Following the reorganisation/reduction of the German Armed Forces this unit was disbanded in 2013. The revista appears roughly every 2 months with a left-wing perspective of politics and culture. The huts around the station look as though they are the same as those in some of the photographs of the prison camp. CWGC Cologne Southern Cemetery, Schleswig-Holsteinisches Infanterieregiment 163 Another monthly is the Celler Blickpunkt. The message is: expensive but you do get value for money. Here you can buy hand crafted Christmas presents, or simply enjoy typical German food and drink. With 71,000 inhabitants it is, next to Lüneburg, the largest Lower Saxon town between Hanover and Hamburg. of Hanover. Access from Hanover centre (nearest City) would be via the A37 which connects to the B3 in an north-easterly direction and the journey is 42 kilometres and will take approximately 35 minutes. In 1892 − with the help of numerous citizens' donations − the present-day Bomann Museum with its important folkloric and town history collections was founded. It was relocated from Rheine to Celle in 1971. I understand the area around Celle Camp is very military dense, presumably still is, and so would be an appropriate area for POW camps. Unlike other air bases, Celle was not completely handed over to the United States Air Force but remained under the control of the Royal Air Force even though the aircraft using the airfield were American. Most of these platforms are no longer in active use but can be activated for military exercises.[2]. Without sucess!!!! In 1464 the grain shipping monopoly generated an economic upturn for the town. Important attractions are Celle Palace (built in 1292) and the town's ancient church (Stadtkirche). German Occult Conspiracy (Celle Neues Rathaus) October 24, 2018 October 24, 2018 by Keith Baxter When the township of Celle was captured by the Americans in 1945, they also occupied the German military headquarters, a colossal brick building, whose basement held a secret war weapon But they did not remove the weapon var fontend = '' A coffee-roasting house steeped in tradition in a historic shop. Once in Celle, follow the sign posts towards Congress Union Celle. The Celle branch was demolished in the 1960s and replaced by a controversial new building, whose aluminium braced facade was meant to represent Celle's timber framed houses. In addition the raiders had no ladders so the damage was limited to about 2 metres from the floor. Residential buildings and a town park have been established on the rest of the terrain. dailyinfo[10]=' 32050 Private John OLDFIELD who died 10/11/1920 Auckland Regiment N.Z.E.F. When you get tired, take a cheap and frequent bus. Herefordshire Regiment PERSHORE CEMETERY United Kingdom' I have a feeling that I've seen some postcards of the camp, but can't remember where. Numerous displays and reconstructions show how people lived, worked and dressed in the Celle region in centuries past. This site is owned, operated, and maintained by MH Sub I, LLC dba Internet Brands. London Regiment who died on 27/10/1920 ST. PANCRAS CEMETERY United Kingdom' Today it has been restored and houses the new Town Hall offices. Today the New Town Hall (Neue Rathaus) and Celle Council Offices are housed in the restored brick building. It doesn't surprise me that Celle has a military association from the Great War due to its proximity to the training area. Since 2006 a bus stop called "Wietzenbruch Kaserne" is located in front of the main gate of the base.[5]. The following are known to be associated places; A report is available for viewing from Pte R S Baillie, 1st London Scottish, on National Archives - Your Archives, Thanks very much for your help and information. While doing internet searches for this thread I ran across a few websites about barracks in Celle used by the British army during the Cold War--by inference those installations existed prior to 1945, and Celle was and is very much part of the complex of military facilities in the area. The addition of new municipalities on 1 January 1973 saw an additional 18,691 people being included within the borough of Celle and bringing the total population to 75,178 − its historical high point.On 30 June 2005 the official number of inhabitants within Celle borough, according to an update by the Lower Saxony State Department of Statistics, was 71,402 (only main residences, and after adjustments with the other state departments).The following overview shows the population numbers based on the 'catchment area' at the time. The crest consists of two sickles leaning outwards with red handles. Monthly precipitation varies only slightly and precipitation is very evenly spread throughout the year. From 1665 to 1705 Celle experienced a cultural boom as a Residenz under Duke George William. Located at the edge of the old town (Altstadt) is the performing arts theatre Kunst & Bühne which is supported by the town and whose repertoire ranges from comedy to songs, jazz, cabaret and films. 2004 saw a record number of participants with 11,232 men and women taking part. CHILLING photographs reveal the gruesome fate that awaited hundreds of British and Allied prisoners of war during World War Two. Belsen was a POW Camp before it became a concentration camp but was used exclusively for Russians.This is evident by the large communal graves on the far side of the former main camp area. From Mrs Pope-Hennessy's, 'Map of the Main Prison Camps in Germany and Austria' the following is noted about Celle: "Celle (Scheuen) – Camp a few miles from the town of Celle on the Aller, 28 miles N.E. In 2004 the region of Lüneburg was dissolved along with the rest of Lower Saxony's administrative districts. Army Aviation Maintenance Squadron 100 (Heeresfliegerinstandsetzungsstaffel 100) was a specialised unit for maintenance of the Bölkow Bo-105. Beiträge zur Natur und Heimatgeschichte der Stadt Apolda und ihrer Umgebung 2008, S. 29ff.In September 1929 Rudolph Karstadt opened a Karstadt department store in Celle town centre, the façade of which was identical with that of the Karstadt store on Berlin's Hermannplatz. DDP1955, 18 December , 2008 in Soldiers and their units, One of my relatives was unfortunate enough to be captured by the Germans, whilst wounded on the Somme, and ended up in this camp. Celle is also still home to a prison (the Justizvollzugsanstalt Celle or JVA Celle). Sometimes town and region bus services are combined. The local network is extensive and located predominantly to the south-east of Celle and within a 25 kilometre radius there are the following train stations: Ehlershausen - Otze - Escheds - Großburgwedel - Burgdorf - Mellendorf - Bennemuhlen - Isernhagen - Bissendorf [6] The airfield retained its secondary role and was mainly used for liaison flights to the United Kingdom. Powered by Invision Community. German law stipulates a separation between military tasks and civil administration within the armed forces. It also became the largest town in the new region (Regierungsbezirk) of Lüneburg.

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