Eliminating "run of the mill" domestic murders and concentrating on multiple murders and those involving children (both of which were mercifully rare) served to pare down a list of more than 500 possible events to the following three: 1) Frances and June Holober: February 1949.

Many variations occur around "Bunny Man Bridge", the concrete tunnel of a Southern Railway overpass on Colchester Road in Clifton. In 1973, University of Maryland student Patricia Johnson submitted a paper titled "The Bunny Man. Dawson went at the bridge at 2:30 p.m. on Halloween, and people were already arriving there, he said.

Serve as a liaison between the Department of Transportation, the Division of State Police and other various law enforcement agencies statewide. "They were upset," he said. Strange deaths and phenomena have been connected with the Bunny Man Bridge.

Fairfax Herald, Jan. 19, 1951, P.1, 12Makes Admission. They tend to spend a lot of time parked up these days.

Said development was extensive in 1970, too. Fairfax County Public Library, There is a story that a man dressed as a bunny haunts the residential neighborhoods around our nation's capital. "All you people trespass around here," Phillips said the "Rabbit" told him as he whacked eight gashes in the pole. Fairfax Herald, Mar. And he had a hatchet, and he threw it through the car and just turned around and went back away. Ipl 2014 Csk Vs Mi, Eliminator, 39Johnson, William L. Investigation Report 858-748. We were already at the bunnyman bridge when the evil clown started calling us at 3am. But once in a while, the truth rears its head, and that is often the most bizarre part of the story. Oct. 31, 1970. Shaved Monkey Strain,

Phillips said he walked back to his car to get to get his handgun, but the "Rabbit", carrying the long-handled ax, ran off into the woods. As they sat in the front seat with the car running, they noticed something moving outside the rear window.

Paul Phillips, a private security guard for a construction company, said he saw the "rabbit" standing on the front porch of a new, but unoccupied house. Most childhood ghost stories are forgotten as one gets older. Sadly, we will likely never know his identity. Who was the Bunny Man, and what was he trying to accomplish?

Still finding no evidence of his family, the police were finally notified.5 An intensive search of the area was organized involving Fairfax County Police, Washington Detectives, and Boy Scouts. The official police report makes no mention of any pre-existing stories that this individual could have been copying.

Additional thanks belongs to everyone who shared their personal recollections with the author. This service is provided on News Group Newspapers' Limited's Standard Terms and Conditions in accordance with our Privacy & Cookie Policy. For other inquiries, Contact Us. Second, Lorton Prison didn't come into existence until 1910, and even then it was an arm of the District of Columbia Corrections system, not Virginia's.

Everyone seems to know someone who has a cousin whose boyfriend’s sister knows where any given event really happened.

And nobody had seen it. They just sat there and watched.

With him resided his eldest daughter Caroline, her husband William K. Jerman, and his younger daughter Eva. Oct. 31, 1970.

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