So whether your current employment is a job or a career, you should always remember that the health and safety of your customers is in your hands. You have to get at least a 75% in order to pass. Why should you get Texas Food Handler certified? As a Food and Beverage Program Manager for the Army, your online TABC certification class was great in representing the proper guidelines for serving alcohol in the state of TX. No question the best site out there for online Texas Food Handler certification. Certified On The Fly Me and my best friend both started at Pappadeux’s Seafood recently. I chose Certified On The Fly since I previously used TABC On The Fly for my TABC certification a few years back. Suite 300 #510 My career as a server carried me through college, during which time I had the opportunity to oversee the private dining program at one of the most exclusive, fine-dining steakhouses in Dallas and one of the highest-grossing restaurants in the United States. Your online TABC certification online course was convenient and easy! Great site! TABC On The Fly is awesome! He is on lesson 2, skit 3. We’ll discuss situations you’re likely to find yourself in while on the job and how to handle them. Everything in our online Texas Food Handler course is designed to give you the knowledge you need to make informed decisions, follow the law, and be successful at your career. TABC On The Fly is easy and quick. I always send my employees to Certified On The Fly for their online Texas Food Handler certification. Our TX DSHS License Number is 153. Suite 300 #511 For those of you who manage or own a business involved in selling or serving food, Certified On The Fly created some free tools to make your job easier too. You can definitely tell this was created by like minded individuals. One word sums up your online TABC certification course: Simple! Your TABC certification online course was really well done and easy to follow. Just click through the course pages as fast or slow as you want and then get your official Texas Food Handler Certificate. We always encourage our employees to use your site. Nicole_Taliercio. All Rights Reserved. Your online TABC certification course is perfect for everyone regardless of how long you’ve been in the industry. TABC On The Fly’s course put the necessary information in terms that an inexperienced server can understand, recall, and relate – without wasting a week to accomplish! As a chef, it’s imperative that I ensure my team is well-trained in food safety. Very easy to use and quick. Certified On The Fly is designed to provide Texas food handlers the most efficient way to obtain their certification. We know what it’s like. Dallas, TX 75204. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Your official Texas Food Handlers certificate will be emailed to you immediately after you complete the online course. Texas Food Handler training is just one of many things we have to oversee. You can also get more copies yourself at any time by logging in to your account. I’d give any suggestions if I had any. Dallas, TX 75204. var ANS_customer_id="a6da1602-c57f-4266-bb9b-e508cca8b727"; Your online TABC certification course was crazy easy and 10 bucks was cheap! I’m definitely going to recommend your TABC certification online course! 20 terms. Why should you get Texas Food Handler certified? © 2020 TABC On The Fly. Compatible with mobile devices and tablets. I’m definitely going to renew with you guys in two years. That means you have to answer at least 30 questions correctly. The customer service was incredible! Thank you Certified On The Fly for saving me time and headaches! Yes, Certified On The Fly’s online Texas Food Handler course is licensed and accredited by the Texas Department of State Health Services (DSHS).

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