Thank you to everyone who suggested names for the donkey – we are still choosing… but here they all are: Hey we did for my mini donkey Mini and so if you ever get another I suggest Mini, Lol i love that name.I have watched the movie Matilda and it is super good. September 24, 2013 at 1:48 am . Animals like horses and donkeys have the same appearance with Mules. The joke is the word used for donkey a while ago was wild ass and so as you can see... well you get the rest. What a hot bad-ass … My horse is called coco and he is a skewbald witch is brown n white if u did not know😊. Powerpuff girl— Best bad ass name for the girls; MycigarwlkillU— Haaah! I thought that it was uberkool until I realised its sorta mean. I think if the name was jack attack at the top it would rock. I love this name from Shrek. I love it thx, so awesome!! So if you have a new mule and want to give a name. Facts to Reveal Truth, 142+ Draft Horse Names for your Giant Breed, 11 Best Fertilizer for Horse Pasture – 2020 Reviews. A character from movie ”Gus”.A movie based on mules and American football team for the production of underdog comedy scenes. Dominick used in a song by Italian-American singer Lou Monte. These top 10 names are the most commonly used names for mules on the farm. : /, This shows the love every donkey deserves. Mule Names selection is easy as compared to donkey or horse. -Kloey This list can be repeated from your selection or a brilliant ideas list. 😝. Also, one is expecting. Potato :) Come on its great.. A awesome name for a girl or boy that is super cute. !my little donkey's name is nester :):) this name should be number 1! ~Minur the Donkey, Burrito means "little donkey", that is awesome. Consider this name selection. Here are the main entry and the three earliest occurrences identified for the adjective form: bad-ass or bad-assed adj. So I thought it was clever. Here are three tips for name selection. We named ours this because then he's Donkey Odie. i have a donkey called fiona and she is going to have a baby donkey and i do not no wat to call it. 😍😍😍. I love this name because its my cousins name. That's a human name it's not cute enough for me. lol super cool idea i would have even though of it. He will follow us wherever we go, but when we attach a rope to hime, he will not move. It is a tiny story with very less budget. Horse and donkey names can work best for mules. Most of the mules are brown and black in colour. Mine is spelled Pancho (as in Pancho and Lefty - the Merle Haggard and Willie Nelson collaboration). I might use it for my new donkey too! very cute and from my favorite movie.Baby RIO didnt make it. Hi, I am Waqar and active in the horse world since 2012. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. the assclown's ma's name. Perhaps Shortbread or Shortcake maybe? bravo. because my donkey is called it and he loves his new name and i think its cute, I love the name coco! If you are looking for the best creature in the Equine family, consider mules. Actual Purpose of blog is to provide collection of horse names and gear reviews. We wanted an old fashioned name for our 11 month old mini we bought last week. Here are some fun ideas. Picking up my 6 month old female donkey, and I'm gonna call her Winnie!!! Aww cute! I agree this is more of a humans name or a horse. The following names from mythology and literature all feature strong, powerful horses for you to name your foal, mare, stallion, or gelding. I named her Satellite for her big ears - but shortened it to Sadie. That is a fictional character from Columbian coffee. They are less stubborn and more intelligent than donkeys. So I thought it was clever. They are offspring of a male donkey and a female horse. There is white freckles all over the top of his back and it looks like he is covered with salt! great name, my dog is called nacho that would be cute nacho and taco best friends forever lol. -Or Khloe. Take ideas from food, environment and every catchy thing around you. Laid2rest— Do that and prove that you are right choice for the name. Character if funny and some times a supporting with the hero. Catastrophic fusion— It is a straightforward bad-ass Gamertag. It became more popular as the nickname of Waylon Jennings Junior, the husband of Drea DeMatteo. We haven’t named our Donkey yet and thought we had better wait until he has been neutered before we name him. We’ve published articles, tools and even quizzes to help pet parent find that perfect name. every day! The earliest bad-ass. In this movie, mule helps his football team to win the game. this name should be number 1! Love this name. A simple yet effective classic. We have a Nester ( the long-earred donkey!!!!) This catchy name is very common for female horses. They can live up to 50 years. Role of a mule in this movie is very appreciating. It's the name of a Nickelodeon cartoon. Shiloh is my bay roam quarter horse's name!!! Drop your favourite mule name in the comment section. LOVE IT!!! And so is my new baby donkey! my sister has a teddy of eyore the donkey from winnie the poo, This is what I am naming my stuffed donkey. I like the name, it is pretty and super cute. For female donkeys, since they're called Jenny's! i lovethis name pebbles it just sounds so cut, I think it's okay,I used it on my grandpa's donkey when he couldn't find any names.Thanks for the name!It also helped me find names on the new game that I always play. Hot chic— A bad-ass name for the sexy female players. Its simple yet effective. Mule can be of different colours like brown, golden, grey or any other colour. I will call her Tilly at times. I love this name soooo much i am so using it right away for my new born donkey that is black and white. Mule deserves cute names but badass or funny names selection depends on the owner of a mule. Why would you call your donkey taco??? That is my mini Jenny's name....get it Mini Pearl !! Too late I know – but Modestine was the donkey that Robert Louis Stevenson used Except for our dogs, he is very friendly and even lets the younger kids sit on his