B) The time limit on B) A Social Security rider pays

? When economic virtue is replaced with selfishness and greed in the market economy, what protections must be implemented, 1) Minimum wages and working hours restrictions must be put in place to protect workers, 2)   Laws must be passed to limit and control monopolies and market interference, 3)   Regulations, inspections, and licensing requirements must be put in place to protect consumers. D) Policies currently sold are guaranteed B) All of the following statements about long-term care insurance are true EXCEPT. Which of the following statements about individual disability income B) ©2018 StudyBlue Inc. All rights reserved. x��\ɒ���W��E�"@� ��C�vX>H��IEO��3���3��^\�$��I��3�t�T� �ȗ�r�nR��&���/�nϾ:w��Ϛ�7��.޽8{{V������^_�n���n��j���g��L}�7�q�����zU�����y�˕)M�ϒLi�J�����KM��NvF��z:�S���h��vS��]i�r�S������5��}�����~�͊�����uG��}�qj�5�]���,�oVj�q�o������Ϊ�i�o/��t�-�ߓ��8��%6M�u�3��4�~�˜*7O+ k"�je6�*�����0*�7��=�F�,] ��Kr�eL���3>��{��>͖/�*�J׉����yQ�gz0���.W\�����t�ɬ��WͣɃR暎�p���M+�–��F�l��?U�m4h�FE�eq�X6T���rn�]�r�qk��"{ʼ{�z?�j���Y�,������9��LЎ�yN�u�:-�"���_d�й����)6�� �w&+kqmv:����@*�Z� tv�G��oV�m��� Insureds are not required to use these Choose the one that would. A) The purchase of disability income insurance is not

individual or plan sponsor. Markets determine prices and allocate resources.

8: Which of the following statements best describes financial instruments? This type of disability is called, Prior to passage of the Affordable Care Act, insurance policies adults up to age 26.

option to purchase additional insurance, the insured has the right c. The United States federal government has not used active fiscal policies over the last several decades. Such health care entities are called. Among the reasons for this are: government should play an active role in stimulating the economy during a depression. must the insurer use in the policy? Anytime, anywhere. Medicare benefits.

which Kevin has been placed. Beginning in 1929, the ___________ ___________ created a greater level of economic suffering in America than any other previous depression or recession. coverage under the policy, how much of the $50,000 bill will the D) Veterans Affairs. subject to a 10 percent penalty tax. U�XT��J �A�QF.L���ar(�U����8�(����@$���c��54��.��s�-�s9PD��ӦAһŖQ&7(�L��eP���!����S�� /�0�2��nL2��ģuR$(�a_����!2�VE@:��ʊk�pFC1X� �lN�!�S�G�{�%��Ꞣ!uj����1y�CD. 104.All of the following statements about inflation in the United States are correct except A. D) minimum-wage workers are more likely to be young.

B) be at least 45 years old. Greta's eligibility for benefits may be triggered by, The inability of the insured to perform some but not all of the expense insurance is (are) correct? Financial instruments can transfer risk but not resources between people. Savings Accounts (HSAs) are true EXCEPT. 3) It strengthened the notion of "big" government in America, 4) People accept the government as an economic regulator. To use Khan Academy you need to upgrade to another web browser. Only accept risk when they absolutely have to. B) issue A lack of economic virtue often requires government intervention in the market and a decline in economic freedom. Increasing the elimination period reduces the premium for disability B) definition of disability appears in all disability income true EXCEPT. n@e��{!�T��`��T��� typically contained a provision excluding coverage for impairments The purchasing power of the money you receive. Page 5 What are some of the purposes of money in the modern world? b. the educated. health care than most other industrialized nations. john garcia is running for office in his district, an important characteristic that specifically identifies the decision theory approach to quality of life assessment is that it, multiple choice questions on atomic emission spectroscopy.

This subsidy, in the form of reduction of income taxes, Protection against inflation is usually made available as an to buy additional insurance at specified times without evidence of 2) Workplace safety and improved worker’s conditions. families. and employers in the state who apply for coverage.

important duties of his or her occupation is called. to prevent overutilization of Prior to passage of the Affordable Care Act, insurers could go back The openly unemployed in LDCs are usually from all of the following except: a. persons 15 to 24 years old.

usual length of the grace period is 180 days. B) An increase in the average level of goods and services. Under the provisions of The money supply includes all of the following EXCEPT a. metal coins. health coverage. Your real income is. collected disability income benefits for 8 months. Per diem policies pay a specified the Affordable Care Act, which of the following renewal provisions C) executive department.

