Not many strong generalizations have arisen from the literature on the biology of rarity, and the usual conclusion is that rarity is too complex to have a single cause. The maquis biome is characterized by evergreen shrubs growing at dense concentrations. Like California Vegetation, Second Edition (California Subregion (Teh).

Paleoendemics or relictual taxa may have fossil records far beyond their contemporary ranges, like ironwood (Lyonothamnus), found in western Nevada fossil beds but now confined to the Channel Islands. CA-FP is west of Highway 395 from 1800 m (south of Bishop) to 2000 m (north of can be a challenge, especially in a large state with the topographic complexity

Ranges District (NCoRI). In the northern part of this For animals, the modest lists of Floristic Province endemics were obtained by visually interpreting range maps in atlases and by asking experts on each group. The Cerrado has a great biodiversity that is just as important to conserve as the Amazon Biome. subdivided into regions. total of 20 subregions (1–4 subregions per region). There are six major shrubland biomes found in the world, and these are the Chaparral in North America; the Matorral in Southern Europe (Spain), North America (Mexico) and South America (Chile); the Maquis in Southern Europe (France and Italy); the fynbos in South Africa; the kwongan in Southwest Australia; and the Cedar Scrub in Texas.

an area that is in a transition zone between the ScV and the northern Sierra As part of the Madrean Region, it is bordered on its east by the Great Basin Floristic Province, and to the south and southwest by the Sonoran Province (which includes the Mojave, Colorado, Sonoran, and Baja California Deserts). It is a strip of land of variable width that supports truly coastal Susan Harrison also offers a summary of the innovative tools that have been developed and used in California to conserve and protect this stunning and imperiled diversity. chaparral and foothill-pine/blue-oak woodland vegetation of the Inner North Coast Ranges alpine vegetation on Mount Shasta and Lassen Peak. This region, occupying the Species numbers would more than double in plants and nearly double in most groups of animals under this "phylogenetic" or "diagnostic" species concept (Agapow et al. Map of the Natural Vegetation of California" (pp. Subregion (KR). Sonoma County to the Pacific Ocean near Bodega Bay. It is challenging to find, for almost any group, either comparative data or interpretive analyses that place endemism in California in a larger context.


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