Who is poised for a “break out” year?

Laziness? Maybe it’s early, and to be expected…but Lincecum (on the tiny camera Alex is so proud of) looks like he’s simplified his motion. Absolutely.

Don't miss HGTV in your favorite social media feeds. I mean heck, look at the success Utah and Jerry Sloan had all those years with just 3 people working a high pick and roll offense. He is either on or off.

Tomorrow, Chad Gaudin gets the ball against Paul Maholm, who may look back on this game as the most hyped and significant game of his career. At age 66 – he’s earned his stripes. Some musicians live a long life, others DIE young. I’m with Footy on Belt hitting #2 and could even see Pence hitting #3. You outlined the Sandoval dilemma perfectly. He would have to serve the three games (or fewer if he appeals and gets a reduction) once he returns to the majors, a huge disincentive for the team to bring him back. He’s got more talent than Klay IMHO, but Thompson fills a more pressing need. Much better competition. Clark 2nd. TO has a point.

There are either fanatics who dont know anything about professional baseball or there are baseball people who do. If I were Kreskin…, Well the U.S. hockey team let me down again. I hope 48 is here for quite awhile.

Brandon Crawford had a significant drop in performance last season after injury. Here’s a quote: “These shirts are 3/4 sleeves, which is good because it can get kind of cool here in Scottsdale, even though it’s usually hot…” ??? Blake (?) Warriors win!

J.T. Managers cannot. I could have seen a run similar to Walton’s Junior and Senior seasons had he stayed…. Petit, Mijares, Hensley (L), Runzler, Penny and Machi. He will not SHUT UP. Don’t get me wrong; I love Pablo and I DO believe that guy from 2009 is real. They’re like stars…. As for Romo, I think it’s going to have everything to do with what Hembree and/or Law are able to give them. seems to understand how to work a screen from the one. But they moved the room and I couldn’t find the building and I tweaked my back the other day doing chores, so…here I am at home, instead. Let’s just hurry this us and get on with the loss so I can move on with my evening. For one thing, he can’t pronounce the Latin players’ names (“Arias” becomes “Eh-di-ahs”). Ultimately, I think who Sandoval has been is who he will continue to be, even if 2014 is a big year. I like the notion of Belt getting more fastballs in the 2 hole with Pagan as a runner on first and opening up the hole in the right side of the infield. Live stream HGTV now. Pro baseball pitcher, Chad, may be in control when he's on on the mound, but when it comes to finding an off-season home in Vegas his wife Syndal also calls the shots. Anybody catch Chad Gaudin and his wife on House Hunters last night?? Pence does both. Obits. Catches bullpens and warms up Giant pitchers in the bullpen. One of the regs on the actual Belt contract post cautioned for folks not to expect Mays, McCovey, or Clark. Pence is too streaky to protect him. Here’s the problem I see. But Belt might not be so insulted with some kind of 5 year/$45-50 deal. The athletic arena, public work place, government work place, entertainment field – is loaded with “fatso’s and skinnies” and they function with their personal secrets or demons.

38 days to Opening Day 2014–can’t wait!!

I mean who would trash this place anyway. And Belt progressed last year, Rizzo *regressed.”. When does it end. I know of no other way for myself to “treat” Pablo than to be “in his corner”. “…picks up the rice at the church where the wedding has been…”. The last track?

Yes, he could definitely make more year to year, but that contract would indeed set him and Mrs. Baseball would survive without stats. He definitely needs to prove not only that he can stay in shape but that he can be a consistent presence at the plate like in 2009 and 2011 (when not injured). Stunned me. His personality makes him even MORE vulnerable. Marty and FP came into Giants media at a time when they needed stability. ), a Saturday. However in professions that I’ve worked in – there have always been fitness for duty tests (the vets scream). And the results speak for themselves…….

Romo is a very good relief pitcher. While litigation is something you always want to avoid, I will always defend myself against frivolous lawsuits.”. For that matter, so does Buster Posey. Love for Lee and Barnes….. Barnes for all his talent plays better as a stretch four, and won’t get any real PT there behind Lee or Love in this case. smh. How was your pedicure. With most players, you at least know you’re going to get a consistent, professional level of effort, not just on the field but with regard to conditioning as well. That’s the difference with Gerald III growing up and playing for Mike Martin Sr. at FSU vs. Pablo trying to leave Venezuela as a 15-16 yr old. The uncertainty about Pablo’s game is understood. He was a fixture with Oakland but it wasn’t a paid job. They are ONLY baseball players a short % of their lives. In all professions, probably in yours – there are rookies who come in out of shape or veterans who eventually “let themselves go”. http://m.mlb.com/video/topic/22048014/v31371571/sfg-live/?partnerId=as_sfg_20140221_18949554. Love was the most perfect center since Walton for Wooden’s classic High Post offense. And Mitchell won the MVP. Bochy said Kontos needs to regain his confidence in the minors, and with Chad Gaudin in the rotation, the team needed a truer long reliever. Still don’t like those Lee isos in the 4Q, and I was cringing every time Klank–I mean KLAY–got his hands on the ball. Then there’s Romo. Marty is no great shakes either. Because TO has a pic of Belt as his avatar? I might suggest the greedy owners either cut back on the schedule as few as 10 games (as if…) to give teams time to really practice. you’ll find a poor correlation between fans’ hope and player performance. He’ll need to think about the ultimate BIG picture when he leaves the game. Bruce Bochy was suspended for one game and served it Wednesday. Every year, from 1963 – 1975 Wooden ran the offense, whether he had Alcindor, Walton, Johnson, Hazzrd, Wilkes, Farmer… it didn’t matter. Dave Feldman: So how are you feeling, you feel good? You can’t teach the skills he possesses. His actions on defense perplex me.

