One is Son, whose name is Kiran, and next is a daughter- Kavya. Her father, Olaram Haryani, is a retired lecturer. You may probably be familiar with Google CEO, Sundar Pichai, but what about his wife, Anjali Pichai? July 25, 2018 at 5:54 am, Anjali Pichai with husband Sundar Pichai attend the 2016 Breakthrough Prize Ceremony. Sundar and Anjali Pichai’s house has a spa, an elevator, a gym, a wine cellar, an infinity pool, and a reflecting pond. Anjali Pichai is an Indian chemical engineer who is, however, better known for being married to Sundar Pichai, who made a name for himself as the CEO of the multinational business conglomerate and Google’s parent company Alphabet Inc. She is also widely recognized as one of the ‘steersman’ of Intuit Inc. Later, Anjali Pichai joined her future husband in the U.S. to pursue higher studies. However, a 70-year-old Haryani got remarried in September 2015 to a woman named Madhuri Sharma, 65. Their relationship, however, suffered a setback after the Google CEO moved to the US to further his education. Anjali Pichai Grew Up in Northern India & Studied Chemical Engineering in College. By using this site, you agree to the Privacy Policy and Terms of Use. Google CEO Sundar Pichai And His Wife Anjali Pichai's Love Story Proves True Love Always Wins Google's CEO, Sundar Pichai was in college - IIT, Kharagpur when he had met his future wife, Anjali. He currently lives in Mumbai, India. They are blessed with two children; a daughter, Kavya, and a son, Kiran. Hanne Norgaard bio: Everything you need to know about Idris Elba's first wife. Anjali Pichai age is 47. She has dark brown eyes and black hair. She is living at her opulent house in Los Altos, California, with her family. It was astonishing to see Sundar dating since he was considered shy in school. At one time, they stayed for six months without communicating. Anjali Pichai was … It is said that behind every successful man, there is a great woman. Sundar and Anjali Pichai studied in the same college and that’s how he met her. She reunited with her boyfriend who went on to propose and asked her parents for permission to marry her. Later he came back and asked the permission of Anjali parents to marry her. Unlike other wealthy celebrities, Anjali prefers living a private life. He studied his MBA at the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania. Anjali Pichai house The mother of two and her husband own a house in Los Altos. As she is a business executive and working to uplift her career, her net worth is likely going to increase in the coming days. If you want to know more about her, then have a look at our Anjali Pichai’s wiki. Anjali Pichai husband, Sundar, is a businessperson and a computer engineer. They would later fall in love with each other. Anjali Pichai has two kids together with her husband—a daughter, Kavya Pichai, and a son, Kiran Pichai. Later, he also received offers from Twitter and Yahoo but was having second thoughts about leaving Google. Pichai’s stepmother, Madhuri Sharma, used to live in the Civil Lines area in Kota City, India. It wasn’t exactly a pleasant experience.”. Later, he also received offers from Twitter and Yahoo but was having second thoughts about leaving Google. As per Sundar’s speech at his alma mater in 2017, he used to meet Anjali at the girl’s dorm. Pichai owns a house in Los Altos Hills, designed by Robert Swatt of Swatt Miers. Anjali was with Sundar since he was a simple middle-class person. They later tied the knot in what was the beginning of a new and successful journey. Anjali Pichai belongs to a Brahmin Family. Anjali Pichai is a businesswoman and chemical engineer. Through hard work and dedication, she has achieved a lot in her life, both as a wife, a mother and in her career. Pichai Sundararajan (born June 10, 1972), known as Sundar Pichai (/ ˈ s ʊ n d ɑːr p ɪ ˈ tʃ aɪ /), is an Indian-American business executive. She is currently a Business Operation Manager at Intuit. At the time in college, Anjali was in the same batch with Sundar. She makes him stay at Google while he was thinking of shifting the job when he got an offer from other giant technologies such as Yahoo, Twitter. Their enviable relationship dates back to their time at college, while their success stories continue to inspire many people. Her mother died some years back. Since Pichai was an international student with hardly any money, there were times when he couldn’t call her for six months. For Sundar, Anjali is the answer to all his questions. Anjali Pichai was born in Kota, Rajasthan, India to Indian parents. However, Anjali Pichai asked him to stay with Google, and now, Sundar Pichai is a successful CEO at the multinational tech company. But their love was strong, and their long-distance relationship survived! Do you think they are made for each other? Halima Buhari Sheriff biography: Who is Muhammadu Buhari’s daughter? After three years, she departed to the USA and joined Intuit as a Business Operation Manager. The mother of two and her husband own a house in Los Altos. For Amazing Articles Of Your Favorite Celebrities, Stay Tuned To vergewiki, Updated On Sat Aug 08 2020 Published On Mon Aug 03 2020 By. Pichai has a brother, Amit Haryani, who studied at the Indian Institute of Technology Bombay in Powai, Mumbai. During 1990 she started working as a Business Analyst at Accenture. He currently lives in Jersey