, Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) for the Bluebook. This is a guide to the Bluebook system of American legal citation. if the previous footnote cited only one source.

At the nation’s oldest Roman Catholic law school, Notre Dame Law School encourages students of diverse backgrounds to broaden their social, spiritual, and personal lives while honing their intellectual and professional skills to serve the good of all. and The Yale Law Journal. Then, either (a) access the. However, none of these services or websites work perfectly, so you still have to double-check all citations. See rule 1.5: Parenthetical Information, for how to do this. ISBN: 978-0-578-66615-0. When I add new footnotes, the numbering in supra citations gets messed up. In this case, each of those citations were created according to the jurisdictional rules in T2. How to Cite a Conference Paper in APA. Schedule an online consult with a Librarian, Rule 12 (p. 120): Statutes, Codes, and Session Laws, Rule 13 (p. 135): Legislative Materials (including Congressional documents), Rule 14 (p. 142): Administrative and Executive Materials, Rule 15 (p. 147): Books, Reports, and other Nonperiodic Materials, Rule 16 (p. 157): Periodical Materials (including journal articles and newspapers), Rule 17 (p. 169): Unpublished and Forthcoming Sources, Enter the first part of your footnote text, up to the word "note.". Instead, what you should do from the start is use Microsoft Word's internal cross-reference feature. FAQ #7: Are there special rules for citing non-English foreign sources? Finally, many Bluebook rules require certain names, words, and phrases to be shortened. The University of Pennsylvania Law Review. Free 30-day Trial with Purchase. When you do a supra citation, you have to use the same font specifications as you did in the original citation. The Jackson book is no longer in footnote #5 after this addition, it's now in footnote #6. 3.7 (42) Structure: Last name, FM. The HLS research librarians offer Bluebook training classes throughout the academic year. FAQ #5: When should I use "see" in a footnote?

If you are referring to a source that was translated into English, you need to cite the translated version (see footnote #18 in the example below). You may still order the 20th edition by sending an email to The 20th edition is not available for purchase on our website. Submit a question or search our knowledge base. This guide does not include explanations of how to cite most administrative law materials, legislative history documents, or international and foreign law resources. The Bluebook's capitalization rule, Rule 8, states the following regarding capitalization of words titles: Incorrect article title: Hearing the voiceless: a respected judge on putting the rights of crime victims above those of defendants, Correct article title: It cites a different law review article. For Orders & Subscriptions Look for your free trial key on the back of the title page and redeem it here at! The Bluebook.Few books cause law students as much dread, pain, anger, and frustration as The Bluebook.. Although it references the 20th edition of the Bluebook, the class is still relevant and provides a good basic introduction to general Bluebook style and citation rules for US and foreign sources.
So what if you want to cite a case (or other primary source) that you have cited before? Diplomatic Bluebook is an annual report on Japan's Foreign Policy and Activities published by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan. Home / Guides / Citation Guides / APA Format / How to Cite a Conference Paper in APA. Conference Paper Digests by Year. The Columbia Law Review,

Instructions for doing this are in Rule 3.5: Internal Cross-References. This guide introduces The Bluebook and basic concepts of legal citation to new law students. Any comments, suggestions, or requests to republish or adapt a guide should be submitted using the, The rest of this guide is organized as follows: The purpose of this guide is to introduce The Bluebook and basic concepts of legal citation to new law students. FAQ #4: Help! If adding additional information to your citations will help your reader, then do it even if it's not in the Bluebook. The Bluebook, formally titled The Bluebook: A Uniform System of Citation, is the style manual for citing to legal documents within the United States. If you do this, then it is very easy to update all the footnote number references later. All references to print book page number in this guide are from the 21st edition. Only the source has to be the same, not the page or section. When using a signal, you may want to add information explaining why you are citing a particular source. For secondary sources like law review articles and books, if you want to cite a source that you cited longer ago in your paper than the previous footnote, you can use supra.

NOW when you purchase a printed copy of The Bluebook, you will get a FREE 30 day trial to the Bluebook Online! Visit the HLS Library Training Calendar ( to view our training schedule and sign up for a class. If you continue with this browser, you may see unexpected results. If you are not using a citation manager to insert your citations into your paper in Bluebook format, you can get some help from Westlaw, Lexis Advance, and other websites. FAQ #8: Are there special capitalization rules for titles? FAQ #3: How do I cite a source that I cited in another footnote?
Ask Us!, For Tech Support It looks like you're using Internet Explorer 11 or older. The University of Pennsylvania Law Review,

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