season Football club; The COLD PEOPLE Book by Christopher Pike; The nanny's plan Book by Donna Clayton Bolton Wanderers 'madness' justifies Le Fondre's Sky Blue move. A proposed sale to former Watford owner Laurence Bassini was yesterday called off with the club ruling out any takeover by the businessman. Since my first session i have continued to grow in confidence with Nicci, as she introduces new exercises whilst encouraging me that i cam capable of perfecting each one. You can unsubscribe any time. On 3 August 2013, le Fondre scored on the opening day of the season at home to Ipswich Town which ended 2–1 win. [52] His second cousin Kian plays for the Bolton Wanderers Academy.[53]. For using this site, please activate JavaScript. Each time we do a workout it is different so it makes it more interesting for me. Earlier that term, he scored four goals in one game for County as they thrashed Wrexham 5–2. [43] Le Fondre made 26 appearances for Wolves, 16 as a substitute, scoring 3 goals. Success Is Where Preparation and Opportunity Meet, Whatever your ability or fitness level, Learn how to take your Performance to the next level. [17] He scored his first brace for Reading against Derby County on 18 October 2011 with a volley and then a close range header from a Hal Robson-Kanu cross. [22] On 13 April he scored twice as Reading beat promotion rivals Southampton 3–1, significantly boosting Reading's chances of promotion back to the Premier League. [32] Le Fondre's five goals in January helped him to his and Reading's first ever Premier League Player of the Month award. My only concern was for my children and wife but they seem to have took to it like a duck to water. [14], On 27 August 2011, le Fondre signed a three-year contract with Championship side Reading for a fee believed to be around £350,000. They'll be back home for Sunday's semi-final at Netstrata Jubilee Stadium, where a win will guarantee a grand final berth. [44] As Cardiff found themselves short on strikers and only scoring 4 in the opening 6 games of the season, he returned to the 18 man squad against Reading, but remained on the bench. Discover all the fun facts about your birthday! [18] His next goal came on 29 November against Peterborough in a 3–2 win. "The transition was real easy for me. He made an immediate impact by scoring his first goal for Wigan after just 5 minutes in a 2–1 home victory. Adam Le Fondre with Bolton in the second tier of English football. Not only does she play a pivotal role in improving my physical fitness, she also advises me on a healthier diet and has become an amazing friend No obligation to buy! Pitcher and Le QuesneDivonne de Boigelin, Claude Jacques AndréAbbott, GeoffreyAgnes, Isabel AliceAhier, Clara MarieAhier, Helena Georgina, née GodfrayAkhtar, JavadAlcock, Henry ThomasAlee, Maria, née LindnerAlexandre, Florence Maud, née ParkerwoodAlexandre, Eva ElvinaAllaire, Mildren Annie, née RichardsAllchin, Charles FrederickAllen, Clifford Horace DavidAmy, George GodfrayAmy, Francis WilliamAmy, Eugenie Marie, née GoeminneAmy, Elizabeth Annie, née WellsAppleton, Robert WilliamArmitage, FlorenceArthur, Margaret Florence, née EagleAshworth, HerbertAtkin, John ArcherAtkins, Laura, née CabotAtkinson, Ethel, née EdenAubert, Agnes Ernestine VictoriaAubin, George Ernest ElmsAudrain, Raymond PhilipAureal, MauriceBaal, Keith AlfredBacon, Stanley WilfredBadier, John AlfredBaerselman, Irene Catherine, née ToothillBailey, Ernest CharlesBailey, Florence Louise, née DeniseBailey, William EdmondBailey, Lily ElizabethBaker, Gilbert WilliamBaker, Andrew David PaulBaker, Stanley George 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CyrilLe Saint, MarkLe Saint, EricLe Saux, Mary Margaaret, née Le SauxLe Seelleur, Emmeline, née AmyLe Seelleur, Mabel AlineLe Seelleur, Una Marie, née PalmerLe Seelleur, David CharlesLe Serrec, Francois MarieLe Sueur, Marie Yvonne, née NoalLe Sueur, Charles FrancisLe Tourneur, John LouisLe Vesconte, Ernest WilliamLe Vesconte, CliffordLe Vesconte, LangstonLeach, Clifford LaurenceLeaman, Ivor