focus on areas that you feel less confident in. Resist the urge to spend too much time on one problem, even if you think you can solve it eventually. The timing is what kills most people. I hadn’t taken a math course since my junior year of High School. Know how long you have for each section. There Is More Than One “Good” Test Score Your AFOQT Pilot Score is based on how well you do in the arithmetic reasoning, math knowledge, instrument comprehension, table reading, and aviation information sections of the AFOQT. All other officer candidates will need to take the test. Answers must be bubbled in on a paper Scantron sheet using a pencil. 1. Ask a Guy Who’s Flown Both! Use math to know how long you have per question. This subtest requires you to perform four cognitive tasks simultaneously during multiple trials. The following disclaimer is provided in no uncertain terms via the Air Force Personnel Center TBAS Info webpage: ‘It is very important that you do not discuss the contents of the test with anyone other than the test administrator. Press J to jump to the feed. Also any study guides with more a focus on the pilot portion of the AFOQT. Navigator candidates must achieve a minimum score of 10 (Pilot), 25 (Navigator) and cumulative 50 (Pilot + Navigator). The AFOQT was created to gauge mental aptitude across a variety of areas and taking it is a requirement for all applicants seeking a commission in the Air Force. The number of test dates scheduled may vary depending upon your location. Aviation Information (20 problems in 8 minutes) (2 to 3 problems per minute). You will need to coordinate with your recruiter, military education point of contact or AFROTC for information regarding upcoming Air Force Officer Qualifying Test (AFOQT) dates. In addition, Air Force ROTC detachments usually administer the AFOQT at least once per semester at their respective college campuses. I think I could do better, and I've got some time this semester- what's the best way to study for JUST the pilot section (both the subtest and pilot score)? Academic Aptitude The following AFOQT score figures are based on a fairly small sample size of 46 Pilot selectees from some of the Officer Training School selection boards for fiscal years 2013 through 2017. CSO/Navigator Composite: 25, Air Battle Manager (ABM): Just trying to control what I can aha. The Air Force is terse and tight-lipped when it comes to the contents of the Test of Basic Aviation Skills (TBAS). 6. Check out the Air Force ROTC Reddit thread for a ‘best & worst’ AFOQT score pulse check (do keep in mind you’re reading information posted by unknown people from the internet). Thanks for the response! The table below provides an example weekly AFOQT study regimen for an aspiring pilot. Reading Comprehension (25 questions | 38 minutes) Best way to study the pilot section knowledge and nav stuff is to look at Gleim’s aviation knowledge books. When you compete for the rated boards, your AFOQT Pilot score is not what is used. 11-20 hours There is no penalty for guessing. Verbal Composite: 15 The test is divided into 12 subtests, each of which is timed. Get your AFOQT study regimen organized today and give yourself permission to wake up on test day anxiety-free! If this is not an option and/or information is limited, you can always reach out to an officer recruiter in your area. For instance, a subtest score of 90 would indicate better performance than 90% of the test takers in the reference group. How about Table Reading? My verbal was by far the most difficult section, there were several questions that complimented that of the study guides I used. Hey guys got my AFOQT Pilot Score and got a 74 with no flight time. My degree was Public Relations with a little over 3.0 for GPA (3.08 I believe). You, my friend, have come to the right place. The airplane moves at a constant speed and changes direction when it runs out of screen (i.e., ‘hits the side of the screen) and/or is targeted successfully for multiple seconds. Instrument Comprehension 101-200 hours Verbal Analogies Study the Subtests The AFOQT is a vital part of your application, both as a unique component and for its influence on your Pilot Candidate Selection Method (PCSM) score. Hopefully other aspects can give me better odds. Not answering a question will count against your score while having a wrong answer will not. The Air Force Officer Qualifying Test is an important step to beginning your career as an Officer in the United States Air Force. AFROTC students and cadets at the Air Force Academy typically take the AFOQT during their sophomore & junior years, respectively.

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