This might just be the perfect long range rifle scope! First off I will admit to being a bit old-fashioned and so I equate a nice heft to a product with quality and the Cronus BTR feels suitably weighty without being too heavy. Versand. He used it all year in matches with no problems. UA typically offers Athlon at a very competitive price, It certainly competes with scopes that are 1000$ more expensive! Nach einer Recherche im Internet war ich mir dann sicher. You must be logged in to reply to this topic. What's up with MARCH and DELTA STRYKER with their NON LIFETIME WARRANTIES??? Without getting a heart attack… Yo! 100% made in the USA BABY!!!!!!!! ( Log Out /  Almost had a heart attack even WITH the $400 off. Maybe look at the 4.5-30 FFP Delta Stryker at edgun west. I had read quite a lot about Athlon on US forums and people seemed very impressed – particularly so by their top-of-the-line Cronus BTR – and I figured that this ‘Made in Japan’ 4.5-29×56 scope in Mils would work just nicely for me. My JAPAN Bushnell Elite TAC 4.5-30x50 is already shaking in fear of being replaced now. 16% MwSt. CRONUS 10x50 UHD - Entfernungsmesser - CRONUS 10x50 LRF! ( Log Out /  In the end if I miscount it's me not concentrating rather than any issue detecting less prominent clicks on the turret. What's the best price for Athlon Cronus BTR? Auch in der Dunkelheit. Every bit as good as the Athlon (better glass according to some reviews) and looks to be around $200 cheaper at edgun west. Fake Leupold Mk4's Reviewed - Junk or ........ ? After examining the scope and doing the obligatory spinning the turrets that we all do I mounted the scope on my test mule and headed out to do some glassing and shooting. I have been using Tacticle scopes for years and with all the expensive scopes on the market, new technology and features, the minute I hear that quality is flawed I shy away from that brand. ( Log Out /  The Athlon Cronus BTR, initial feelings, thoughts and observations. The Cronus BTR Zero Stop (ZS) is accessed simply by removing the cap and then three small screws can be loosened to set the stop. Yes, this is a minor quibble ( and one that is shared by my NF ATACR as it happens ) but cosmetics are important and to some they are very important. Lieferzeit: 2 Wochen Versandgewicht: 2 kg je Stück 2.221,55 EUR Lieferzeit: 2 Wochen inkl. Another option that i strongly considered was a used Bushnell DMR II Pro. However I'm comparing a mk5hd 3.6-18x44 to a xtr3 3.3-18x50. Aber dieses Glas ist von der haptik wie von der Lichtleistung und Motorik das Beste. That's like the cost of another LCS SK19 which believe it or not I still haven't put a permanent scope onto… YET… Yo! I am also a bang for the buck kind of guy as I work hard and when I spend money I want the most I can get for it. the authority for high quality gunsmithing and shooting discussion. Ideally, I was looking for something that fell between the price points of the Vortex PST II and the Vortex Razor II ( which, in Canada, means somewhere between C$1500 and C$3500 ) and like everyone else out there I wanted the features and glass to be nearer the latter than the former ! Lieferzeit: 2 Wochen Versandgewicht: 1 kg je Stück 876,34 EUR Lieferzeit: 2 Wochen inkl. It didn’t come with a sun shade or caps which was a little disappointing but provides me the opportunity to buy the caps I want. Tested both the Athlon Cronus and the Delta Stryker and ended up buying the Delta and then a second one. - CRONUS BTR 4.5-29X56 - Erste Bildebene - 34mm Mittelrohr - 0.1Mil (1 Zentimeter-Klicks) - in taktischem Braun! 16% MwSt. Without getting a heart attack... Yo! It had great glass, I liked the reticle, and it had few faults, mainly the turret feel. I didn’t want another Alpha-Priced purchase so close to Christmas. Mmmm, somehow during this simple process one or all of the three couldn’t be loosened and so I couldn’t operate the ZS – a call to Scott was followed by a call from Jason at Athlon who, after I described the problem, immediately sent a new scope out to Scott and onward to me. It's the oring in the cronus and delta turrets that make them a little 'softer' feeling and sounding than those on say a sightron S3 or the Razor. If you go with a Cronus keep in mind that the average used price is around $1200, which is a steal IMO. Come on Athlon, even Bushnell include some scope caps. The scope is held in place better with foam. Of course, glass is only one part of the package – honestly, if glass was the only important thing we would all simply buy S+B PMII’s and be done with it – but in using the Cronus BTR on my test mule I found nothing not to like. Bitte klicken Sie auf den Link für eine detaillierte Absehenserklärung: APRS first focal plane illuminated MIL reticle. The system allows you to lock down your zero position and dial back to it with a sharp and precise stop right at your zero mark even you are turning it in pitch-dark or blind folded. 