back. Waffles. if you have some ideas. thank you and i luv the idea with Dorothy so old fashioned right now, This is cute and you could call it tangy for short, I love this name and I want to use it on the new stables donkey and his mums called clementine. Hi We all love to Write about Equine Health , Care and Accessories requirement. Donkey – Shrek’s companion in the famous animated franchise is a donkey, called Donkey! Top 10 Donkey Pet Names are especially marked. I agree. Because from the movie Shrek, Donkey wanted waffles. Black names will be perfect for a black mule. Manjushri appeared in Tibetian film. It is easy to call and catchy in sound. Just got … Animals like horses and donkeys have the same appearance with Mules. Consider this name if the best fit for your lovely four-legged friends. Mule deserves cute names but badass or funny names selection depends on the owner of a mule. awwwwwwwwwwww this name is sooooooooooo cute ive gotta name my donkey this!!! Mule starts with ”M” and that is natural favour about first letter names. Added 9 years ago by guest, 4 points . Jet is the second most common name in the list. His old name was knight, but fizzle suits him better. They'd make more sense ;), makes me hugery :) lol dont eat the donkey, I named my rabbit snickers. Look around your surroundings and make a list of things starting with M.These names are easy to remember. I have MSc (Hons) in Agriculture from the University of Agriculture Faisalabad. Of shriek but I changed it!!!!! I'm going to be using this one in my next book too. i just got him today!!! I love to solve equine health care issues and note down in the form of research papers. Mules are cute Equidae family members. Sally is a nice name but it sound like there is a million Sallies. The way they say it in the movie is priceless too. Come on get more creative and different! King: King is a name filled with offbeat style and rich association. Eeyore is basically a horse but this name is the best fit for cute mules. Love it!!! "-ito"= awesumness Molly gives the sound of a mule. I hate it.😈😈, Olive is the sweetest name of all. !my little donkey's name is nester :):) The names are just super random and don’t make sense most of the time. These mule names are collected from different resources. I don't have any of them yet, but they are coming this month, so I need some names. These names come from Merle Haggard and Willie Nelson's Pancho and Lefty song, or Pancho Villa (Mexican military leader). Character refers to cute Dominick donkey that never kicks. Mule naming ideas are your surroundings. They are actually intelligent and wise animals but cute names can add beauty in his name. male donkeys are called Jacks so naming a Jack Jack is Just weird. Because from the movie Shrek, Donkey wanted waffles. she was a good woman, SHE IS A BEAUTIFUL BLUE GRAY COLOR WITH SPOTS, becase you have no girl names and thier should be names for girl donkeys that is what mine is, Pickle and Peanut ('cos he's a mini donkey). if you register you don't have to solve math problems. Consider Fellow Animals. :). John Wayne film Rio Bravo. Bob works to, INDIAN NAME FOR BUFFALO SHE PUSHES YOU LIKE A TONKA TRUCK. This is a asome name pearl sounds so butyful! Just had twin donkeys! From providing dairy to the industry or beef for processing, these best cattle farm ranch names are just some examples of places that focus on encouraging quality with their products. He does not talk to his friends but always think about the past and future. so preety we are going to name our donkey that maybe. We hope this list of funny horse names made you laugh, or even roll your eyes at the very least! Shooter is a trendy, badass name for baby boys. At least try, My burros name is Sally. im so using this name for my new donkey!! Even Julian Schnabel used for his newborn son. but for a human :), I play howrse and my first donkey was named Burro, the robot from hitchhiker's guide to the galaxy, "im so depressed", If she is younger and i hipper i would name her MIMI. I have written hundreds of equine health care, accessories, names, and history-related blogs. Hoping to hear from you in the near future. I think it's cute too! Mules are harder and eat less than horses. It is easy to select mule names. They are same in colour and body appearance. I'm gonna call my baby donkey that!!! he hangs with a camel and eats ice cream all day - RAD!!!! According the Random House Historical Dictionary of American Slang (1994), the word bad-ass is attested first as an adjective (1955), then as a noun (1956), and then as a verb (1974–1977). That is technically not a film but an award-winning series of animation. There are lots of options online for a clan name generator. Brill!! Top Endangered Animals - previous toplist, Click on up and down arrows to affect item's ranking, I have 3 donkeys named ginger, tucker, and poncho we are geting a new donkey and we don`t know what to call her. My Pet’s Name is dedicated to finding the perfect name for your pet – dogs, cats, horses, chickens, lizards and more, we’ve got the perfect names. Tanks, like many military vehicles, tend to have names which contain a code part and a regular part, like the M1 Abrams and the Panzer 58. i don't get it, can someone explain the joke? Only a few repetitions – a great range of funny, cute, silly and well thought out names. You can select brown horse names for your brown mule. i need that name!!! Cattle farms are an important part of American life. It means "symbol of peace.". This is so genuine!! The best and main character in Hundred Acre Wood. ShareRanks is about ranking things that are top, most, greatest, or even worst in all categories. Put a carrot in the mouth looks like a stogie, I think it's such a cute name for a little donkey. But it could work for a donkey with more than one or two colors. I'm using this name in my next book. Serously dudes, think about it. I have a old donkey called gypsy and she loves her name soooooooooo much, U already Said that one.

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