Aphrodite is one of the oldest goddess and one of the most powerful because love is one of the oldest forces that binds us to human existence. She can also grant the wishes of mortals who find love, which relates her goddess love powers with Antheia. Trivia Edit. Powers Edit. She also has a daughter called Harmonia. She also wears a pair of golden high heels that match her hair color as well as two ankle bracelets in the same color. Many people claimed back in ancient Greece that they were the daughter of Aphrodite. "Greetings mortal! She, along with the rest of the gods are sent by Zeus to search for the missing child, only to come up unsuccessful. She can make any man fall in love with her at first sight, make other people fall in love, and make anything beautiful or lovely. Basic story: The Greek goddess Aphrodite rises from the foam of the waves of the sea, enchanting anyone who sees her and inciting feelings of love and lust wherever she goes. Aphrodite is able to make anyone fall in love. Since she is a goddess, she gives off a pink and gold luminescence. The Greek goddess of love, desire and beauty, Aphrodite is known as Venus in Roman mythology. Although, they tend to get along most of the time. Beautiful , pink skin, long, blond Hair, blue eyes, long eyelashes, purple eyeliner, purple, single-strapped dress with pink, heart-shaped brooch, golden ankle rings, golden high heels, Immortality, control over Love and Beauty (Love Magic), Life Magic, and the Standard powers and abilities of a god. The known symbols to represent Aphrodite is the girdle, the dove, the myrtle trees and the swan/goose. In this episode, Hercules wants a date to the Aphrodesia Dance so he asks Aphrodite to bring his clay sculpture to life. Aphrodite was the Greek goddess equated by the Roman goddess, Venus. Global Detective Force: Rise of the Vanguards, https://disneyfanon.fandom.com/wiki/Aphrodite?oldid=131034. She is rather giving and willing to provide gifts to those to favor her in some manner. Aphrodite's Egyptian equivalent is Isis, but Isis is actually a real goddess that is worshipped by the Greeks too. She is certainly the most popular Deity of this Greek Goddess list. Her clothing consists of a purple, single-strapped dress; it consists a heart-shaped brooch on the strap, and a skirt reaching down to her feet with a slit cut at the front just after reaching her thighs. Aphrodite is the oldest Olympian. Aphrodite is the mother of half-sisters and half-brothers. She can also grant the wishes of mortals who find love, which relates her goddess love powers with. It enlarges itself when only she chants special words. Home While her promiscuity would cause her to appear uncontrolled, ... Aphrodite was the Greek goddess equated by the Roman goddess, Venus. When Cronus overthrew his dad Uranus, he cut off his genitals and they were thrown into the sea and the former Titan's blood and presence and sea foam began to form, and she arose from the sea and got carried by a seashell to Mount Olympus. She perfects the sculpture by embodying her Hercules physical and Personality attributes. She and Athena stayed as friends anyways. Aphrodite has a miniature swan cart which she uses for travelling. In the film, she has a very minor role in which she only appears in minor cameos. She is established as being romantically involved with Hephaestus, although this is never elaborated on. A mortal named Paris chose Aphrodite because she promised him the most beautiful woman in the world. Olympus If you see a way this page can be updated or improved without compromising previous work, please feel free to contribute. Powers and abilities Allies She was the goddess of love, beauty and sexuality. Mount Olympus She was the goddess of love, beauty and sexuality. Aphrodite is a featured article, which means it has been identified as one of the best articles produced by the Greek-Goddesses Wiki community. The feud ended as the Olympians won due to Athena's Trojan horse.

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