City, New Jersey and is married to Shubhra Bhatnagar. Pichai has carved a successful career for herself. She Advised Sundar Pichai to Stay at Google Sundar Pichai was initially offered the position as Microsoft’s CEO. Her body measurements are 33-28-35. His parents are Regunatha and Lakshmi. Anjali and her husband met in college and became close friends. She first met Sundar in college. Anjali and her spouse are both of Indian nationality. When Sundar Pichai found a stable job, he asked Anjali’s family’s permission for her hand in marriage. He did not have access to the luxurious life he is currently enjoying. CEO of Google, Sundar Pichai and his wife Anjali Pichai. As a chemical engineer, the 47-year-old has an estimated net worth is $22 million. They have inspired many people to become humble, hardworking, and trustworthy. Sundar was born on July 12, 1972, in Madurai, Tamil Nadu. After completing an undergraduate from IIT, Sundar went to the USA to pursue an MBA degree from Stanford. She is well known as a chemical engineer and businesswoman. Sundar joined Google in 2004 as a product manager. He then left for the U.S. to pursue higher studies while his lady love stayed back in India. LIVE UPDATE: Trump falls behind as Biden moves to only few votes from winning US... LIVE UPDATE: Trump falls behind as Biden moves to only few votes from winning US presidential election (photos, video), BBNaija: See moment Laycon kept staring at Erica as she arrived Dorathy's birthday party (video), Just in: Owners of big Premier League club set to make billions if Donald Trump loses US Presidential Election, Watch beautiful moment fans surprised Dorathy with 25 stunning shoes for her 25th birthday (video), Davido finally celebrates son Ifeanyi's 1st birthday, shares beautiful photos, videos from party, See how this baby vibed to this popular Burna Boy-featured song as she sang it with excitement (video), Reactions as DJ Cuppy shares video of white man trying to 'famz' her Ferrari in London, After dog licked this baby's face, what happened to the kid will make you laugh (video), The best motivational words for every day of the week. During that time, the technology is not used to be like it is today. At first, Anjali and Sundar used to be best friends. Here are other lesser-known facts about Anjali and her husband: Anjali Pichai and her husband are not only learned but also successful in their careers. She spent a lot of time in Rajasthan with her siblings while growing up. So, they would call them loudly, ‘Anjali, Sundar is here to see you’. He had worked there for 11 years and joined as a product manager at first in 2004 before he became CEO. When their graduate is about to complete, he proposed her. At first, they were just friend and in the final year of the college Sundar proposed to Anjali and she accepted it. In December 2019, he got an appointment to serve as the new CEO of Google's parent company, Alphabet. There is not much information about their children except their childhood photos. Here are other lesser-known facts about Anjali and her husband: The couple has a son, Kavya, and a daughter, Kiran. Apart from the fact that they are agemates, the two were classmates in college. The house was designed by Robert Swatt. Image:, @INdotcomSource: Instagram. The surrounding of the house includes the area of about three acres and 10000 square feet priced 6 million dollar in 2014. Haryani is a retired employee who used to work at Government Polytechnic College in Kota. Not many couples can achieve what the two have earned in their careers, and this is why they are adored by many. She advised her husband to stay with Google when other companies approached him. What is her husband known for? Pichai’s father is Olaram Haryani and became a widower when Pichai’s mother passed away in 2013. She was Pichai’s classmate. Eleven years later, he was named the CEO of the company. Anjali met Sundarwhen she was in the first year of IIT and became good friends with him. Sundar Pichai was initially offered the position as Microsoft’s CEO. The luxuries module of the house contains facilities such as an infinity pool, a garage more than 800 square feet, a gym, a wine cellar, and a separate building for a childminder. The estimated average price of their house is 3.5 million dollars. The house was designed by Robert Swatt. Her brother, Amit, is also a professional engineer in New Jersey and his wife is Shubra Bhatnagar. The cost of international calls used to be more to the level that the couple could bear the expenses of making calls to each other. Just like her husband, she is a brilliant and skillful woman. He is currently the head of both companies. Sundar got job offers from Twitter and Yahoo. He was pursuing a degree in Metallurgical Engineering. Sundar and Anjali Pichai’s house has a spa, an elevator, a gym, a wine cellar, an infinity pool, and a reflecting pond. Sundar grew up in a middle-class family and was among the top students in school. After the conformity from both sides parents, both got married, and Anjali flew with him in America. She has a step-mother, Madhuri Sharma. She is recognized as the wife of Sundar Pichai. Before joining Google, Sundar worked for McKinsey & Company. Image:, @tweetmesarthakSource: Twitter. The couple got married in a beautiful Indian ceremony.

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