Vanitas's AI has no goddamn idea how to deal with Seeker Mine and Mine Square; in any fight with him they'll do significant damage. In round 1 both Roxas and Riku are holding back, Riku intentionally because he doesn't even know if Roxas is actually Sora's nobody yet and Roxas because Xion made him give up one of his keyblades so his strength is effectively cut in half by not DWing. Riku ended up on his knees again and it's obvious that he's beaten to both him and Roxas, with Riku saying he is left with no choice but to unleash the dark power he held back and Roxas wondering how many times he has to beat him down for him to stay down. Hard to say. Riku won, I think aqua won, but idc about bbs it sucks,, Ahh, I cant remember specifically, ignore my opinion on it, riku won for sure though and threw roxas into a computer. For Vanitas with Ventus, Just dodge -or if you feel confident, cover and counter, or use Mickey's D-link to teleport his attacks. Somehow, Aqua found herself sitting next to Vanitas, no weapons drawn, no malice in the air, just a heavy sense of exhaustion that she found she could relate to very much. Once Roxas got his second blade back he proceeded to smash Riku to the ground, cutting through his dark firaga like a knife through butter and hitting him so hard that even his dark reflect couldn't protect him from the recoil damage. Aqua VS Vanitas is a bit more complex to call it fair and square, because Aqua clearly doesn't defeat Vanitas but Vanitas kind of cheats to beat Aqua. I know it will not happen but i can dream, right? If he hadn't taken advantage of Ventus's vulnerability, I do not believe he could have beaten Aqua one-on-one. © 2020 GAMESPOT, A RED VENTURES COMPANY. Privacy PolicyCookie SettingsDo Not Sell My InformationReport Ad. What if Aqua and Mickey never got separated? Post discussion, fan-art, videos, questions, and more here! Infinite army of II4s anyone? Time Splicer is riskier (he's immune to Stop in this fight) but not a bad option, especially on Standard. In the gameplay battle Sora trounces Roxas and in the cutscene battle despite only having 1 keyblade to Roxas's 2 Sora is matching Roxas blow for blow, parrying every hit he tries and even putting Roxas onto defensive a few times. Same thing for Aqua vs. Vanitas in KH3 IMO. But again thanks for all the tips. I'd recommend going and grinding up a bit, as well as making sure your deck is properly built (mines and thunder surge). A Bug's Life in Kingdom Hearts 4. Roxas vs Riku and Aqua vs Vanitas, who was actually the winner in those fights. I'll have to buy some at a moogle shop. In KH3 Aqua is weakened by her time in the RoD/her time corrupted and Vanitas is clearly much more of a match for her now, but she was still winning. Discussion. It only took me hours and hours.. For Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep on the PSP, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "Aqua vs Vanitas - who's the better character? ich hab ein problem mit Vanitas also da wo er das x blade schon hat wen ich ihn bis zu 1 hp runtergekloppt hat bekomm ich den aj als d link fuer den kampf weis Ive been playing on standard mode since I started the series. Even if it looks like Roxas was winning in that moment, when looked at honestly you'll realize the most he managed to do is stalemate them. Who do you consider as the winner? In these conditions where they are more or less equal Roxas defeated Riku, but when Riku's words pushed Roxas into going for a killing blow after the fight Riku managed to deflect and daze Roxas. Roxas and Riku's fight is a mess. Privacy PolicyCookie SettingsDo Not Sell My InformationReport Ad. I feel like this topic won't end well, but with regard to Aqua VS Vanitas, I believe Vanitas to have cheated to win his fight. Posted by 3 years ago. Use your Shotlock. FallenStar - level grinder extraordinaire. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Press J to jump to the feed. How do I get Once More and Second Chance? 75% Upvoted. hide. You cannot escape the PUSH!!! Archived [Ps4] [Discussion] KH BBS Aqua vs Vanitas 2nd battle. But yeah i kept noticing on other planets example for stitches world that I was not killing enemies as fast as I was when I started the first few worlds. On Standard I generally end up finishing the game around 25-30, with my level in Neverland being right around there. Roman titles, Latin names, Japanese characters, Western vehicles, and Arthurian weapons. Discussion. Which level do you recommend for my key blade and main level to be at while fighting Vanitas? She couldn’t speak for him, but for herself there was a sense of curiosity. 10 comments. I really like both. Close. I did the incredibly cheap Vanish/Strike Raid trick as Terra after really getting annoyed with this fight. I mainly used fire and firaga . You're browsing the GameFAQs Message Boards as a guest. (at least, not without pulling out his Data tricks). At least, in the first battle. Can someone help me by telling me a good way to get these abilities for my characters please? Vanitias is FINALLY down. Both are spectacularly uninteresting. "You can't control who you love. mewlax 3 years ago #1. I don't have seeker mines or mine square. Aqua vs Vanitas - who's the better character. 1? So it's a clear admission of the defeat of Riku by both of them, but once Riku unleashed the dark power he held back he floored DW Roxas in seconds being clearly superior. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. I feel there was a retcon here thanks to 358/2 Days. report. Roxas VS Riku - My Final Take (spoilers... duh). Eventually Roxas, who is again fighting with the advantage of two blades, finally gets an upper hand on Sora through sheer intensity. Because Sora was in perfectly fine shape and would have no problem dodging any attack Roxas tries to launch at him, it's not like Riku who was on him bum or Roxas who was knocked out, Sora could roll/stand-up/slide/etc... any thing Roxas tries to throw at him. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the KingdomHearts community. KH2 states they fought. User Info: HipsterSora. Neverland Vanitas only has one unblockable attack, and it's the thunder "spray" one (Dark Thundaga). If we did, we wouldn't love anybody". From: Hirokey123 | #006I can name plenty of better KH protagonists and antagonists than Aqua and Vanitas.

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