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I spent 1 hour trying to add a child to myself. importing/exporting the changes from one tree to the other using gedcom. Well done guys. Top Ten Reviews Contributor FTM has had quite a few growing pains but the last few updates seem to have stabalized the program - there are still problems however. I use FTM to sync my tree on Ancestry. Author Nathan Dylan Goodwin provided me with a review copy of his latest book, The Spyglass File , three weeks ago and I have been reading s... For my readers:  What desktop software programs and/or online family trees do you use for your genealogy research? I know some excellent researchers who keep their records in word processing software.

I use FTM 2014 and several trees on ancestry.

The interface is confusing and many simple features are missing like a middle name field. For example, you can search for someone in Virginia before the Civil War, in the area that is now West Virginia.

If I can get used to it, I will pursue it.

I think this app is simply great! Ancestris se démarque de ses paires avec son respect de la norme Gedcom et avec sa compatibilité avec tous types de système d'exploitation : Windows, Mac ou autres. I understand that I can withdraw my consent at anytime.

Une merveille de qualité, application très aboutie.

This is the first place I have seen that productive, respectable genealogists solely use a word processing software like MS Word as I have often thought about that for my notes along with an online system.

For those people who use multiple programs, do you keep your trees in the different programs in sync or do you have different trees in different programs? Top Ten Reviews is part of Future US Inc, an international media group and leading digital publisher. Même la petite Puppy linux arrive a faire tourer Gramps, application vraiment professionnelle. I'm interested in Legacy for the more "correct" way of doing sources.

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I mainly use Legacy, as I feel it has the most comprehensive set of features.I also use RootsMagic and Family Tree Maker - RootsMagic has some features that I like (such as the check for historic locations), and Family Tree Maker to synchronise with my Ancestry Public Member Tree.

However, there are several areas that could be improved. This program s popularity stems from its extensive records, some of which are private. I use Legacy.

The program is not well organized, with options scattered in seemingly random places. I must add that I tried downgrading to Gramps 4.28 on Linux (using the repository version instead of v. 5) but I had many crashes too so I reinstalled v. 5. Please refresh the page and try again.

It is a big commitment on your part and oh, so helpful to all of us. Many genealogists and family historians have bemoaned the apparent problems on over the past few years.

The extensive documentation covering both technical aspect of the application and subject matter of the field and intuitive design, justly described, of the application has precluded my need to ask for help. Gramps est tout simplement parfait.

The date feature is also quite good. It's OK to have more than one response. The second major gripe is that Windows is treated like a poor orphan. I wondered what the world record was for the number of children born to one mother or to one father.

I realize this is open source, but this is a review of the software, not the people behind it, and no, I'm not going to fix it.

I would like to use Gramps as my main genealogy program, it is the one I prefer. So, if you expect a comprehensive manual you will be disappointed.

I mainly use Ancestry family tree. Tried to like this. has all the basic features you ll find in other programs, and it's one of the most popular online genealogy options on the market.

Il peut même servir pour des personnes qui ne sont pas décédées. What makes it even worse is the fact that currently 2 major releases (3.x and 4.x) are maintained in parallel. This comment has been removed by the author. I use Cumberland Family Tree primarily.

The expanding number of genealogy programs on the market makes it easy to research your ancestry. But once you have developed an understanding where you store things like places, sources, repositories, etc.

I would like to use Gramps as my main genealogy program, it is the one I prefer. as a contributor. I agree to receive these communications from (this comment may seem redundant but unicode support should not be taken for granted - major commercial programms do not support it). Why should I downgrade half of my system to do a simple import operation? I have used FTM for 10 years.

I like the input interface and the fact you can "see everything" in one place. My file is 8500 people, not a huge one. While several of those listed have been discontinued many folks stick with them as they are used to them, they do what they want, and as long as they keep with the same PC should be OK.

I don’t mind the online manual in a form to send off to have printed, is this possible?

i'm using gramps and still find it very lacking, there's not one chart where i can see the uncles/aunts for … I.e. I would like to use Gramps as my main genealogy program, it is the one I prefer.

There should be a place for both.

It works with GEDCOM 5.5 files to allow exchange and sharing of without losing data. Currently use RootsMagic (v6). © in both directions? My hubby and I started using Family Tree Maker when it was V3 or similiar (late '90s) on our Windows desktop computer.

Please refer to our, I agree to receive these communications from via the means indicated above. I'm surprised RootsMagic didn't rank higher on this survey, given the number of people on Facebook and Google+ who have said they love RootsMagic. I started a blog to help others with problems that wasn't able to find solutions to (link below).

Thank you very much for the free open source program! It is the best program to use if you have online trees there. I am very hopeful that Ancestry will invest more into programming for the FTM desktop programs.

within GRAMPS the entry of data is very efficient. I do try to review others as they make major updates in case some "just gotta have" features comes along.

The developers have put a lot of time into this program and made it quite complex.

Paid programs offer more features, such as more ways to create charts to display your family tree and more ways to denote complex relationships, such as a mother who married several times.

You will receive a verification email shortly. Sorting Out the Military Service of Zachariah Hild... New or Updated Record Collections at FamilySearch.... Amanuensis Monday - Post 260: 1913 Probate Record ... Added or Updated Databases at - Week ... Best of the Genea-Blogs - 15 to 21 March 2015, 1940 Census Enumeration District Maps Online at NARA Website, Genealogy Presentations on

Please provide the ad click URL, if possible: Please download and install Gramps v5.0.2 which should fix the "sqlite3.OperationalError: cannot start a transaction within a transaction" issue.

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