With hair or without hair, Bryan looked handsome in a tuxedo standing beside his beautiful wife. The trail soon came to Bryan's home as he began hosting House of Bryan, which has become the highest-rated series ever on HGTV Canada. Moreover, Bryan is known for hosting several shows in HGTV Canada. Leave it to Bryan. Sarah Baeumler is the loving wife of Tv host, Bryan Baeumler. They tied the knots with each other in 2004. Bryan was born on 18 April 1974. The series previously ran in Canada as Bryan Inc. As Sarah Baeumler joked on Instagram, she and Bryan “had a lot less wrinkles” when the series was filmed. She wrote: We had originally thought our engagement would be much longer but as we all know, best-laid plans of mice and men often go awry. The school was described as being a 20-minute flight away from South Andros Island. The couple also shared that American viewers would get a chance to see what their life was like in Canada. Their first date was in 2001, but they had met long before then. He also became a judge on the HGTV show Canada's Handyman Challenge. The couple dated for some time before deciding to get married in September 2004. They bickered along the way but based on their respective social media accounts, the Baeumler are still together. His most famous bio would be his role in “Island of Bryan.” The show revolves around the Baeumler family as they renovate the neglected resort at the Bahamas. Contact Us, Bryan Baeumler Wife, Divorce, Kids, Family, House, Net Worth, Bio, Dima Sadek Bio, Age, Husband, Height, Weight, Kristine Killingsworth Wiki, Age, Husband, Children, Kenneth San Jose Wiki, Age, Girlfriend, Parents, Lincoln Wolfgang, Quintyn Werner (Sons) & Charlotte Anne, Josephine Judith (Daughters). He is wildly known for his passion for teaching and being the number one expert on DIY (Do It Yourself). The younger children attended school in the Bahamas while their parents renovated the resort. , A post shared by Sarah Baeumler (@sarahbaeumler) on Jun 1, 2020 at 10:32am PDT. But Bryan and Sarah Baeumler’s marriage outlasted the stress and the couple has continued to promote future projects with HGTV. They shared on their respective social media accounts on August 6 that filming had resumed on the island. They met again through a mutual friend. Bryan Baeumler wedding with Sarah Baeumler in September 2004 (Photo: hgtv.ca) Before the marriage, the couple moved out to British Columbia after dating for three months, and soon realized they wanted to tie the knot taking a step into happy ever after. I look forward to designing the rest of @caerulamar! Now, we’re even more excited to go back in time and show you what we were up to before moving to the island and how it all got started.”, In the HOSS Seat: Bryan and Sarah BaeumlerTake a seat with HOSS Magazine as we discuss life in the sticks, romance, and the Baeumler Family Foundation with HGTV personalities Bryan and Sarah Baeumler2015-05-19T04:25:42Z. First and foremost, an enormous thank you to everyone that has tuned in to #IslandofBryan and #RenovationIsland! As a Family, we have always taken the road less travelled…but taking on this project really was a major life / lifestyle / Family decision, even for us! This shot was featured on the cover of @invidiatamagazine’s Spring issue! She has accumuated thousands of followers on social media. Watched Bryan and Sarah Baeumler leave their home and business behind and move their family to an undeveloped island in the Bahamas in order to renovate and restore a run-down beach front resort. Bryan and his wife Sarah have been sailing their relationship smoothly, and the couple is very close to each other. In 2018, he got a chance to sit on the panel of judges that selected the first 10 Canadian TITANs. He was not stopping there as he made his way to the top as he is the President of his company Baeumler Quality Construction. Are the ‘Love It or List It’ Hosts Married. However, the fact that we had to work quickly to get the day organized meant that we didn’t overthink things. The production is in progress; however, the network has not officially announced the second season. His better-half Sarah is a co-lead in the Bryan Inc in House of Bryan. Season one followed Bryan and Sarah as they learned to work together in a professional capacity. HGTV explained in a news release that the network decided to “hit rewind” in order to show American viewers how the Baumlers had built their renovation business in Ontario, Canada. Sarah Baeumler is happily married to Canadian TV host Bryan Baeumler. HGTV debuted Renovation Inc on August 30 in the United States. Additionally, they went to the same high school but their romance started 10 years after they graduated from high school. Baeumler worked from 1995 to 2003 running an air-cargo business. On 13 September, he shared a photo of the hard-working crew filming the HGTV series in the Bahamas. The Canadian host of the HGTV, Bryan Baeumler, is the man who has bagged the Gemini Award for the Best Host in a Lifestyle/Practical Information or Performing Arts Program or Series. Moroever, she is also a blogger and internet celebrity. Talking about her net worth, her financial details are yet under review. HGTV fans watched married couple Bryan and Sarah Baeumler renovate a rundown resort in the Bahamas. He further said that his wife is his partner in crime and disclosed that her Instagram account had been hacked. That series documented the family’s efforts to redesign and renovate their dream home. When it comes to his love life, he is married is to a loving wife named Sarah. It seems like they are very happy to live their life together with four children Lincoln Wolfgang Baeumler, Quintyn Werner Baeumler, Charlotte Anne Baeumler, and Josephine Judith Baeumler. )And for our Canadian friends – you won’t have to wait much longer….filming for season 3 of #IslandofBryan has begun! The family of six even shared a one-bedroom villa as renovations got underway. Moroever, she is also a blogger and internet celebrity. She is mostly famous for being the wife of Bryan Baeumler. Bryan and Sarah Baeumler have opened the Caerula Mar resort but they still have a lot of work to be completed. It’s been an incredible experience, and we’re so happy to have been able to share our adventure @caerulamar with so many people. Sarah explained to Post City Magazines they knew each other in high school but did not date as teenagers. , A post shared by Sarah Baeumler (@sarahbaeumler) on Jul 19, 2020 at 2:21pm PDT.

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