Here’s another one from a Greek vase: the Hesperides who guard the tree of golden apples. An eternal place that is no real place. And even more difficult, if not impossible, is it to see the blind spots within us created by our own conditioning.

An individual’s awakening is a personal experience. A serpent coiled around a staff or tree is a symbol of healing, an image which carries on to this day as an icon for the field of Medicine. And, most importantly, he shares that knowledge readily with those who are willing to receive it. Carl Jung gives an amazing account of what that may have been like for the earliest humans. Some[citation needed] have hypothesized a hieroglyph of fish in water as its origin (in Arabic, nūn means large fish or whale). And now, we have to get back to the Garden. Their message is not one of “Repent, you’re a sinner!” Rather that message is, “Wake up, you are the eternal life force!”. Once again, we call the serpent sacred or divine when archaeologists find its imagery and sculpture in temples or grave sites. To make it more complicated, many people have a fundamental misunderstanding of the concept of eternity. There are two ways of looking at this kind of serpent symbolism. Visit my other site Unfolding the Universe Within. Be prepared!

Sumerian and Babylonian Seals, Serpent and Snake Symbolism

The first image is from an early Sumerian cylinder seal. They will be punished with everlasting destruction and shut out from the presence of the Lord and from the glory of his might…Mathew 13:42 & Thessalonians 1:9. ♥ ♥ ♥.

Take for example a climbing vine that’s growing in your garden. If you plant it near a lattice it starts to climb along that framework, twisting and weaving its way throughout it. Some say that music is the Universal language. In the West, we know of two fruits, both of which are forbidden to humans: the forbidden fruit with which the serpent tempted Eve and forbidden fruit that is guarded by the two cherubim at the Tree of Life. The two figures by the tree are the deities who guard the tree of life – similar to the Cherubim in Genesis. Joseph Campbell compiled and presented a lot of it in Masks of God, Occidental Mythology. Jung vol 13, par 403. In order to pass through that door and get to the Tree of Eternal Life, we have to transcend the bounds of dualistic thinking.
So, the moon is also part of this secret knowledge of throwing off death and coming back to life. The serpents appear through a pair of doors, opened by two lion birds, winged dragon-like creatures called Griffiths. moment. The other way of understanding rebirth is related to a realization that we are of the same spiritual energy as the serpent – that power of life which continues, even after our death. We then struggle with the world around us, trying to make it fit into our perceptions of what we think should be and shutting out what we think should not be. You can click on any article to read it or scroll across to see more articles. Those limited descriptions include those we have inherited from our religion. To get into that here would be beyond the scope of this article. At the bottom of the tree, a spring wells out from a cave.

How did it emerge and why is it so important that we have attained it? The cognate letter in Ge'ez and descended Semitic languages of Ethiopia is nehas, which also means "brass".

In the Eastern traditions, especially in India, the mythic image of the eternal return still resonates in the hearts of the people. Here are the connections we’re making: the symbolism of the serpent or snake, the garden and tree with its fruit, and briefly, the moon. That is the meaning of the Virgin Birth.

This whole round of birth, death, and regeneration was the source of life for these people. To put it in the words of the Biblical God himself, to take a bite from the other tree would mean to “live forever”. Nothing happened. For now, remember what I said earlier about the symbolism of the snake and its association with rebirth. Early humans didn’t have anything like biology to explain the snake. In this one little grave, then, we have several prominent symbols of the idea of rebirth and regeneration: the direction the child faces, the positioning along east-west gradient, the labyrinth, the bird, and the snakes. amzn_assoc_region = "US"; It is outside of time. Jung, a man dedicated to unlocking the mysteries of the human soul. And to say it yet again, in all other garden mythologies the serpent was a divine messenger and healing principle. And the world only comes into being when man notices it.

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