He also worked for the Birmingham City Council, as well as the Jefferson County Committee for Economic Opportunity. [11] The settlement, reached after a federal judge ruled against the city and mayor in their efforts to have the case dismissed, comes after Lambda Legal and local attorney David Gespass filed the lawsuit in August 2008 in the Northern District of Alabama on behalf of CAP based on Mayor Langford's actions in refusing to allow city workers to attach Pride banners on city light posts. The display, part of his "Plan 10/30" series of anti-crime rallies, was intended to show humility and restore God's favor to a city wracked with violence. [6] Cooper then challenged the election in court, saying that Langford was still a resident of Fairfield and did not legally reside within Birmingham's city limits. He previously promoted a tax hike to pay for the dome, which was soundly rejected by voters a decade earlier under then-Mayor Richard Arrington, although later analysis of votes showed an overwhelming support for the dome inside city limits. Langford was a reporter for WBRC-6, which at the time was the ABC affiliate in Birmingham, during the mid 1970s. [38] He was 72. [35] Langford was first rejected for a compassionate release after describing himself as "terminally ill". The elections were held on August 27, 2013, and he won the election with 70.4% of the total votes. However, in May 2008, the mayor announced that he would neither sign a proclamation nor allow city workers to hang the banners based on his religious beliefs that do not "condone that lifestyle choice." Lambda Legal, an LGBTQ legal advocacy group, and Birmingham civil rights attorney David Gespass filed suit on behalf of the Central Alabama Pride group against Larry Langford seeking an order from the courts to prohibit the mayor from discriminating against LGBTQ organizations in administering city services. He learned customer service and its importance at his first job. In 2009, Randall obtained a position as the Assistant City Attorney for the City of Birmingham, and ran for a seat on the Birmingham City School Board of Education at the same time. [1][2], Langford was born in Birmingham on March 18, 1946. [1], He was inmate #27349-001[32] at FMC Lexington, a Federal prison hospital near Lexington, Kentucky. history. Inmate Locator, Federal Bureau of Prisons. Langford, a Democrat, was elected to the county commission in 2002 and elected president despite the fact that he was one of only two Democrats (along with former WBRC television reporter Shelia Smoot) on the five-member commission.

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