JohnLeatt, Alan LockwoodLebret, Marcel Eugene Louis PierreLebreuilly, Victor Louis AlbertLedo, Victor AlbertLee, WilfredLefebvre, Elsie Katherine, née PapeLegouix, Florence EugenieLemercier, Francis SidneyLempriere, Catherine Mary, née HurleyLempriere, Harold EdwardLeonard, Lilian Mary, née RebindaneLeonard, Hedley JohnLesser, Ellen Louise, née CollardLetillier, Eugenie Augustine, née Le BreuillyLidster, Mona Kathleen, née MitchellLock, Rita Marie, née MoodyLucas, Lillian May, née BishopMace, Jean ChristopheMace, Alice Maud, née HottonMacGillivray, William GordonMac-Intyre, Gladys Eleanor Louisa AugustaMacleod, DonaldMacquerel, Alain Rene Gilbert DanielMadden, Enid Mary, née WebberMahaut, Ada Carrie, née AllixMalem, Robert HenryMalet de Carteret, GuyMaletroit, Alexandre GuilleaumeMalkin, DorothyMallet, ArthurMallinson, Jersey ZooMallinson, JeremyManners, George EdwardManners, Raymond GilbertManuali, Joelle Jacqueline Jeanne LouiseMarett, Edwin ThomasMarett, Lilian Alice, née MoignardMarett, InfantMariage, Theophile Paule MarieMarriott, John GeorgeMarshall, William RoganMarshall, Alice Henrietta LouiseMartin, Mary Ann, née HamonMartin, William HenryMartin, Alfred EmileMartret, Anne Marie, née Le TourgeonMathew, James Albert CharlesMaton, Harold JamesMatthews, Siamese catMattick, Wallace EdwardMaunoury, Edna Louisa, née RobinsMay, Annie Matilda, née BurchmoreBurchmore, Annie MatildaMay, Alice Maud, née BurkeBurke, Alice MaudMcAllister, Grace, née McKenzieMcBoyle, George WilliamMcIntyre, DonaldMcKenzie, William Edward SchaefflerMcQueen, Sarah Lucy Jane, née LindseyMedder, Annie Louisa, née HutchingsMedder, Adelina May, née QuenaultMedland, Cyril GeorgeMercier, Hilda Maud, née CooperMildren, Charles HedleyMilne, GeorgeMinchinton, Bernard WilliamMinns, William GordonMitchell, Edward ThomasMoignard, Christine Florence, née MorinMoignard, Clara, née Le RossignolMoisan, Allan JohnMonamy, Lilian Louise, née JocelynMorcel, Victorine Leontine, née MaurayMorel, Ada Azelina, née TarouillyMorgan, RoderickMorley, Enid, née RiveMorris, Frederick SutherlandMorrison, Fernley FrederickMorrow, Mary Elizabeth, née McIlwaineMorton, Margaret Joan, née EvansMourant, Lucille Marie, née BaretteMunro, Euphemia, née FenwickMurphy, Francis JosephNash, Margaret Irene Shadforth, née MunroNewman, Kate Henrietta, née FewNewman, Florence Gertrude, née SteelNicolle, Margaretta, née SkeneNoel, Edward CharlesNoel, Marie PaulineNorris, Aubrey FrankNortham, Ray Edna, née GregsonNutley, JohnOakden, Adele Carlotta Gertrude Damaris, née GentO'Donnell, Patricia Margaret, née PhillipsOgier, Hilda 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ClynesPichon, Jean JulesPickering, Noel RichmondPickett, Alice Bertha, née DupontPiczenik, Jack GeraldPinel, Lilian Elsie May, née JeguPirouet, Mary Jane, née BecquetPlatts, Marjorie Ada, née TuckPleven, Aliene Dorothy, née PlunetPoingdestre, John FrancisPoingdestre, Rose Easter, née TurrellPoingdestre, Claude GordonPoole, Harold Francis LouisPotier, Lilian Maud, née HamonHamon, Lilian MaudPowell, Esther, née SmithPower, Dennis ErnestPower, Suzanne Genevieve Eliza, née ChochetPrice, Marjorie Phyliss, née HitchenProvost, Francis DouglasPullinger, Agnes Annie, née de GruchyPupius, Felix JamesPurves-Cowan, William RobertQuenault, Julia Augusta, née BeaugeardQueree, John EliasQuerée, Philip CharlesQueree, Betty Mae, née CornwellQueree, Alice Mary, née PinelQueree, Agnes Anne, née RobertQuintaine, Donald CharlesRand, Ronald LeslieRankin, Marguerite Olivia Cecilia, née VacaniRattenbury, Henry WilliamRault, Lea Eugenie Marie Joseph, née Le SauxRault, Eugene MarieRebindaine, May ElsieReid, GeorgeRelph, George VictorRennell, Hilda Eliza, née BenestRennell, Marguerite May, née HescottRenouard, Louisa, née BaudainsRenouf, Ida Maud, née ValpyValpy, Ida MaudRenouf, Mabel FlorenceRenouf, Phyliss May, née de GruchyRenouf, Frederick ClarenceRenouf, Clifford MalletRenouf, Arthur GeorgeReynolds, Sidney CharlesReynolds, William George KerslakeRice, Daisy, née GiffardRichardson, InfantRidley, NicholRigby, Marguerite