In 2007, a clothing line was released called Lil' Bratz Couture. With a Be-Bratz USB Key, the doll owner can take a Be-Bratz doll online, name it, and create an online social homepage. He leads Harmony Community Development Corporation, an organization committed to improving the community of southern Dallas through building stronger families and economic development. It was produced by Mike Young Productions and MGA Entertainment, and premiered on Cartoon Network, Kabillion and on 4Kids TV. "[24], On July 22, 2010, the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals declared that ownership of the Bratz franchise belonged to MGA Entertainment. On Sunday, Carter celebrated his 43rd birthday. In 2013, Bratz got a new logo and a new slogan, and the dolls all got new bodies with articulated arms, with a height to match their competitor Monster High while keeping their unique faces, and sporting brand new fashions. While Vince Carter is set to finally bid adieu to NBA after the current season, the smiling face of Kobe Bryant will now be remembered by fans in their memory after the Lakers legend lost his life in a tragic helicopter crash on Sunday. [37][38] The show's premiere episode was met with mixed reactions from Bratz fans. They also took issue with accessories that appeared to be champagne bottles and glasses; however, the accessories were confirmed to be bottles of smoothies. Though Bratz dolls fared poorly at their May 21, 2001 debut—mostly due to the long-held monopoly by Barbie—their popularity increased the following Christmas. "[28], Mattel Inc. and MGA Entertainment Inc. returned to court on January 18, 2011 to renew their battle over who owns Bratz, which this time includes accusations from both companies that the other side stole trade secrets. [9] The report shows copies of what it says are "cheat sheets" distributed to workers before auditors from Walmart or other customers arrive to make sure the factory passes inspections intended to ensure the supplier meets labor standards. [15], The Bratz brand, which has remained number one in the UK market for 23 consecutive months focuses core values on friendship, hair play and a 'passion for fashion. We were literally talking in these pics how I will enjoy retirement and that we would have a convo soon on how to go through it. The Bryant C. Project is a solo project made up by Bryant Carter. [7] In addition to two "comeback" collections, MGA also released 10 new female Bratz characters on 10 October 2010. The report has been criticized for an apparent lack of supporting evidence and data. Bratz Babyz Save Christmas, originally released in 2008, was re-released by Lionsgate in 2013 as Bratz Babyz Save Christmas: The Movie. Although becoming an instant hit, it gained high ratings that are going to Cartoon Network's and CITV's broadcasts. The dolls feature the original slogan and another re-working of the original logo. [8], After the announcement, the CEO of MGA Entertainment, Isaac Larian sent a statement on December 24, 2006, via e-mail to a fan site of the doll line, Bratz World,[10] and another two days later to Playthings magazine stating that the information is false and the company is not familiar with the company named in the report and MGA uses first rate factories in "the orient" to make its goods, like Mattel and Hasbro do. Bratz dolls have also received criticisms over what critics saw as a chonga-eqsue style. He is also committed to serving our community and the city of Dallas, and is currently serving on the boards of Frost Bank Dallas Advisory Board, Impact Dallas Capital, Bible Study Fellowship (BSF) International and the Dallas Police Department Community Advisory Board. It revolves around the Bratz as they enter a music competition held by fictional music star "Whisper", and as they get closer to finishing their song for the contest, they also uncover Whisper's true identity. As a result, none of the Bratz 2014 product line was offered to North American retailers. On December 21, 2006, the National Labor Committee announced that the factory workers in China, who make Bratz dolls, labored for 94½ hours a week, while the factory paid only $0.515 an hour. Two Bratz Boyz were released in 2002 with others debuting in 2003, 2007, and 2008. Coming back fall 18 like nothing you have seen! On Sunday, Carter celebrated his 43rd birthday. [dubious – discuss][7]. The final five bands will be flown to Hollywood, California, where they will be followed and interviewed by reporters. We mentioned how we will do for our daughters to the best of our abilities and now you’re headed to a better place on my bday smh. Rest up legend & Long Live “The Mamba” [17] In 2005, figures showed that sales of Barbie dolls had fallen by 30% in the United States, and by 18% worldwide, with much of the drop being attributed to the popularity of Bratz dolls.[18]. We found Bryant's current address in GA, phone numbers, emails, background check reports, social profiles and more. On May 21, 2018, the 17th anniversary of the Bratz, Hayden Williams announced that his collaboration with the brand would be released later in the year. MGA Entertainment felt that it rushed the Bratz comeback in fall 2010 to celebrate the brand's 10th anniversary, and the company wanted to give Bratz the comeback it truly deserved. This page was last edited on 2 November 2020, at 14:12. Episode 6: If the Shoefie Fits – Raya starts a new trend when she goes to class wearing two different shoes. [20] On July 17, 2008, a federal jury ruled that Bryant had created the Bratz while he was working for Mattel, despite MGA's claim that Bryant had not been employed by Mattel at the time and Bryant's assertion that he had designed the Bratz between two separate periods of employment at Mattel. All rights reserved. The Bratz returned in July 2015 with the introduction of Raya, a new character (despite sharing the same name with a previous character), to accompany the original main four.

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