Yet through this government agency lies a dark conspiracy, one which mysteriously surrounds the brain waves of the school girl, Athena Asamiya. Reviewers praised the high-quality graphics and videos, and highlighted the dinosaurs as looking very good. An esper, Athena is a descendant of Princess Athena from the earlier Athena game. Her stance was loosely based on Luihebafa. "[72] Power Up Bits criticized Athena's voice actress from XIV to the point of wishing her to be mute in the game. On the other hand, she can be a bit of a crybaby who is sometimes too scared to fight in the face of danger. THE KING OF FIGHTERS XI 3:27, 04 Stage 1 Forest [Athena Full Throttle] 1:26, 05 Stage 2 Candy [Athena Full Throttle] 1:20, 06 Stage 3 Underwater [Athena Full Throttle] 2:02, 07 Stage 4 Plateau [Athena Full Throttle] 0:55, 08 Stage 5 Sky [Athena Full Throttle] 1:12, 09 Stage 6 Ruins [Athena Full Throttle] 1:55, 10 Stage 7 Castle [Athena Full Throttle] 1:30, 13 Conversation [Athena Full Throttle] 0:43, 25 Psycho Soldier Theme [ATHENA ON STAGE] 1:28, 29 Forest World [Athena (Famicom Ed.)] Though she has her doubts with her master's methods, she wearily agrees to join the tournaments in this saga to treat Bao and Kensou's predicament. [32] Athena, Kensou and Bao are also present in two Game Boy Advance games The King of Fighters EX: Neo Blood and The King of Fighters EX2: Howling Blood. 0:08, 38 Forest World [Athena (Arcade Ed.)] The staff from the series has been requested by fans to return her Japanese school uniform in several games, but they only made her wear it only in her introductions as they thought it would not be well received by gamers from other countries. Nevertheless, the character also received negative criticism. During her appearance in The King of Fighters games she would very briefly appear in a sailor Fuku.'s game information and ROM (ISO) download page for Athena - Awakening from the Ordinary Life (Japan) (Disc 3) (Sony Playstation). The opening video is pretty hilarious at least, since it features some really bad English voice acting (upon finding the relic underground, one scientist exclaims “Is it…human?” and another, male scientist yammers, “Yes, it is! Yoshihiro Sannomiya - a curt, by-the-book man who is Athena's teacher at school. Athena: Awakening from the Ordinary Life is a 3D RPG game developed by Yumekobo released in March 1999 for the Playstation. Even with three compact discs, he had gotten to disc two after only 40 minutes of gameplay.

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