Bodcau WMA, a 33,766-acre area in Bossier and Webster parishes, is a good place to get away from the crowd. Upland understory species include blackberry, honeysuckle, poison ivy, beautyberry, and sawbriar. border: 1px none; Unless otherwise specified under the specific WMA hunting schedule, the use of dogs for rabbit and squirrel hunting is prohibited. Fishing and boating: Fishing and small boating are available on Ivan Lake. major bayou that bisects it from its northernmost point at the Arkansas-Louisiana state line to its southernmost tip nearly The map is intended to reflect the approximate boundaries of the TWRA Huntable Lands generally available for the use of sportsmen/sportswomen with proper licenses. Refer to Hunting Pamphlet for Additional Regulations and Information BODCAU JUNE 2020 Wildlife Management Area. Hwy. Wildlife Management Areas Louisiana Hunting 2020-2021 Wildlife Management Area (WMA) Regulations. The land is owned by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and managed under long-term lease by the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries (LDWF). The primary access to the area is by traveling north on La. 157 from Interstate 20 at Haughton to Many species of grasses and forbs typically found in states west of Louisiana can be found growing in the grassland areas. The area is long and narrow with an average width of 1-1/2 miles. .table_d2e34 td { A small number of these trails are open year-round for access to additional fishing locations. The cabin was destroyed by fire, rebuilt in 1925, and serves as an environmental education center for northwest Louisiana. See regulations for details. The main bottomland tree species include bald cypress and water, overcup, willow, and cow oaks. Shortleaf and loblolly pine; white, red, and cherrybark oaks; sweetgum; and elm trees dominate upland forests. These practices help to provide quality habitat for game and non-game species. Initially built for flood control, the dam and reservoir subsequent legislation authorized multi-purpose functions such as natural resource management, environmental stewardship, and public recreation, as well as flood damage reduction. Ivan Lake is on Bodcau WMA, and there is also a manmade dam and seasonal flood reservoir which were built to control downstream flooding. The bottomland forest rapidly merges with the upland forest on a series of ridges that extend into the bottomland area. Shooting range: There is a free, public shooting range with a rifle range with targets from 25 to 200 yards, a pistol range with 25-yard targets, and a shotgun station. For more information, email or call 318.326.3225. The deer herd is considered healthy. © 2013 Apex Mapping Solutions,LLC. var tlxLastPublishedDate = null; var now = new Date(); var edited = (tlxLastPublishedDate != null) ? 30 miles to the south. 360 deer were tested during the 2015–16 hunting season with no positive results. Numerous access routes to Bodcau [1][2], Whitetail deer are in abundance as Bossier and Webster Parish are in the top 20 list of forested acres per deer. Bodcau WMA contains a wide range of wildlife habitat ranging from cypress swamps to upland pine and hardwood forests interspersed with grasslands and open fields. Waterfowl hunting is available in the 1,600 acre greentree reservoir and in the numerous sloughs and backwater flooded areas. [10], The WMA operates the Bodcau Wildlife Management Area Shooting Range. [7], Construction of Bayou Bodcau Dam and Reservoir began in May 1947 and was completed in December 1949 pursuant to Louisiana Congressional approval in 1938 and 1939. Long owned a log cabin as early as 1843 and operated a ferry on Bayou Bodcau. } The area is located approximately 17 miles northeast of Bossier City. The range is supervised by an approved range officer. There are youth-only deer, squirrel, and turkey seasons. [5], The LDWF host the Family Fish Fest in May of every year at Ivan Lake. Hunting and trapping: Available game species include white-tailed deer (both archery and modern firearms), squirrel, rabbit, dove, quail, and all other species of small game. [8], Ivan Lake is also within the WMA and was formed after the completion of a 1,300 ft Ogee spillway across Caney Creek in 1958. Wildlife Management Area (WMA) Maps This map is intended as a guide only, and its content is subject to change without notice. See regulations for details. Bass and bream fishing are excellent on Bodcau Bayou and its overflow; crawfish are also abundant during certain years.

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