Brook’s maternal grandfather was James Robert Ledford (the son of John Seaton Ledford and Melvia Gray Boyd). Learn how your comment data is processed. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Alex Plays Brook Lopez Kyle Kuzma Charlotte Hornets Michael Kors Men The Girlfriends Brooklyn Nets Milwaukee Bucks Ralph Lauren Boys He is seven feet tall. He was born on the 1st of April, 1988 to Deborah Ledford and Heriberto Lopez in North Hollywood, Los Angeles. He is the son of Deborah (Ledford) and Heriberto Lopez. Well, celebrity maintaining low profile regarding love life is not a new thing. In an interview with Fox News, Brook said: "Obviously I would never want that (parent’s divorce) to happen. Unlike his twin brother, Brook appears to be more of the private kind of guy. But having said that, we hope we will get to know all about him at the right time. He was born to Heriberto Lopez, a Cuban baseball player, and Deborah Ledford. Well, his professional endeavor aside, his love life and relationship are the other factors that have been constantly keeping him in the limelight. However, it seems the handsome hunk doesn't enjoy talking about his love life in public. She would drive one brother to a practice crosstown, come back, bring another brother to practice and take care of us at the same time when we were little. It's a labor of love for her.". He also has to be happy sharing his time in Wisconsin with his beautiful blonde girlfriend Hailee Strickland. He also has one older brother, Alex. You can also subscribe without commenting. Well, the handsome hunk with an attractive height of 7 feet and a jaw-dropping salary is the heartthrob of many. Filed Under: Basketball Tagged With: Brook Lopez, Brook Lopez 2015, Brook Lopez baby mama, Brook Lopez bio, Brook Lopez brother alex, Brook Lopez brother comparison, Brook Lopez career, Brook Lopez children, Brook Lopez college career, Brook Lopez daughter, Brook Lopez ESPN, Brook Lopez facebook, Brook Lopez facts, Brook Lopez family, Brook Lopez fans, Brook Lopez followers, Brook Lopez foot injury, Brook Lopez foot surgery, Brook Lopez free agent market, Brook Lopez fro, Brook Lopez game 4 playoffs 2015, Brook Lopez girlfriends, Brook Lopez google+, Brook Lopez hair, Brook Lopez haters, Brook Lopez highlights, Brook Lopez injuries, Brook Lopez instagram, Brook Lopez myspace, Brook Lopez nets contract, Brook Lopez nets contract 2015, Brook Lopez networth, Brook Lopez nicknames, Brook Lopez personal info, Brook Lopez photo captioned my family, Brook Lopez playoffs 2015, Brook Lopez private life, Brook Lopez profiles, Brook Lopez relationships, Brook Lopez salary, Brook Lopez siblings, Brook Lopez social media, Brook Lopez son, Brook Lopez stanford, Brook Lopez supporters, Brook Lopez teams, Brook Lopez trade, Brook Lopez twin brother, Brook Lopez twitter, Brook Lopez vimeo, Brook Lopez vine, Brook Lopez vs. hawks 26 pts, Brook Lopez wife, Brook Lopez wife name, Brook Lopez wife photos, Brook Lopez wife pics, Brook Lopez wiki, Brook Lopez will stay with the nets, Your email address will not be published. Lopez has to be happy to be back in the postseason this year after a four year absence. She went to all our games. Notify me of followup comments via e-mail. It’s something I completely worked hard towards- having a strong family.In my mom's case, she did a fantastic job.

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