Omnivorous. Make sure your email address is valid, please! These fish are very sensitive to changes in the parameter of the water in your aquarium. Sometimes Treat them with high protein food like such as blood worms and brine shrimp. Learn more about:-. Similar or smaller sized species (tetras, rasboras) that are comparable in temperament. Learn more about:-, Jewel Tetra, Red Minor Tetra, Longfin Serpae. Other Tetras, Catfish, and Plecos, Swordtails. Maximum size in the wild is 25 cm, though aquarium specimens tend to be much smaller.Nurse tetras should be kept in groups of six or more specimens. 15-20 gallons - remember, this is a schooling fish. Will go after flakes, live and freeze-dried foods. Omnivore; accepts any form of food like live food, frozen food, flake food, and pellets. Selected image has been removed successfully! The males tend to be rather smaller and brighter while the females are rounder and bigger. Mature fish are silvery with green-gold on the dorsal surface and a bold black patch on the caudal peduncle. Breeding fish in an aquarium requires the focus on key factors like lighting, setting, plants, temperature, pairing, pH level, and the diet. Anchor Worm, Hole In The Head, Velvet, Hemorrhagic Septicemia, Furunculosis, Eye-Cloud / Cloudy Eyes, Pop-Eye, Fish Fungus / Fungal Infection, etc. At the age of 8-9 months, the fish becomes reproductive. The Penguin Tetra (Thayeria boehlkei) is one of the most beautiful tetra fish. Originate from the rivers and creeks of the Sothern America. The fish should also consist of 60% of animal feed (blood worm, tubifex, brine shrimp) and 40% of plant feed (filamentous alga, spinach, feeds containing spirulina). You don't want to keep them overly aggressive tank mates. The aquarium should be planted densely on the sides and background. Similar to other tetras and best kept on the school of 6 or more. They are all herbivores, and cannot be kept in planted tanks: even things like Java ferns and Anubias are likely to be damaged, if not completely destroyed! The Black Morpho tetras have large and beautiful fins, and their body closely resembles a dart. Kitchen Utensils & Gadgets If there are areas on the aquarium for them to rest against the current, they love the flow. The Black Neon Tetras (Hyphessobrycon herbertaxelrodi) are very identical as the neon tetras but are of different species. Omnivore and micro-predator; will accept almost all frozen and prepared foods. It has a red dot on its body which makes the fish appear like a bleeding heart, thus it is known as Bleeding heart disease. The Green Neon Tetra (Paracheirodon simulans) are small freshwater fish from the Characidae family. Candy Cane Tetra is a peaceful shoaling species of Tetra. Once spawning is complete, remove all of the parents to prevent the eggs being eaten. Alestes Tetras are egg layers. Ember Tetra has bright orange to reddish coloration throughout its body. The nurse tetra Brycinus nurse has been kept by fishkeepers since at least the early twentieth century, and remains a popular species thanks to its hardiness, peaceful nature, and attractive colours. Silvertip tetra (Hasemania nana) is a small tetra fish that is slightly more aggressive. Their body is lightly colored with different shades of green, silver, and yellow. Learn more about:-, 10 to 20-gallon minimum recommended (schooling fish), Filigree Bloodfin Tetra, or Glass Bloodfin Tetra. Gill Parasites, Swim Bladder Disorder, Furunculosis, Mouth Fungus, Eye-Cloud / Cloudy Eyes, Anchor Worm, Hemorrhagic Septicemia, Fin and Tail Rot, etc. Fish Lice, Tumors, Furunculosis, Fin and Tail Rot, Hole In The Head, Swim Bladder Disorder, White Spot Disease or ICH, Eye-Cloud / Cloudy Eyes, etc. 30 gallons (114 liters) - a schooling fish and should be kept in groups of 5 or more. The pH of 6.5 and a temperature of 23–27 °C is the best of the emperor to survive. The anal fin has a small hook at the end of the male.eval(ez_write_tag([[728,90],'tetra_fish_care_com-banner-1','ezslot_9',134,'0','0'])); The fish jumps above the water surface and leaves its eggs in the water. The Rummy nose tetras (Hemigrammus rhodostomus) are another interesting looking fish from the tetra variety. The caudal, dorsal, anal, and adipose fins are red in color. The color of the body of diamond tetras is bright silver colors resembling a diamond, and thus they are known as Diamond Tetra. Colombians spawn multiple times over days. Your email address will not be published. It is completely different from the Glofish Tetra and is native to the Guyana river of the Sothern America. It has an overall silver body in its juvenile stage but develops very noticeable iridescent coloration as it matures. This fish has a pretty, silvery color overall, with some flashy neon highlights and is hardy, long-lived, and prolific breeders. Its common name comes from a metallic orange stripe above this black line.Maximum size is around 6 cm, but because this fish is shy and easily alarmed it shouldn’t be kept with substantially larger tankmates, and in fact does best combined with other small fish, such as Corydoras or small South American tetras. They look beautiful in a large planted tank as it gains a lot of attention for its bright color and its size. These fish have a bright streak of red coloration towards its tail and a bright blue lining in its body. An attractive Tetra with a rounded body, which is coloured a pale yellow and with large round eyes. In order to recover your password fill in your username or continue below, please, In case you don't remember your login, fill your email address below. Peaceful temperament; best kept in schools of 6 or more. Mouth Fungus, Pop-Eye, Slime Disease, Dropsy, Hemorrhagic Septicemia, Tumors, Velvet, Columnaris, etc. You can tell current is too much if you see your fish laying flat against the aquarium glass. Males have a rounded anal, while females have a pointed anal fin. The Disk tetra (Myloplus schomnurgkii) is some of the larger sized tetra fish. Flakes, frozen, freeze-dried, and may nibble at some aquarium plants. They are very opportunistic feeders that will thrive on most flake, pellet and frozen foods. These fish are native to Africa and are a few fish belonging to African natives. These fish are generally bigger in size and appear much larger than any other normal fish from the tetra family. A few are staples of the hobby, in particular the Congo tetra Phenacogrammus interruptus and the nurse tetra Brycinus nurse.African characins are usually hardy and adaptable. Scientifically, it is also called Moenkhausia sanctaefilomenae. Most African tetras are peaceful and get along well with fish of similar size and temperament.By contrast the South American tetras are celebrated for their small size and bright colours. These fish have a white body with a distinct yellow to light yellow coloration around its stomach. they are omnivorous. Home Brewing & Wine Making Fin nippers if kept alone. Serpae tetras grown to about 4 inches and are the perfect fish for any community tank due to its bright orange colors. Storage & Organization Their body is entirely painted by blue color sp they are also known as Cochus Blue tetras. Even though their aggressiveness and nipping habit, they can live in harmony with many other species of fish like Large Tetras, Swordtails, Plecostomus, Corydoras catfish, Silver Dollar, etc. It is smaller than the nurse tetra, only getting to about 12 cm in length, though it still needs to be kept in a reasonably large aquarium. Kitchen & Table Linens The tetra fish originates from Africa, Asia, Central America, and southern America. It is native to the slow-moving waters of Southern America. Published May 16, 2016 at 670 × 446 in African Moon Tetra. 200 gallons or much larger recommended given their potential adult size and because they are a schooling fish. Please, find any other page that fits your area of interest as over 99% of our pages allow discussion. Please, verify whether your login and password are valid. There is a lot of new tetra fish being discovered and added to the large list of tetra fish family.

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