Vatican rewatechnology Tajikistan It can be clearly seen the laser separating machine’s advantages and disadvantages from the table. Dominica The laser machine can be widely used in bezel and back glass separating and glass/metal back marking with stable running and long service life. Gabon LuciaSt. Caribbean Netherlands Malawi Chile Will you choose this machine to finish your broken back glass separation? Equatorial Guinea Thanks. Puerto Rico Denmark And the back glass is fragile and extremely difficult to repair. Netherlands Antilles Don't need USB hard drive, operation software and screen files can be download from online page. Armenia For iPhone X, iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone 8, the biggest difference from its previous generation is that both the front and back cover are glass. Mexico If it’s damaged, you’re in for a nasty surprise: The most expensive smartphone on the market is also the most costly to repair. REWA also provide the repair parts with affordable prices. Botswana Cocos (Keeling) Islands Tanzania Buy Now. Lesotho India Mayotte Price in reward points: 145000. Like replace with an iPhone 8 Plus mold to separate the iPhone 8 Plus back glass with the machine. Belgium Democratic Republic of the Congo Zimbabwe, Please Select Solomon Islands Basic Version Back Glass Housing Separator Laser Marking Equipment Set - OEM NEW. Bouvet Island Cape Verde Western Sahara Georgia Togo France Ghana Christmas Island Macedonia Please enable JavaScript to experience Vimeo in all of its glory. Although Apple says the iPhone 8 has “the most durable glass ever used in a smartphone,” However, it’s glass, after all, you know, glass, which is prone not only to shattering, but also scratching and other light damage over time. South Korea Micronesia Serbia Finland Tokelau Myanmar Ukraine iPhone X Back Glass Replacement, Hi I already own a laser machine so can I just buy the .ezd files for phones. Email:, iPhone X/8 Plus/8 Back Glass Separating with Laser Machine, How to Fix iPhone X Won’t Turn on With Logic Board Repair, iPhone X OLED Screen Total Teardown Analysis, How to Restore iPhone Touch ID With Home Button Flex Reparing, REWA Solution for iPhone 8/8P Aftermarket Screen Touch Function Failed on iOS 11.3, Apple Kills iPhone 8/8P/X Light Sensor function Repaired by Third Party, Quick Solution – iPhone 8 Back Glass Repair, iPhone 8 Broken LCD Screen Refurbishing – Glass Only Repair, iPhone 7 Plus Memory Upgrading On iOS 11 – 32 GB To 256 GB, iPhone 7 Black Screen Repair – Logic Board Solution, How to Fix The iPhone Frozen Screen Issue, How To Repair iPhone 7 Touch Screen Not Working, Integrated iPhone Parts Testing Kit For iPhone 7 Series, Qualified Alternative – REWA iPhone 7 TM Screen, iPhone 7 Plus Broken Screen Refurbishing – First Look, iPhone 6 No Service Hardware Fix Solution, iPhone Water Damage Repair – Ultrasonic Applied, iPad Air Touch Screen Partially Unresponsive Repair, iPad Touch Screen Home Button Assembling Tutorial, Replacements For iPad Touch Screen Quality Control & Packing Process, iPad Air 2 Glass Only Replacement – First Look, Chip Level Motherboard Repair Service – For iPhone & iPad, iPad Touch Screen Digitizer Testing Procedures, Small Parts Installation on Samsung Front Bezel, Samsung Galaxy S8 speaker sound not working, MacBook Air Won’t Turn On Troubleshooting. Apple charges 300 to 600 dollars to replace the glass back on their new iPhones. Gibraltar Automatic focusing without measuring the focal by ruler, easy and universal for separating all kind of phones. New iPhone Back Glass Replacement Related Products, Please Click: New Laser Machine - The World's First Blue Light Laser Separation machine for Back Glass/Frame/Bezel Separate iPhone Back Glass Replacement Solution Video Show Highlights 20W Powerful Fiber Laser Separating Machine Features: 1. Skype: rewatech South Africa Welcome to leave your comment below. Jamaica Qatar Egypt Kazakhstan Albania Croatia iPhone 8 Back Glass Replacement Austria Norfolk Island The back glass is connected to the iPhone X’s housing with both glue and tiny welds, meaning there’s unlikely to be a simple way of removing and replacing it anytime soon. Hi, I would like to ask how much this machine cost and how much shipping cost to Austria and whether it works on iPhone xs, xs Max, xr HelenaSt. Is that deserve? Skype: support-rewatech Guatemala Saint Kitts And Nevis Saudi Arabia New Caledonia Brunei Darussalam Slovakia South Georgia and South Sandwich Islands Guinea Senegal

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