10 Sterne! The packaging is very impressive and looks very cool. Sie haben noch keine Artikel in Ihrem Warenkorb. I love target shooting and the personal protection that firearms provide. I wouldn't trust them not to get moved if you were carrying the rifle slinged to your back or if the scope brushed against something enough to move them. Das hochpräzise Vergrößerungssystem wird mit einer Präzisions-CNC-Maschine mit einem Toleranzniveau von +/- 0,0001 mm verarbeitet, so dass Sie die genauesten Leistungseinstellungen und die geringste Vergrößerungsänderung erzielen. Out of stock ok just looking for best LEGIT price and place dont need one right away but maybe a little later… Yo! The fast focus eye piece is fast. This guy bought a Cronus BTR and had used it for a few years. Wow that's an eye opener and yup looks like Bushnell already dropped the ball while others run right past. My Cronus BTR arrived from Red Star Target securely packed in a box with a sunshade ( an extra cost ) a cleaning cloth and an owners manual that is properly written in a version of the English language understandable by all but the chronically unschooled. Die einteilige Konstruktion schützt ebenso besser gegen Eindringen von Feuchtigkeit. I've heard incredible things about this Athlon even possibly being better than my fave (Bushnell). Yo! Vielen Dank dazu noch für den Super Service von den Jungs. I have a Cronus BTR. It’s great glass and doesn’t disappoint. He had a new rifle built last year and got what some consider the best of the best in tactical scopes which was a ZCO 5-27. - CRONUS 15x56! - Beleuchtet in 4 Stufen - das Long … Out of stock ok just looking for best LEGIT price and place dont need one right away but maybe a little later... Yo! Great article, you had me up and until you had to return the scope to Athlon because of the Zero Stop problem. Ich wollte unbedingt ein Glas der Oberklasse und war hier erst skeptisch, da man ja noch nicht so viel darüber gehört hat. That comment is about the appearance of the turrets and a lack of locking turrets. Best place with the best price? Dieses Cronus BTR 4.5-29 × 56 Modell verfügt über das Absehen „APRS“, ein beleuchtetes MIL-Absehen in der ersten Bildebene. Your email address will not be published. LIFETIME WARRANTY; WHERE TO BUY ; CONTACT US; SHOP GEAR ATHLON UPRISING BLOG; FACEBOOK; INSTAGRAM; PROSTAFF TEAM; GUIDES AND OUTFITTERS; MILITARY AND LEO; RETAIL ASSOCIATES; BINOCULARS. It had never let him down and it ended up on his Vudoo 22rf trainer which he uses in NRL22. I have played with, fondled, turned, pulled, pushed, twisted and looked through many other scopes numerous times. This guy bought a Cronus BTR and had used it for a few years. I haven't found issues with either type of turret myself although I don't much like noisy turrets and don't count clicks by sound. Features: Extra-Low Dispersion Glass, FFP, Advanced Fully Multi-coated, True Zero Stop, Illuminated Reticle, 34mm Tube, 10MIL/25MOA Travel-Per-Rotation Turrets. Reviews & articles for shooting sport enthusiasts. You must log in or register to reply here. Beschlagsicher, gegen das Beschlagen von Glas bei Kälte und Wärme. Versand. You get a lot of scope for the money with the Cronus BTR,it'll compare well to scopes costing a lot more. But they were still more money and I just couldn’t bring myself to spend more when the Athlon was staring me in the face. Good heft but not too much. The turrets remind me of a BMW interior. A DATA-DRIVEN Approach to Precision Rifles, Optics & Gear, The Athlon Cronus BTR – Exceeding Expectations, which may have even been my fault forgetting my clockwise from counter-clockwise, Getting Started in F-Class – Target Shooter Magazine (UK), Advanced Fully Multi-Coated lenses gives you better light transmission to bring optimum brightness and true color across the entire light spectrum. The Athlon Cronus BTR - Exceeding Expectations, Magnification – an excellent and useable range and the mag ring moves with just the right amount of pressure ( and it has a high spot like a built-in mini throw lever ). I have both. Overall, I like it – it is a good balance. The numbering could be bigger but I am kinda picky like that. Das Beste ist einfach besser geworden! Bottom line for me is this scope seems to be the best bang for my buck I have spent on a scope. The Stryker - I hate numbers right off the vertical crosshair when I'm holding over/off so it's a nogo for me, but at least they put .2's in the vertical crosshair so that's a plus. Mit den gleichen Qualitätsmerkmalen der Cronus-Linie bekam das neue Cronus BTR nochmals einen Feinschliff! My JAPAN Bushnell Elite TAC 4.5-30×50 is already shaking in fear of being replaced now. The packaging is very impressive and looks very cool. Extra-Low Dispersion glass gives you an image with little or no chromatic fringe for an ultimate clearest and sharpest image. JavaScript is disabled. The ZCO had a problem so he had to send it back. How much better to deal with a genuine gun guy than it is to deal with a salesman who will happily bullshit about anything just to make a sale. The Stryker – I hate numbers right off the vertical crosshair when I'm holding over/off so it's a nogo for me, but at least they put .2's in the vertical crosshair so that's a plus. I also have a few mk5hd 5-25x56. Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. I really like the reticle's that Athlon offers. Das 6061T6 Flugzeug-Klassen-Aluminiumrohr, das außergewöhnliche Stärke und überlegene mechanische Eigenschaften hat , schützt diese „World Class“ Optik! In den Warenkorb TOP. - Entfernungsmesser bis 1830m (2000y)! Internet war ich mir dann sicher. Probably not the best scope in the world but so far I haven't found any other scope as good as this one for a comparable price. Yo, when you get ready to buy contact me. Sonnenblende / Glasverlängerung für Cronus... Widerrufsrecht & Muster-Widerrufsformular. It does however have one feature which I – and many others – think really important – zero stop.

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