From soy votives in reusable decorative jars, to luxury picks with strong, long-lasting smells, to an affordable option that evokes an actual library, these are some of the best scented candles and brands for your home. 88 rapid-fire, glittering shots with touches of color! Take a trip down to New Orleans via this NOLA-based candle company. Roman candles should never be held in your hand. Add to Favorites . One simple way to achieve balance and harmony in your home is through Chesapeake Bay's Mind & Body collection. It's available in three choices: red, green, and gold. There are a lot of candle companies out there, so it's hard to figure out which ones are worth the $$$, but luckily my nose and I did the hard work for you. Case Quantity: 4 pieces per pack, 18 packs per case (72 total pieces). A classic and popular firework that has its place in any celebration. Warm and complex, this candle features a hint of orange to brighten up the tobacco leaf notes while sweet caramel balances out the scent. Roman Candles Roman candles are a paper tube filled with pyrotechnic composition that shoots flaming balls out of one end of the tube. 10 BALL MAD DOG ROMAN CANDLE Roman Candles 10 BALL MAGICAL ROMAN CANDLE Roman Candles 10 BALL RED DEVIL PK 6 Roman Candles 10 BALL RED DEVIL TRI PAK Roman Candles 10 BALL TNT TRI PAK Roman Candles TNT 10 BALL COLOR W/ REPORT Roman Candles ASSORTED 6-PAK CANDLES Roman Candles 5 BALL ROMAN CANDLE Supercenter Case Quantity: 12 roman candles per case.Quick clusters of bright red stars fire up into the sky.Duration: 30 sec. It boasts a 50 hour burn time and has an assortment of calming floral fragrances. There's nothing like a nostalgic scent to bring back good memories of reading your favorite books. Japonica Yashioka Gardenia Large Embossed Glass Jar Candle, How to Decorate Your Front Porch for Fall, This content is created and maintained by a third party, and imported onto this page to help users provide their email addresses. Each pack has four candles with different effects. 196 shots of assorted effects, including color pearls with report and crackle. This candle is infused with the wonderful scent of freshly roasted coffee with hints of caramel, vanilla, and a little bit of attitude. Red Comet with Tail; Green Comet with Tail; Gold Comet with … Reminiscent of a bouquet of roses, currant leaves and berries, there's a reason why Baies/Berries reigns as the most popular scent. A 4-pack of powerful 5-ball Roman candles with assorted effects: Cosmic Tails is a 5-pack of 5-ball Roman candles featuring silver comet tails to assorted effects. Effects include: Top Gun - Alternating red and Green color breaks, Big Shot - Whistling tail to loud, crackle burst, Giant Typhoon - Red tail to silver tourbillons, Crackling comets with assorted color heads, Silver whistling tail to crackling report. Feel that ocean breeze even in the comfort of your home with this heavenly scent from the popular candle brand. Choose between Yosemite's Firefall (a fresh scent with notes of cedarwood and black sage), Zion's Angel's Landing (a woodsy aroma of amber and sagebrush), and Rocky Mountain (a floral scent with notes of wild rose and lily). Case Quantity: 4 pieces per pack, 24 packs per case (96 total pieces). These popular roman candles have 8 amazing shots of red and blue stars with reports. Buy one for all the boss ladies in your life—including yourself! "It reminds me of strolling on the beaches of Hawaii," writes one Amazon reviewer. This hand-poured 100% vegan soy wax candle comes in 10 different scents—plus the quote jar is reusable once you finish the candle. It's pricy, but with a burn time of 80 hours, this will last you many nights to come. Mahogany Teakwood combines woodsy aromas with a hint of lavender and geranium. In addition to featuring the lyrics from the rapper's chart-topping hit song,"I Like It," the candle also blends rose, lavender, tobacco flower, vanilla, and spicy blood orange together.

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