“If you take a look at the income level at a county like St. Johns, it’s significantly different than the income level at a district like Alachua.”. There wasn’t the follow up comments. According to the Florida Department of Education, the average salary for teachers in the state is $48,168. "We’re in this profession for the kids. James TenBieg, who has been the principal of Westwood Middle School, was transferred to Buchholz High School. “This is the brainchild of miss-journey and miss-chance,” Principal Jim Tenbieg said about the senior drive-through celebration. Buchholz High School seniors get a drive-through send-off, Two people hospitalized after Ocala house fire, Marion County School Board vote to fire Belleview High School dean. “My administration really knows me. Home; Our School" ... James TenBieg Diana Chance Julie Smith Marlon Jones . Seniors at Buchholz High School got a special farewell today. Buchholz Principal James TenBieg has declined to comment on the matter to WUFT News. Michael DeLucas, the former principal at BHS, was transferred to … That’s a negative consequence. A lot of the teachers are heartbroken due to the fact that they have not had the opportunity to say goodbye to their kids," he said. He added: “You know, whatever they do among their friends, that’s their business. With the school year cut short due to the pandemic, the staff at Buchholz High School made sure they celebrated and sent off their over 500 seniors in an extra special way, to make up for the lost time. “We look for teachers that have the ability to build relationships and are willing to put forth the effort required in the classroom today,” TenBieg said. Also, St. Johns County’s poverty rate is 8.3 percent, while Alachua County’s poverty rate is much higher at 21.2 percent. Buchholz High Teacher Calls Using N-word In Classroom A ‘Lapse In Judgment’, WUFT 89.1 / 90.1 Featured Thank you Gifts. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, the median household income for residents in St. Johns County is $73,640, while Alachua County’s is much lower at $45,478. Jackie Johnson, the public information officer at ACPS, said the county has applied for the Unified School Improvement Grant (UNISIG), a government-funded grant that provides funds to Local Education Agencies (LEAs) in selected priority schools. The Administrative Staff at Buchholz High School looks forward to another great year! I’ve known them for years. F.W. Unified School Improvement Grant (UNISIG), Children’s Trust of Alachua County Hopes To Create Better Community Services Through Interdependency, Marion County School Board Terminates Administrator For Medical Marijuana Use, Buchholz To Receive Athletic Facility Funding Amid Tensions Over Elections, Equity And Health, Group Of UF Students And Teachers Join To Protest In-Person Classes In The Spring. Buchholz High School Band and Aviance Color Guard Shawn L. Barat 5510 NW 27th Avenue James TenBieg Director of Bands Gainesville, Florida 32606 Principal baratsl@gm.sbac.edu 352 -955 6995 BUCHHOLZ “GOLDEN REGIMENT” MARCHING BAND DATES – 2020 (v. Despite the perfect summer weather, more than 50 middle and high school students gathered inside the walls of F.W. James TenBieg, the school’s principal, said the success of the school … “The video stopped before I said, ‘Because these words are associated with so much bad feelings, emotion, brutality, slavery, we should refrain from using them in my classroom and in polite speech, right?”, He continued in the interview: “There wasn’t the antecedents. Despite the challengers the county faces, Johnson said, Alachua County is continuing to improve. Alachua County Public Schools officials have said they could not discuss the matter publicly until Monday, after Cecil has had the required 10 days to reply to a preliminary investigation. According to school district grades compiled by the Florida Department of Education (FDOE), St. Johns County School District is the highest rated school district in the state for the 2017-2018 school year, receiving a letter grade of A for 13 consecutive years. Community. When he told the students they shouldn’t use the colloquial version, Cecil said they replied, “‘Oh, Mr. C, you always say that – you know this is the way that we talk.’”, The teacher said he countered: “Let’s agree to both of us can’t say that. He can be contacted at news@wuft.org or by calling 352-392-6397. And that’s unfair. Income levels are one of the hurdles that Alachua County has to face to address its achievement gap. But if it’s OK for you, but it’s not OK for me, then something’s wrong with that word.”, He then sought to relate hateful language to freedom of speech. Mr. James TenBieg Mrs. Diana Chance Principal Assistant Principal Mrs. Julie Smith Mr. Bruce Johnson Cecil, who has 16 years’ teaching experience, says he told the class that even using the colloquial version of the N-word – with the soft-a ending – was inappropriate. Every day we thought of something new. In the video clip, which went viral across the high school and spawned outrage by community members, students in the class dispute Cecil’s right to use even the slur’s colloquial version. Buchholz is one of seven high schools in Alachua County. “I see education as a local issue,” Zuaro said. For the past three years, the FDOE has given Alachua County a B letter grade, recovering from a C in both 2013 and 2014. According to the Florida Department of Education, WUFT 89.1 / 90.1 Featured Thank you Gifts. But once you go to school, it’s a public venue.”, Asked about a headline from Essence magazine maintaining that Cecil “whitesplained” when it was appropriate to use the N-word, Cecil said, “It sounds like it was blacksplained.”, “Let’s find another way to talk to each other, you know, and it’s not just my white opinion. In an exclusive interview with WUFT News on Saturday, Cecil called the situation a “lapse in judgment” that “backfired” – and said he should have not uttered either word in the classroom. Michael Zuaro, a teacher at the Florida School for the Deaf and the Blind in St. Augustine, said the St. John County School District does a good job providing its teachers with appropriate resources and tools to be good educators. Students. Cecil said he decided on his own to stay away from Buchholz since the incident, concluding he was “done” there and to “save” his son as well as other teachers and administrators at the school. According to ACPS’s website, the Office of Education Equity and Outreach has “already conducted extensive training with teachers and administrators on culturally responsive classrooms.”. Also, St. Johns County’s poverty rate is 8.3 percent, while Alachua County’s poverty rate is much higher at 21.2 percent. , the median household income for residents in St. Johns County is $73,640, while Alachua County’s is much lower at $45,478. I call my students my kids ... so I miss my kids. Buchholz High School Bobcat Pride Gainesville, FL August 2018 Welcome Bobcat Students and Parents! And, of course, I partly take responsibility for that.”. Battling rain, over 30 people stood outside of the president's house on the University of Florida campus to protest the school’s decision to bring back in-person classes for the spring 2021 semester.

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