All Rights Reserved. Odorous house ants forage both night and day and eat many types of foods. The pile of wood debris is known as “frass” and tends to be the first sign of a carpenter ant infestation. Carpenter Ants typically have a parent colony in outside nesting areas, such as live or dead trees, stumps, logs or decorative landscape wood. Both ants have mounds with visible entrances. Sugar ants are also a major issue around the springtime in Washington, Oregon and in other areas in the Pacific Northwest. Odorous house ants may develop huge colonies containing thousands of workers and numerous queens. The pest control service will likely do the following: Make sure to keep up with pest control services, as sugar ants are a year-round problem here in Portland. The western drywood termite occasionally infests homes along the coast in Oregon. They will fiercely defend their flocks, and gardeners have to decide whether they want to rid themselves of the ants and their aphids or reap the larger benefits of having a thatch ant nest on their property. That’s why Portland homeowners find themselves with sugar ant infestations in the dead of winter! These satellite colonies often develop in nearby structures presumably because they offer warm protection. Only the parent colony contains the queen(s), young larvae and workers, while the satellite contains the mature larvae, pupae, workers, and/or winged reproductives. Pest Control an Essential Service - Click Here To Learn More, Sugar Ants in Portland? Other thatch ant nests I’ve encountered have been somewhat asymmetric and lower to the ground. The red and black ants form colonies around one or several queens. In summer, queens and males sprout wings and begin their nuptial flights. The natural food for these ants consists of insects and other arthropods and sweet exudates from aphids and insects. Since many houses are being built in forested areas, well established, vigorous colonies are readily available in the immediate vicinity to attack these dwellings. Many Portland homeowners have found relief between professional treatments by placing traps throughout the home. It was in the Blue Mountains of eastern Oregon that US Forest Service scientists found a supercolony of thatch ants. The little six-legged buggers appear in both the Bible and Quran, their hard work lauded in the popular and well-known fable The Ant and The Grasshopper, and as the main attraction in movies, including Them!, Antz, and most recently, Ant-Man and the Wasp. Pest control experts estimate that a fully-formed carpenter ant nest results in up to $15 a day in damage to the home. The ants excrete formic acid to deter predators, but you will still see excavations in some nests where bears have attempted to get in to the succulent larvae. Sometimes they will build smaller nests below the plant that hosts their aphid herd. We have three different service plans, including our Silver Star plan, which is specific to ants and comes with a one-year warranty and three annual treatments. Gophers, spiders, and other critters prompt homeowners across the metro-area to call pest control to evict their unwanted guests forcefully. Outside workers tend to be most active in the evening and early morning, but a cloudy day will see them swarming over the surface of the mound at any time. They will forage about 25 to 30 yards from the nest: My two nests in the Columbia Gorge were 50 yards apart and may have been two parts of the same colony. Additionally, if no evidence of frass or wood damage exists, the ants are probably sugar ants. Ants move back and forth from parent nest to satellite nest but just a few ( less than 10 % ) will be visible foraging for food.

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