Playing in a big league baseball game doesn’t require an incredible physical effort. Video: Lincecum, Hudson get their throws in at spring training, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-tE8UA0Zxj4, http://www.fortheloveofthegameproductions.com. All those Venezuela kids were taught to swing at everything. I will always respect Sean Estes. I don’t think it is an unfair word. I’m not waiting. Hard to wager on 2015 and beyond though.

Playing in a 162 is quite another issue, you’d have to admit. Pablo decided he personally had “had enough” of him not being able to participate in those post game weight room sessions and is now on a (different) mission to do better. Wotus is better. The dominance of the Jordan led Bulls wirth no true rival turned most of the NBA into highlight reel dunk shows were more important than the results of the game. That was a very entertaining, edge-of-your-seat game for a regular season NBA contest, wasn’t it? You missed that he’s a lazy slob except in his “contract year”.

Why focus on the negative. I just thought it was interesting that of all the players who could have an off-year, you chose to zero in on Belt. It could even happen to your guy, Belt. There’s no in between . I know the song you mean–the sitar is prominent all through the tune. The Lakers and Celtics, Bird and Magic gave the game rivarly and drama…. His http://www.fortheloveofthegameproductions.com is pretty good and he started that when he worked for the A’s. His on the field results won’t affect my view of him. He makes me long for Bip and J.T.

I like Sandoval hitting fifth to protect Buster. Physical and mental fitness will determine the outcome. Bochy Press conference coming up (apparently), Truer words were never spoken: “can be really hard to train high school kids”, Great progress. (Pence played IN 162 that year, did not START all 162.As the game started many “fans” were like “hey where is so and so”. Belt’s situation is complicated, and not just for the obvious reasons (he’s young and what is really his ceiling and will he reach that). He’s got that deer in the headlights look fans seem to like. One of my favorite games was 2012 – 6-4 loss vs the Padres Sunday Sept 23rd with Petit getting the start – after most of the squad had a celebration the night before. I know what YOU meant by “conditioning is an off field issue” – however most of the roster have a pregame lift and a post game lift in the weight room.

It was just an indication of how bad Estes is, not an endorsement of J.T. Now he’s in line for a big payday.

Warriors in DEEP vs Houston tonight. Where’s Baldslick1? You see what he did to Verlander in the World Series (or heck, the All-Star Game) and so many times when he hits something 6 inches off the ground into the left-center gap, and holy cow. Harden was a monster, but he couldn’t do it all by himself. 31 is the opener for the Giants, in the Snake Pit. Even in their late 30’s the old guys would give the kids a run for their money. Meyers held serve. I’ve seen many who are worse and the all important thing that you can tell my his Public House shows on Giants weekend home games is how many people throughout baseball “know-of” Marty Lurie as an actual baseball historian. It’s fun. My goodness, what a surprisingly nice first half by the Dubs. Other fun accomplishments and experiences include being awarded Miss Melt the Ice 2007 for the Fresno Falcons Hockey Team and Miss ESPN Radio 1430 2007… and of course winning the World Series in … Anybody know if Estes is returning to Comcast? ..and it was before we could vent at places like this and NO journalists or announcers called him out, or even questioned it…and I was going crazy about it…I knew at that very moment he was dead to me…what do we all think of every time we see the guy? smh, Jermaine seems invigorated I don’t know what he would cost, but sitting on my couch, I wouldn’t give him anything near the Pence deal. They’re not going to overpay for Romo. There has been no end of discussion on that issue among Cubs fans.

A charming coastal escape on Hilton Head Island, S.C. A blend of industrial and Craftsman design in Pittsburgh, PA. SFG is just about as big a time as there is right now. Really helps the guard rotation. If you’re Belt, you know that an excellent 2014 could make you very, very rich, but taking a guaranteed, multi-year deal now would set you up for life.

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