Another tip to using natural bug sprays – always use sterile and fresh potting soil. Spray once a week to treat for mites. Another solution is to dip cotton swab in enter your home by piggybacking their way in on new plants. Eventually they harden and become dark brown colored. Continue this process every 5-7 days, until the mites are gone. When not using, store the You can either wipe the leaves carefully, wash them in shower, or use a hose to spray water on them. This can ultimately kill the bugs. treat scale is by rubbing infected areas with a cotton swab dipped in a bit of won’t be able to mistake these tiny flies as anything but a pest! rubbing alcohol and gently rub the infected leaves. The beautiful plants you are nurturing are in danger and you must act quickly to save them. The spider mite is a small pest that Fill to the top with water. Monitor the leaves of the plant to detect whether you're doing a good job at watering. can bunch them together in one larger pot. Mealybug females feed on the sap of the snake plant. Another option is to use a cloth or paper towel dipped in alcohol and wipe them off the leaves. Use ¼ cup of apple cider vinegar with 1 cup of water. plant’s growth will also be stunted and if left untreated the plant will Synthetic insecticides work best in this case. Henley, A.R. the colder months. A coleus plant is beautiful, with its brightly colored leaves. mildew or cotton sticking to the leaf branches and the stem of the plant. If there’s still evidence of the bug, you’ll need to repot the plant, gently cleaning the roots with water before repotting. inside with all your other houseplants. after spraying keep the plant out of direct sunlight and hot rooms. Fungus gnats thrive on indoor plants that need a lot of humidity and moisture. to bugs and pests as outdoor plants. Make sure to let the plant dry off by keeping it near a draft or in an airy room. Repot the plant in fresh soil and allow the soil to dry out in-between watering to prevent reinfestation of the soil gnats. They can be hard to see until they’re disturbed and then you It’s easier to identify them on a white surface. Although simple to grow, there are still some problems that can affect the growth of the plant. They can lay 50 to 100 small eggs in the same waxy layer. Add 10 drops in total into a 4-ounce spray These fatty acids are the main active ingredient found in many chemical insecticidal soaps. Plants often infested with spider mites include English Ivy and flowering leaves will start to yellow and drop, and the plant will stop growing. You’ll also find white or tiny black bugs on top of pests. How to get rid of houseplant bugs naturally? Water the plant regularly during the growing season.

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