This popular Mexican beer, a pale lager in style, is brewed by the Heineken-owned Cervecería Cuauhtémoc-Moctezuma. The snowy mountains on the can echo the brand's claim to be "as crisp and cold as a mountain stream.". Read or Share this story: Brands: Corona, Modelo, Negra Modelo, Pacifico, Victoria, Tsingtao. It is commonly served with a wedge of lime, to be squeezed into the pull-tab opening. Check out these healthy carbonated drinks. 1 craft beer, citing Nielsen data to back up its claim. It’s a decent light beer for when you’re craving one or looking to make one of these flavorful cocktails that start with beer. Powered and implemented by FactSet Digital Solutions. Typed comments will be lost if you are not logged in. When the effervescence subsides, candy malts and spicy bitterness take over. Testers did enjoy the level of carbonation on this beer, though. When you need to stock your cooler full of affordable people-pleasing brews, what beer do you grab? Busch Light was a tough beer to judge. Order up a pack to judge for yourself. For this test, we focused on domestic, light lagers. Get our full 7-day meal plan. Locals enjoyed this beer so much they started referring to it as “Banquet Beer.” In 1937, Coors officially named the beer Coors Banquet. Firestone Walker, Easy Jack IPA, 4.5%: £2.50 for 355ml, Beer Merchants. However, it doesn’t pack huge flavor if you’re looking to savor a beer. would be happy to find at a cooler at a backyard bash, Check out more culinary delights that come from Colorado, You’d do well to pair this beer with these lemon-forward recipes, other affordable regional options out there, Do Not Sell My Personal Information – CA Residents. We’ll say, though, that having some go-to names in mind is always a good idea. It might not be the first choice for infrequent beer drinkers, but it’s worth stocking in the fridge for game day watch parties. 1. It’s slightly malty and slightly creamy, making it a bit different than the very light corn-flavored beers on this list. Tecate     • Parent company: Heineken International     • Barrels shipped in 2018: 680,000     • Change from 2013: -34.6%     • 2018 market share: 0.3%     This popular Mexican beer, a pale lager in style, is brewed by the Heineken-owned Cervecería Cuauhtémoc-Moctezuma . Mutual Fund and ETF data provided by Refinitiv Lipper. That brought him to Golden, Colorado, where he established what would one day become the largest single-site brewery in the world. Taking inspiration from the neighboring majestic mountain range, Ken Grossman launched Sierra Nevada in 1980 with the goal of bringing home-brewed flavor to a massive audience. To this day, Anheuser-Busch’s Natural Ice remains a top seller. Market data provided by Factset. “Born in the land of sky blue waters” as the jingle goes (that’s Minnesota), Hamm’s is clean tasting with mild sweetness and a bit of malt. Let friends in your social network know what you are reading about. This Californian liquid gold is high on tropical fruit and grapefruit hop aromas and is a light, refreshingly zesty drink. Its content is produced independently of USA TODAY. 29. This list may not reflect recent changes ().B Baderbräu Bavarian Brewing Company Beverwyck Brewery Big Sky Brewing Company When it comes to light beers, you do expect more mild flavor. However, in testing, we just couldn’t see ourselves picking this beer first out of a cooler. Corona Extra is the most popular Mexican beer in America, but this lower-calorie alternative (it has 99 calories per 12-ounce bottle, versus 149 for the Extra) is rapidly gaining fans. In the end, we were happy to call PBR the best budget-friendly beer brand because it managed to be a readily available, flavorful, balanced and refreshing brew at a low price point. Big flavours, a hefty amount of bittering and a double dose of booze – it’s not for the faint hearted. Leinenkugel’s Original is a satisfying lager that tasted of wheat with some hoppy bitterness at the finish. Powered and implemented by FactSet Digital Solutions. Full of fruity American hops, bitter from the outset with a crisp, dry finish. This low-cal, low-carb lager doesn't do much for beer reviewers but appeals to many drinkers for its light, clean flavor, and the ease with which it goes down. It’s a good people-pleasing beer that we could see served up at outdoor parties and tailgates. But after giving this beer a try, we were pleasantly surprised. Pages in category "American beer brands" The following 96 pages are in this category, out of 96 total. Sierra Nevada Pale Ale, 5.6%: £1.65 for 350ml, Morrisons. America's favorite Mexican beer, and the nation's No. It is commonly served with a wedge of lime, to be squeezed into the pull-tab opening. 