Taking a quick look, the signal to your modem is not within spec which will cause intermittent connectivity.

This happens on IPv4 and IPv6, even with pretty much no load on the connection, at all hours. The exact same Arris XB6 modem on the 150 speed was perfectly happy and fine before the network upgrade. Some of it might be stemming from old inadequate wiring in older buildings as well. This seems to be a common issue for many users. Did you power-cycle the XB6 when you did these ? If anyone has significant problems I suggest reaching out around that hardware! ©2020 Shaw Communications.

0 Kudos All rights reserved. Do I need a technician to come out, or is this something Xfinity could resolve on the phone? I've spoken with Chat Support and they have run tests and say everything is fine from their side. Yes, that was one of the issues I was having. And then I power cycled at least twice more. As it turns out, the Chipset of the original Arris XB6 Modem struggled with games in many capacities. I'm wondering if Shaw is throttling my downloads - but they say they don't that. I could not connect to the internet. With DOCSIS ® 3.0 & 3.1 options, SURFboard ® Wi-Fi cable modems are perfect for binge streaming 4K Ultra-HD video, virtual reality gaming and smart home connectivity. I put the XB6 into Bridge Mode and then went through the setup process with Orbi. … However, you will miss out on the full suite of Xfinity services. I do not understand networking well enough to troubleshoot this much further than 'Connection Troubleshooting' via Shaw's website, and I have followed those steps to no avail.

Yes, that is part of the instructions to install the Orbi. I put the XB6 into Bridge Mode and then went through the setup process with Orbi. The other was that I wasn't getting internet from either of the ports. If you are in an older building, the older wiring can certainly cause this. When I got to the screen in the Orbi app where Orbi looks for an internet connection, it said it wasn't receiving one. Im on 600Mbs and i get 200Mbs wirelessly now. It's horrible. Unfortunately I still have the same issues. I've seen a few other threads here where a similar problem has been reported. More Buying Choices $399.99 (1 used offer) Amazon's Choice for xb6 modem. What's strange is that Xfinity's own support article on how to enable Bridge Mode says you can plug your router into either Ethernet port after enabling it. There are no issues with signal strength or anything as far as anyone from Shaw's end could determine, but these disconnects continue. I called Xfinity and the girl had no clue what i was telling her, how i wanted to use my own router and that it had its own DHCP server built-in so i wanted to only use bridge mode on the XB6 for unlimited data. The new technicolor chipset in the modem I've just received seemed to resolve a lot of issues. I called Netgear support and they had me connect my laptop directly to the XB6. So you think the left jack might be the answer? I didn't even think to try the left. D-link pods and arris xb6 slowing down wifi Blue Curve GateWay (Arris XB6) Non Stop Problems It's very frustrating because I had my own brand new Arris 3.1 modem with new velop 6600 system and do not want to broadcast Xfinity.

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