So what do I do? Why have a microphone at all if you can’t make sense of what it records due to horrible interference type noise on the xt2. Second, if you read carefully, the other posts are referring to background (electrical) noise not actual background sounds. Secondly, can you post a screenshot of the settings for the camera? The sound on my replacement cameras is much better. My wireless is usually a little over 200 Mbps ans provides great video from the camera, but the audio coming from the camera is completely useless. Just installed and that’s one flaw I’ve been immediately disappointed with. I would like to add that the volume selector on the XT2 is for the output, not the input. I seriously doubt you will find a consumer grade camera that does not do this. Not sure what I will use it for if that gets old??? My device is a Samsung Galaxy S10. For the life of me, I cannot figure out how to activate the 2-way audio. pronounced interference like shortwave radio noise. I have same problem!!! L_Harris. These mics have to be very sensitive in order to pick up voices at distance. Could be something as simple as you’re running an old Firmware, or something as bad as you need a replay camera. I am wondering if this is some sort of noise cancellation that is not working very well??? BTW I am using mine primarily as a critter cam. Audio. WTH. I definitely do not have that option and assured I have the Black Blink XT2 model. What video settings are you using? Anything I can do to resolve the difference so recipients can hear me? Lots of garbled noise & tones. About Blink. I still have 2 weeks left before I can return the cameras… Unfortunately, I am stuck with the Ring doorbell for now! You’ve tried 2 of the main players in the field and got the same results as you will when you try more brands. Good luck. I do want to say that I have been very impressed with the level of attention and service I’ve received from Blink. Please resolve this issue, as a recommendation is the strongest publicity or potentially the most damaging for your image. Like I said - unrealistic expectations. You may need to go to a higher tier product for the features you’re looking for. I am experiencing the same issue of inaudible sound coming out of the XT2 camera when using the press to talk feature. When sitting in the quiet, inside, listening to a recording, it becomes immediately obvious just how ever present and loud it is. Speaker vol- almost high Contact customer support. Here is a short demo. Only Blink customer support can force a FW update. Unable to talk through the camera from the app, did everything suggested except replace the sync module. Allow must be enabled in the permissions for microphone access. If it does turn out to be the hardware I will update here. I think maybe because the XT2 has the 2 way talk support, maybe they raised the volume a lot to hear people on the other side but its ruined normal audio. You can try and get it to update by deleting the camera, pulling the batteries, and letting it sit dead for a few minutes. I would like to see a reply by Blink on how this situation can be handled. Maybe we can pin down the problem. Support. That's right, 2 years! This certainly is not a defect by any means. I agree. Having read forums on Arlo and Wyze, it seems that this issue still presents there as well. Update firmware 7.87. Seems like there are a few of us with this problem. This is a brand new device for me. System updated on phone foday and on cameras 7.67. I am experiencing the same issue of inaudible sound coming out of the XT2 camera when using the press to talk feature.

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