His company, The Surrey Trout Farm and United Fisheries, were the main importers of carp in the UK (Galician breed fish from Holland) from the late 1920s to the mid 1950s. Indeed Rod wrote almost as much about this side of his fishing as he did about his catches. This was the first time the BRFC had rejected a record course fish on the grounds of it being cultivated. My friends and I often saw fish that I would guess as being in this category, though I don’t think there were ever more than two or three of that size in the pool.”Few of the early captures of big carp caught at Redmire were available again to be spotted in the water - they had either been removed or had died. Having witnessed the disasters to his friend two weeks before Albert was well equipped with plenty of line on the reel. The effect of the Hair Rig is such that over thirty five years later few carp anglers (or other big fish anglers for that matter) would ever consider casting out a bait without it attached to some sort of hair rig… an amazing concept that has stood the test of time. The huge common, which Walker called Ravioli, but would later become known at Clarissa, was weighed at ‘Not less than 41lb’ by combining two sets of scales. He’d managed a small carp before sunrise on the 16th, but had to wait until the evening for his next chance, when the fish moved onto the shallows to feed. Formed in 1968, one of the first and most noted decision was to purge the existing British Record list at the time, to virtually start from scratch, only allowing records that could be verified with photographic evidence, witnesses, tested weighing scales, correct species identification, and other evidential factors. Freshwater species not already on the record list, such as. What is the biggest fish in the Mississippi? A new record. Now over 20 years later it’s still the main source for all that is happening in the carp world on a week to week basis. 8. This magnificent fish was caught four times in early May, and two of its captors submitted claims that have been accepted by the British Record Fish Committee as the new record. Barely a dozen miles or so from central London was the society’s Boyer’s Pit - later re-named Dagenham Lake. His ten years at the venue saw him catch many of the lake’s finest, finally topping it all with the biggest of them all, at an eye-watering weight too! All had arrangements in place as soon as the following season started. Though a number of dedicated anglers who fished for the Dagenham carp were to find out soon enough; those fish weren’t going to be a push over. Their £20,000 success follows a win last year at Berkshire’s Wraysbury and a runner-up spot in the 2017 final. Where was the world record crappie caught? His scales weighed up to 25lb but these would not weight the fish. 3. His name was Jack Farmer (Jack the Roadman) and he knew the area around the Bernithan estate since he was a boy. Can there have been a more popular record holder? Denys Watkins-Pitchford, one of the pioneers in the modern pursuit of carp fishing in the UK - pictured in the 1990s. Video footage of chub and carp records. He’d then pile the bait in and wait for the fish to move on the wind. His name was Jan Wenczka, the water was the Yateley Match lake. At 35lb it was the largest carp recorded in 1967. Some great fish were caught culminating in Devon Specimen Group member, Roger Bowskill, landing a superb 38½lb mirror in September 1966 - it was the same fish that Eddie Price had caught in 1959. The sweetcorn incident is worth recording. Failure was not in Jack’s vocabulary and he stated at the time that here (at Redmire) the syndicate had the biggest carp in the country to fish for. The unearthing of a small, almost insignificant reach of stillwater, initially stumbled upon by anglers who fished in the Ross-on-Wye district of Gloucestershire was to bear much fruit. “On July 24th I got four carp, 9lb, 11lb, 15lb and 26lb. The following extract comes from a letter I have from Dick dated 29th July 1970.

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