Fax: (407) 251-0023, Here’s what you need to know to vote in Florida: Polls are open tomorrow, Tuesday, Nov 3 from 7AM to 7PM Plan now exactly what time, Florida Family Action Statement on Its Process for Researching & Recommending Appellate Court Judges, FFA & John Stemberger Endorse Jim Boyd For State Senate District 21, Florida Voter Guides Online NOW for Primary Election, Supreme Court Judicial Nominating Commission, Video: Analysis of 2016 GOP Presidential Hopefuls, FFPC Launches Campaign to Defund Planned Parenthood in Florida Demands Gov. [34] Lagoa is a practicing Roman Catholic, who cites Catholic education as instilling "an abiding faith in God that has grounded me and sustained me through the highs and lows of life". Judge Lagoa’s 144-page application to the Judicial Nominating Commission can be found here: https://www-media.floridabar.org/uploads/2018/10/Lagoa-Barbara-1.pdf, Judge Lagoa’s interview with the Supreme Court Judicial Nominating Commission can be watched on video from 2:15 to 28:30 here:https://thefloridachannel.org/videos/11-4-18-florida-supreme-court-judicial-nominating-commission-part-1/. Elian had been found floating in an inner tube off the coast of Fort Lauderdale by fisherman Donato Dalrymple, who became firm friends with his Miami-based family as the tug of war unfolded. But on a personal level I can tell you she is a devoted spouse, a devoted daughter and a devoted mother to her three beautiful daughters. ‘The granddaughters are always coming over to the house,’ a neighbor told DailyMail.com. Lagoa has emerged as a top contender for the Supreme Court vacancy left by Justice Ginsburg when she succumbed to cancer on September 18, 2020. Lagoa and her husband have built up "years of goodwill...in Florida's legal and political circles. I shook her hand and thanked her for what she did,’ he told DailyMail.com this week. The warped comic spent ten years in prison in Palm Beach County for related offenses but was released in April ahead of a retrial in Miami. She was the Hispanic woman to be appointed as a Justice on the Supreme Court of Florida before becoming a federal judge. She was first thrust into the public eye when she joined a group of lawyers representing pro bono the Miami family of Elian Gonzalez, a five-year-old Cuban boy rescued off the coast of Florida on Thanksgiving 1999 after his mother drowned trying to reach the US. For many of us first-generation Americans, our parents took whatever job they could find in order to provide for us,’ Lagoa said. At Monsignor Edward Pace High School, the kids and educators are on tenterhooks ahead of Trump's announcement, which should come Saturday. [10][11] On January 9, 2019, she was appointed to the Supreme Court of Florida by Governor Ron DeSantis. She was born on November 2, 1967, in Miami, Florida, United States. The fact that someone who comes from such humble beginnings can reach this level of success really tells us that in the United States our freedoms are such that we can be anything we want to be.'. Lagoa was sworn in by her father-in-law, retired US District Judge Paul C. Huck, with her attorney husband, Paul C Huck Jr, and their daughters, Claudia, Eloise and Camilla, two of whom are twins, stood at her side. And this weekend she could be announced as President Donald Trump's nominee to replace the late Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg on the US Supreme Court. The decision enraged Democrats who complained that many of the Sunshine State's 800,000 former criminals - who were expected to lean heavily towards Joe Biden – couldn't afford to pay. Israel argued that DeSantis had overstepped his authority but Florida’s Supreme Court sided with the Florida Republican. They settled in Hialeah, a blue-collar Cuban American enclave outside Miami, where Lagoa grew up. Antonio and Araceli Lagoa took out a full page senior ad in the youngster's high school yearbook to congratulate their only daughter, writing: 'You have come a long way, and we are very proud of you, Barbie.'. THE FLORIDA SUPREME COURT. She attributes her passion for public service to her parents, who raised her with a strong appreciation for the … [24] She received her judicial commission on December 6, 2019. She added: ‘Because of the shared experiences of our parents and grandparents many of us in this room have a special appreciation for the rule of law. DeSantis said the massacre at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School might never have happened had Israel led his department adequately. She has served on the Third District Court of Appeals in Miami for the past twelve years since being appointed to that court by Governor Jeb Bush in 2006.

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