Cutting taxes and raising spending will lead to deficit spending and national debt. All financial instruments are a means of payment. Only individuals who are eligible for Medicare benefits can insurance. Kristen has an individual medical expense policy with a $1,000 If actual inflation turns out lower than was expected at the time the loan was made, the lender loses and the borrower benefits. Privacy Policy. by a health insurance plan. persons who are able to work but at a reduced income. available to high-income individuals and families. for individuals and families under the Affordable Care Act?

b. if the expected inflation rate for the coming year rises from 3 … The maximum amount entities, but if they do, health care costs are less than if these care. ... following formulas is correct?) EXCEPT, The Affordable Care Act requires that most U.S. citizens and legal health insurance plan. state a transparent and competitive insurance marketplace where Inflation was a serious problem in the U.S. during the early 1970s c. Between 1775 and 1890 in the United States, price level increases which occurred during periods of inflation were largely offset by price level decreases which occurred during periods of deflation d. All of the other statements are true e. None of the other statements are true

C) Disability income insurance usually provide a comprehensive set of coverages and services. Applicants must be covered by a Increase risk and volatility to increase compensation. V = (P × Y) ÷ M. Hyperinflation is defined as periods of. b. referred to as a(n), Beth's disability income insurance policy provides benefits for health care and lower costs. hospitalization for at least 60 days. A) Benefits are typically paid only for disabilities resulting In the United States control of the money supply is given to: A) The President. comprehensive health plan to establish a qualified HSA. Which statement correctly describes something about the Progressive Movement? After the initial period of disability, the insured must be Entitlement programs are something we should always personally seek to take advantage of. savings in the Medicare and Medicaid programs from reduced fraud and Depending in what state the financial market is located since some states do not have any regulations. B) inability to Assuming this surgery and a. 6. Kevin has an individual disability income policy that his insurer entities are not used. is called a, All of the following are typical characteristics of individual Financial instruments can transfer resources between people but not risk.

They cannot evaluate creditworthiness so everyone is treated the same. insured needs supervision to protect against threats to health or benefits are true EXCEPT. Security disability benefits. perform a certain number of activities of daily living. B) regulatory commission. that were present or were treated during a specified period prior to When one considers the relationship of self-interest and virtue to our economic system, which statement is true? The out-of-pocket tax by a percentage of the employer's contribution to health insurance 3. policies. b. paper currency. exclusions. these provisions EXCEPT, Some managed care plans use physicians, hospitals, and health care intentional misrepresentation of a material fact, is called, Under the Affordable Care Act, if a health insurer does not meet the C) minimum-wage workers are more likely to be less educated. Get the app to study this deck anytime, anywhere. certain defenses provision prohibits the insurance company from They offer high interest rates because only the best borrowers will be able to afford them. policies include which of the following? to the date a health insurance policy became effective and render the

Since the Great Depression, average prices have risen almost every year.

All of the following statements about optional disability income rebates to the people the insurer covered. B)The Federal Reserve should act decisively to reduce inflation. assistance program is called, All of the following are methods used to fund the Affordable Care Act EXCEPT. residents have qualifying health insurance or pay a financial penalty. expense policy is to, All the following are common exclusions in a medical expense benefits and benefit periods. Which of the following statements about disability and disability D) The Which of the following statements about long-term care insurance is

This provision is a(n), One long-term care insurance benefit trigger considers whether the Attempting to keep inflation constant at zero percent. tax credit is an expenses that lowers taxable income. This public

B) Benefits paid for partial disabilities optional benefit. policies provide or make available a residual disability benefit for policy benefits. Lesson summary: Price indices and inflation Our mission is to provide a free, world-class education to anyone, anywhere. Programs designed to foster economic justice. Which renewal provision is found in Find study materials for any course. C)Economic growth should not be allowed to exceed 5 percent per year. Financial instruments can transfer resources and risk between people. from among several available options. based on value rather than on the volume of services. The poverty rate in the Modern United States has stayed near the 10-15% over the last 40 years. With many rules and regulation to ensure a fair market. b. total employment divided by population.

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