Here are some kit recommendations: Of course, you can find equivalents depending on your specific requirements by searching online. If you are to use such a device, therefore, be certain that it is very tight-fitting or weigh it down with some heavy books. That will be everything you need to get set up for your first Ball Python’s enclosure. It’s far easier to manage than buying a new live mouse each week. It has a unique front window, and the full metal screen for top ventilation along with … They spend much of their time in the burrows of other animals – rodents, in particular. The full glass terrarium is ideal for pet ball pythons and frogs and other reptiles. Hagen Exo Terra Rainforest Habitat. Don’t be alarmed if your BP rejects food during this time. They allow for a customizable backdrop to give your snake peace of mind. If you plan on breeding snakes, you will need a number of smaller, temporary holding tanks, for your hatchlings. They are designed to accommodate heating devices. 2. In case you’re new to Ball Pythons (or snakes in general!) Ball Pythons are a rather “thick” snake, and have a good size girth. Do all snakes lay eggs? Lou has always been fascinated by all types of snakes and reptiles. To ensure proper Ball Python Care, be wary of handling your snakes during the following times: My brother loves reptiles and since he is now living alone, he would like to get a snake as a pet. Use a substrate that promotes humidity (more on this below), and make sure it is 3’’ deep. Getting the proper substrate (fancy word for bedding) is key to a happy Ball Python. They enjoy drinking it, soaking in it, and they also enjoy the humidity emitted from the water bowl it self. Try not to go any smaller than that, because you’ll run the risk of underfeeding your snake. Too high or too low, and your snake is prone to respiratory infections. However, they are relatively heavy, and can be difficult to move around (especially large ones!). A Ball Python enclosure is very easy to maintain. You should only embark on this adventure if you are absolutely sure you are ready! A 3’’ deep, humidity-retaining substrate, such as aspen, cypress or coconut, A thermal gradient, achieved using a UTH or heat mat, or alternatives, A PPH (pulse proportional thermostat) to use in conjunction with the above, A hygrometer to monitor humidity (keep above 50%). Why does my snake keep climbing to the top of his cage, and wedging himself in the space between the lid and the terrarium walls (He cant get out but theres a little ledge for him to squeeze into) And he will fall to the bottom of his cage but he keeps doing … As a material, glass is durable and easy to clean. While Ball Pythons are typically less temperamental than other breeds, they are still wild animals. Once you establish trust with the reptile, they will remember you and be more willing to be handled. Ball pythons can grow to be quite large – as long as 48 inches (4 ft) – so you will need a relatively large enclosure. Also great for burrowing and humidity retention, cypress is a solid alternative to aspen. If your snake knocks over its water bowl, remove the sodden substrate and refill the bowl immediately. However, for the most part, snakes do not require it, as the majority of species are nocturnal. Then, rinse the enclosure thoroughly with clean water, and allow it to dry completely before replacing everything. Commercially manufactured plastic cages are often lightweight and feature front-opening doors. The right terrarium is key to ensuring the proper Ball Python care. It may cost extra, but you get what you pay for! Requires modification to make it comfortable and safe. The first thing to note is that while snake husbandry is not particularly challenging, snakes do require regular attention. But of course, there are many more. They appreciate and utilize hide spots on a regular basis, and will likely become distressed without one! Note: enclosure = vivarium. Additionally, keep an eye out for any treated bedding or substrate that has been processed with chemicals. But as long as you watch out for that, you shouldn’t have any problems. Do not disregard advice from a professional veterinarian because of something you read here. Vote for BP.Net for the 2013 Forum of the Year! Frozen mice are far more manageable than live ones. Heavy, so it can make for a cumbersome vivarium. #3 Repiterra Large Wooden Reptile Vivarium. Consequently, it’s best to change your Ball Python’s bedding every 1-2 months. Spot cleaning is like what you do at home if you spill some pasta sauce, or if someone runs in with muddy shoes. (Jumping spider facts and lifespan), 8 AMAZING jumping spiders types you can get as pets, Are jumping spiders friendly or harmful to us? A full clean, or deep clean, is exactly what it sounds like—a complete tear-down of the vivarium.

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