Loss of appetite can be due to a variety of issues – everything from inadequate temperatures to stress. My beardy has been acting pretty sluggish lately, her poop has been watery and not consistent. But ever since Sunday her eyes have been swollen and her eyes are closed all the time. Limit insects that are high in fat content such as wax worms. Take the bearded dragon out of the terrarium and let him/her explore the room. Anywaayy. Impaction is caused by a blockage in the digestive system due to swallowing small particles (sometimes large particles) over time. Just be sure to do so gradually – your lizard didn’t get skinny overnight, and he’s not going to reach a healthy body weight again in a few days. Use a small cup to gently pour water over the bearded dragon’s head to wet the head and face. This often indicates that your lizard has consumed a prey item that is too large. Bearded dragons store excess calories as fat, and they tend to store this fat in a few key places. I tried to take her to a vet but every single certified one is over three hours away. I don’t know where our dragon would fall in the list. It won’t be able to get swallowed. I guess a vet is the next step, but cash is tight so I am trying here first. I fed him 3 times a day and made sure to hold him 2 times a day as well as a weekly bath because I felt he had some constipation. Give your beardie a lot of time to get used to you. What would you recommend I do? My bearded dragon was healthy, moving around and active this morning. Bubbles are coming out of your Bearded Dragon’s nose or mouth. I took her to a vet last Monday. Your lizard may be able to battle off some bacteria, but others may quickly cause him to spiral downward. Is it bad that he won’t drink? Give him food that will be easily swallowed. Needs to be 90-100 on warm side and 75-80 F on cool side. I personally think he is just shedding but my family is getting kinda worked up about it, he spent a whole day soaking it in his water dish. Lethargic , loss of appetite and mouth gaping are all noticed . amzn_assoc_marketplace = "amazon";
I handled him for a little and he slept on my shoulder. I thought he was just brumating as he has in the past (he doesn’t completely sleep, but he really won’t eat and will be lethargic- but then always bounces back as soon as warmth outside starts to hit). They have been feeding him mealworms but I have yet to see him eat. amzn_assoc_ad_type = "smart";
Other potential causes of lost digits include hungry crickets, bacterial or fungal infections, and trauma. She started eating 100 worms a day, and lately she dropped dramatically. When cool and inactive, dragons typically adopt their drabbest normal coloration. He doesn’t eat much only 3 mario worms every other day, I try to give him kale but he just doesn’t touch it. Im sorry your baby isn't feeling well, but we will do the best we can to help! This is a life-threatening disease that should be treated immediately. He tried to walk around, but doesn’t have the energy and wont use his back legs to help him. i’m not entirely sure what to do to help him. Insufficient diet, improper housing, internal parasites are all common issues that can result in a lethargic bearded dragon. I didn’t change the amount of food she’s offered. my bearded dragon is black like is mad , but a don’t know why. Please help me i really dont want him to die on me . They may also bite the toes of others for social reasons. He was fine then an hour later I found he had thrown up his food and has turned very pale and black on his beard and is sleeping alot (just like described in Brumation times) but i wasn’t sure if the colour change was normal? Hi I have to bearded dragons both 8 weeks old, first one is fine very active all the time other one was fine for about a week, but past week he’s been very slouchy dosnt move much, always seems quite cold dosnt seem to be eating his pooh is still normally only drinks when I give him a bath and give him drops of what on his head, what could be wrong. Giving him a bath ,what to feed him . The doc suggested some changes i make and they are no different from the things i learned here. He would grab drops as they rolled over his lips and eventually I think I taught him about sitting water because now I can’t get him to leave the water bowl alone. please help!! the basking temp is around 100-110, so i don’t think it’s anything to do with him being cold.. Its normal. Some bearded dragons are not fazed one bit by change, others may freak out. This will keep bacteria to a minimum. i didn’t do anything to lose her trust. If your lizard’s wound does not start to heal within a week or so, you’ll want to get your vet’s assistance in treating the wound. He has also gained a lot of weight. My baby bearded dragon has a little black toe and won’t use it, I just got my bearded dragon a few days ago. If this doesn’t improve her color, sunken eyes, or activity levels then seek a reptile vet ASAP. Always gut-load feeder insects to increase nutrient content. They said that the dragons don’t usually live once they have that :,( I noticed it on one of my dragons and I’m scared she could die… it’s a yellow-ish, tan-ish discoloration only around the vent area. Eats strawberries and Romaine twice a week, Superworms every other day (2-3), Large crickets for the most part – all items are dusted