DMG -10% for 10 seconds for nearby enemies. Dark skill act Destruction, to let the first part of Razor wind enjoy it. Learn how best to disperse the impact of enemies' blows, gaining a sizable increase in your defense. Slash wildly with your Dual Blades, somersault, then channel energy through your Sword & Shield to unleash a devastating shock that drains the enemy's health to restore your own. For shuri, it fine. 5. yumikaze isn't f2p friendly compared to cyril but this idea isn't wrong. Train to protect yourself from harm, slightly increasing your defense. 2. The money 6*2/6 is probably +20 all. Priority: Dry bone(case: if need -def) > Crimson Thirst(case: if less than 2 chakras)> Razor wind> Toss> Shuriken Storm > Smite >Blood Corruption. Second, eido's ult is not important, it barely deals any damage, has a long cooldown and you only use it to dodge stuff so it's pretty much whatever. Delve deeply into monster psychology and observe them in the wild, gaining a sizable increase in your evasion. But if you are going to combat in a long period time, you will be attacked, no combo skill is dangerous. For improving this guide, I like to here feedback, but bring the reason plz. share. Summons heavenly thunder to stun and deal massive electric damage to targets. Stun. Deep insight into the delicate nuances of the Great Fireball has massively increased its damage and effective radius. The Fireball enjoy the Destruction, assume you have the class potion, you should have 27% primary weapon dmg: I don't even want to calculate the Charge Smite. Shinobi is a range and melee class who wields Shuriken as their weapon of choice. Long hours of intensive practice of Windfury has dramatically increased its damage output and lowered its cooldown. Stun 4s, 3*combo=6s. c, Tooth+Delfonia= For Malice or the targets cannot be -def. An Aura Kingdom website with information on items, npcs, zones, eidolons, cards, crafts, achievements, titles, skill calculator, timers, and more! Unleash a flurry of kicks and slashes with the katars, then channel all your power into a massive overhead axe smash. Comprehend the essence of wielding your weapon, increasing attack speed and decreasing skill cooldown time. save hide report. It depends on your eido wish and achiev. 3 comments Strive for excellence as a master of Great Axes, shocking enemies into submission with brutal strikes. Best sub class is Shinobi. Use your familiarity with fighting monsters to your advantage. Crit Damage+10% when equipped with a Great Axe Yumi and Cylil are pretty much the same tbh. Pore over magical Staff tomes, significantly increasing Crit Damage. I'm confused here a little. Use your power to transform your staff into a powerful blade, then slash at your enemies, inflicting a powerful stun effect. Become comfortable with your weapon, increasing attack speed and decreasing skill cooldown time. Worse than I just posting "Showing Off" videos. 8 dmg dealt ≈ 14 storm skill. Crit Damage+15% when equipped with a Great Axe Ravager Studies 2 Pore over Great Axe techniques manuals, significantly increasing Crit Damage. Only advantages of shuri's 95 is higher stats. The function is just like cdr. Edit. If you wanna make a video to show nuke. 100% Upvoted., All Lords+ Arcane + Tooth + Time code + 2 orange weapon. Don’t have an account yet? Researching meteorological phenomena and climate patterns enhances your ability to guide the flow of air currents. Knock down the enemy with your Shield, followed by a spinning thunder cut from your Sword, a leap, then a dive with Dual Blades outstretched, dealing great damage and generating malice. That combo, the first Wind with not red chakras. 3 comments They are not expensive, if you make them by urself. Learn monsters' weak points, making you more likely to land a critical strike. c) no spd. #2. If you change Envoy and Masteries, 100% in 12f is possible. 3. Left for long period: 3 or more Razor wind. 1. :O. There are some boss receive no dmg at the begging in Eternia Library. At that point, there will be another spot for focusing on Yumikaze. If you don't pay money, don't pay your time, and don't use your intelligence, nobody can save you. Most of them are useless. 4s: Razor Wind, Dry bone, Toss, Razor Wind. I've not been using them for this reason, so if what you're saying is true I need to change my envoy. Practice your Sword and Shield stances, significantly increasing your Crit Rate. Study Great Axe chops, slightly increasing Crit Damage. Study Shuriken skills more closely. Magic bottom has more crit, but less dmg and dmg dealt and crt dmg to boss. Release a furious howl that shakes enemies to their bones, making them less effective in battle. Know where to hit enemies in order to make them drop their valuables, significantly increasing loot drop rate. I pursue the purest Shuriken technique, with which I can slay any enemy with a single, explosive strike! 3, Bow: Similar idea with bard, but cd is longer, and no move spd:(. Wizard: Skills: Envoy's Path: ... Gunslinger • Grenadier • Ranger • Shinobi • Guitar: Magic: Wizard • Sorcerer • Bard • Reaper • Lancer: ... Aura Kingdom Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community.

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