Ann, née PallotRimeur, James FrancisRingsdore, Philip AlbertRoberts, RobertRoberts, Pierson CharlesRoberts, Bella, née HuelinRoberts, Lionel FreerRobic, Jean MaturinRobinson, Lydia, née HelleurRobinson, William CharlesRobinson, Douglas ErnestRobson, MabelRoches, Lilian Nina, née FarrellRogers, Violet Maud MaryRonald, Ronnie WilliamRondel, Clement JohnRondel, Phyllis Marguerite, née RichardsonRowe, Constance Joan, née MakinRowe, Frederick ThomasRushton, John VincentRutherford, Lydia Maud, née JonesRutter, InfantRyder, NormanSagorin, Joseph GeorgesSalmon, Ellen Elizabeth, née HutchsonSangan, Peter IsidoreSaunders, Lilian MaySawyer, Ethel Lilian, née de la CourSayres, Jessie Clara, née AldermanSeager, Gladys May, née NixonSeath, William ThomasSellick, ArthurSerrano, BaltasarShales, ArthurShelmerdine, CharlesSheward, Ivy Lydia, née StickleyShorto, Alice Agnes, née PetitSieminski, AntoniSilvester, Catherine May Patricia, née JonesSimmons, Keith PaulSinglehurst, Robert Maurice AshburnerSkeels, Arthur WilliamSlimm, Ethel Emma, née Le HuquetSmith, Daisy, née GoodeSmith, FrancisSmith, Evangeline, née TretheweySmith, Ronald PercivalSmith, Cyril JamesSmith, Samuel McLeodSmith, Sydney WilliamSmith, John EdwardSmith, Patrick JosephSmith, Harvey EdwardSmith, Ellen Elizabeth, née GodfraySmith, AdelaideSorohan, Donald MarySouplet, Marie Augustine, née Le TallecSpears, Bertha AdelaideSpringate, Percy HaroldSpurr, Alfred GordonStacey, Lily, née GomersallStagg, Emmeline Marie, née ReboursStansfield, Dennis RichardStenou, Marie Albertine, née GuilliouStephens, Jessie, née HarperStephens, Joseph AlfredStevens, Henry ThomasStevenson, Kathleen, née Le RossignolStickings, Harold JohnStill, James HoustonStockwin, Clement HowardStrickland, Anne Louise, née PriceSullivan, Grace ConstanceSwain, Florrie, née QuixallSwift, Frances Josephine, née GraySyborn, Lucy SarahSykes, Jessie, née HoldsworthSymons, Emily Jane, née MayneSymons, Reginald JamesSyvret, Lasca Jane, née Le CappelainSyvret, Reginald JohnTaber, Maycel Phyllis, née WatkinsTanner, George HenryTanswell, DanielTarbutt, Mary, née MaddenTarr, Wilfred QuintaineTaylor, Edith Lucy, née HortonTeague, ClarenceTemple, Gordon DavidThomasse, Leonie Pauline, née HaironThompson, Winifred AliceThorne, Andrea Florence, née NicolleTompkins, Hylma Grace, née BroadwayToomey, William ThomasTouzel, Hilda Jane, née PerchardToye, Bridget MarieTranchant, Leon EtienneTrehen, Lydia Jane , née Le MarquandTrehiou, Eugene CharlesTroy, Helen, née RichardsTruscott, Ellen Francis, née FlynnTubb, Gwendoline Maud, née BinetTurner, Esther, née ElliottTyler, Alexander JohnUpson, Olive Eleanor, née FilsonVasse, Joseph ErnestVasselin, George FrancisVautier, Francis MauriceVeron, Francois Louis EugeneVilbeau, Francis JosephVincent, Donald AlfredVoigts, Peter Karl LudwigWalker, Dorothy Kathleen, née AllrightWallace, ChristopherWaller, Lydia Anne, née LeluanWallis, Henry AlfredWalsh, Blanche Matilda, née HennequinWard, Arthur ReginaldWarren, Ernest AingerWatford, Thomas HenryWatson, Henry JohnWatson, Geoffrey SheratonWatton, Hilda Jessie, née HamonWatts, Elsie Hamon, née Le GrosWebb, Arthur HenryWeeks, Michael ColstonWeller, Lilian Maude, née CollardWest, Edith MaryWeston, HarryWeston, StanleyWheeler, Louisa Julie Josephine, née ReyneilWheeler, Leslie CecilWhite, Thomas JamesWhitel, Clarence WilliamWhitworth, Elsie Florence, née Le BretonWilkinson, HarryWillerton, Kathleen MaryWilliams, Kathleen Harriet, née LobbWilliams, ThomasWilliams, Cyril DavidWillingham, Walter EdwardWills, Ellen SusanWills, Herbert JohnWills, Herbert EdwardWilmot, William HerbertWilson, Suzanne Helene MarieWindsor, Jeanie, née AllenWinn-Harris, John Francis XavierWood, Dorothy Muriel, née MooreWoodman, Mona Gertrude, née BoulterWoolnough, EdwardWright, Herbert PearseWright, Christine, née BissonWright, LeonardYandell, Elizabeth Maud, née AllardyceYarrow, Elsie WinifredYoung, ErnestZoumaras, Stavros, funeral directors | funeral registers | Funerals | Accounts | undertakers | Burials.

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