w/calcium. Please someone help ASAP!!!!! I’d really love some help to make sure she’s fine and health, ive had her for two weeks now and these traits have stayed until now so I wanna know if these are all normal or not. Normally, Toothless sheds wonderfully, showing his bright colors every time, but the only thing that is a dull is his tail. Please help I have a 1 year old boy bearded dragon and today I noticed he keeps walking like his feet are heavy and asleep can someone please help! I would try to make the. As a rule of thumb, you never want to give your pet bearded a prey item that is longer than the distance between your lizard’s eyes. I’ve had my bearded dragon for about 2 years and it hasn’t grown at all, It has mouth rot and has lumps all over, It won’t eat and only opens one eye): It also just lays there and does nothing. They shared a tank, I read this was no good so I moved him on his own. I hope that helps anyone scrolling through. There is something wrong with your husbandry regimen. Avoid getting any bath solution directly in the eyes. He on the other hand seems stressed, decreased appetite and is always gasping. i give her the smallest super worm i can find ever 2 weeks as a treat because i love her so much. Again, I’m sorry to hear of your loss and thanks for your question. She stopped using her back legs and had not pooped in a few weeks even after warm baths and baby organic prunes (which usually work). I have about a 5 year old bearded dragon and he has been acting weird. It spread to his palm. Get a second heat lamp and hope that it contains the warmth as well as heats all the air without going TOO high. Cheers for any help . He has a 75 gallon tank, UVB light, basking lamp with some driftwood and a rock to get on to bask, and a container of water big enough for him to crawl into (he can fit all the way if he curls his tail around his body). Please take the sand out. If anyone has advise for me let me know thank u. I’ve had my lizard for about two months now. Your lizard just has genes that make him grow slowly. Why is this? Wish you luck! Limbs or a tail that tend to break or fracture easily could be a sign of Metabolic Bone Disease. Check the habitat temperatures to make sure they are in the proper ranges for the age of bearded dragon you have. When I fed them last night and today, he has ate a lot more than before. Should I go ahead and replace the repti-sand with the ecocarpet to help ensure he does not go through impaction? Should I be worried? The white matter is urates, uric acid, or urea, which are all essentially reptile urine. seriously? I hope this helps, Vickie, and if you have any other questions please feel free to contact us any time. Bearded dragons shed regularly, and unlike snakes, they often do so in multiple pieces. long and is very skinny. B. I have a 2-year old bearded dragon that was doing well until this Summer, I began feeding it large numbers of Superworms. No idea what it is, but very concerned due to he has never been ill! Unfortunately, the calcium needs of bearded dragons (and many other lizards) are relatively tricky to satisfy. There are obviously plenty of caveats here. She’s hibernated over the Winter eating less basil lately. Not in any specific order, he sheds in sections. In fact, in this article alone we will be discussing 17 bearded dragon diseases, health concerns, and illnesses that all owners should be aware of!. I don’t know what happened. Start by soaking your lizard in about ¼ to 1 inch of water (depending on his size) for about 15 minutes. I eventually added more heat to his cage, and he has been more alert and is eating again… but hasn’t pooped in maybe 3 months now. Hi there everyone. As with missing toes, you’ll want to provide basic first aid and try to prevent the problem from getting any worse. I bathe him as often as I can. Please be thoughtful when you take responsibility for another creature’s life. why is she turning Black only for me. He is acting very slow and is barely breathing. If your mother doesn’t realise that, ensure she understands whatever happens badly fro here out is her fault. This generally happens when a bearded dragon is kept in an enclosure that is too small for its size. A possible neurological disorder could also result in jerky, shaky behavior. Two yr old bearded dragon . Try to get a biger tank. I’m concerned he’s under the weather? Try different insects like dubia roaches, wax worms, Goliath worms or even night crawlers. Thanks for reading this. Bearded dragons do hail from arid habitats, but they still need plenty of water. Sand, in the bottom of his tank (I heard is was ok to put in there with juveniles, but I also heard it was bad.) As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. Especially if he still eats well and doesn’t exhibit any problems chewing. They should mostly eat greens. Add a under tank heater to warm the substrate, if necessary. It hasn’t though and she seems stressed out and only calms when I take her out and hold her. He’s got muscle tremors in his back legs and stomach, the vet says it’s due to old age. I don’t know how to submit photo. She drags her limbs but the joints feel strong,so I started trying to do different things I read to ward off metabolic bone disease like supplements and correct lighting and so on.

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