They have a large site. I have been an AGL customer for over 30 years and now unfortunately, be careful to sign up with AGL.They disconnected our Holiday property just because someone called and asked for it. Don't listen to them when they say "it will be adjusted at your next bill" as that is a lie. And trust me,they will just disconnect, not check if it really is the callers property, definitely not call you, nothing, did not even get an email they claim to have sent. The worst experience ever. 4. Doesn't mean there good for us.There are alternatives to using gas, let's support the alternatives and move forward into the future. 2. I've been with agl for years, this year I've had to contact them for every bill. A company prepared to invest in dirty polluting fossil fuel project in a precious place like Westernport bay which is internationally important with a RAMSAR listing and a place of UNESCO's biosphere program does not deserve your business. I hope all of them are arrested. Visit this website Used AGL Chat line then spoke online to a representative to change to a cheaper plan. No company that has such disregard for our environment will EVER get my money and AGL is the worst in this regard. Easily manage your internet banking with the Sunbelt Federal CU mobile app. They will rip you off! Had nothing but problems from the beginning.. What ever you do don’t join them they make constant mistakes and their incompatance will cost you a fortune! And trust me,they will just disconnect, not check if it really is the callers property, definitely not call you, nothing, did not even get an email they claim to have sent. Said the meter box was "dangerous and unsafe" but that was a lie as it just needed the breakers to be moved to make room for the new meter. Focus on what's right for ourselves, our world and all other life that inhabits this planet, not on what's right for your wallet. appalling disregard and disrespect for the environment. Write a review. 5. Remember that. AGL also offers it’s customers a very helpful phone app. How can I explain to my 16 year old son, who is the future, that this government is supporting AGL and their dirty energy instead of looking harder at renewable energy? AGL constantly loose paperwork for new connection applications (both gas and electricity). Learning that AGL is one of Australia’s biggest climate polluter, and AGL is threatening to destroy the precious marine life and local businesses in Westernport Bay (Victoria) by building a massive gas import terminal in internationally recognised Ramsar wetlands, I would never consider switching to AGL while this project is still in the plans.Also titling gas as 'natural' gas to try and make it sound as though it is more environmentally friendly is deceiving and manipulative.

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