5. With beer. This American lager was fairly subdued, though, with a grainy flavor with a hint of citrus. The brand may have suffered a brief downturn after Super Bowl Sunday this year, with its ads bragging that -- unlike light beers from Miller and Coors -- it doesn't use corn syrup to sweeten its beer. We agree: It’s definitely light. Brands: Samuel Adams, Angry Orchard, Twisted Tea, Traveler shandies, Angel City, Coney Island Craft Lagers, Concrete Beach, Brands: Genesee, Dundee, Imperial, Labatt (U.S. distribution, owned by A-B), Magic Hat, Portland Brewing, Pyramid, Brands: Guinness, Harp, Red Stripe, Kilkenny, Tusker, Bell, Serengeti, Senator Keg, Brands: Widmer Brothers, Redhook, Kona, Omission, Square Mile cider, (AB InBev owns a 32.2% stake in this company), Brands: Duvel, Brewery Ommegang, Boulevard, Firestone Walker. To better understand our love affair with beer, we broke down the most popular beer in every state. Please be polite. So take your time to enjoy these or both you your head and wallet are likely to suffer the consequences. Billy Beer. They’re exactly the kinds of beers you expect to find in a cooler on game day, at the lake or at a picnic. Icehouse cracking into the top was pretty shocking for us beer aficionados. 3. Drink a bottle now and set some more aside for later: this hearty brew gets even better with age. While not known for an abundance of personality, this smooth, ice-brewed beer is gaining popularity, with shipments growing over 17% since 2013. For those who prefer an ultra-light-tasting beer that’s readily available, this may be the brew for you. Boundary Bay Brewing Company. Over the years, the brand has relied on clever marketing campaigns to make sure it remains popular. American beers are as diverse as their people, with favorites like Anchor Brewery's Anchor Steam beer having as low as 4.8 abv, to brews with obscenely high alcohol content such as Bruery's Chocolate Rain, which boasts a whopping 19.5 abv. Though the brewery now markets a number of different beers, its rich, dark, original stout is what made its reputation. Natty Ice was smooth and slightly sweet with the high ABV—a whopping 5.9 percent. Grainy and too sweet, it didn’t quite hit the spot, though we know it has a passionate following. But Old Milwaukee is worth sipping today. The top 20 brands were then ranked from smallest to largest sales. When it comes to imbibing, Americans’ drink of choice is clear: We’re here for the beer. These are the pale beers we’re all familiar with—think Budweiser, Michelob and Miller Lite. Are yams and sweet potatoes the same thing? Brewed in the Netherlands for more than 150 years, Heineken is one of the most recognizable and widely distributed beer brands around the globe – and it remains one of the world's most popular lagers. TV campaign, featuring retired sports figures and other celebrities, is credited with helping popularize the beer. It's taste is so smooth, you have to be careful not to drink it too fast, or you'll catch yourself half drunk by surprise. • Parent company: Grupo Modelo (Constellation Brands). Dream of being a brewer?     ALSO READ: States Drinking the Most Beer (Photo:, • Parent company: Grupo Modelo (Heineken International). (See what else your favorite brewers were up to during Prohibition), These beer glasses are designed to make your brewski taste better, Check out these beer making kits you can try at home, These tips will change the way you order (and drink) beer, Check out these healthy carbonated drinks, Don’t miss these tailgate recipes perfect for homecoming. 10. But we’ve developed a taste for the creamy luxuries of the Expedition Stout: a decadent beer with Bells on... Nick Moyle is one half of the Two Thirsty Gardeners. However, it wasn’t until the brand was acquired in 1988 by Miller Brewing that sales truly soared into the stratosphere. The reviews are compiled through a mix of expert opinion and real-world testing. List of all Beer Brands ' Beer Style Location Brewery '06 Stout Classic Irish-Style Dry Stout United States - California Pacific Hop Exchange '07 Pale Ale American-Style Pale Ale United States - … Check out more culinary delights that come from Colorado.

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