If the socket is wired into the cars 12V supply then I don't think you will be able to charge another 12V battery from it. Completing the CAPTCHA proves you are a human and gives you temporary access to the web property. Also how much voltage loss are we looking at? This lack of cable length is the same when connected to the battery terminals. Go to any boat supplier and you can get a purpose built battery carrier with a quick disconnect plug that will keep the battery waterproof. Sheesh, it's certainly not rocket science to some. ctek d250s wire the input to a cigarette plug and the output to either alligator clips or direct to the battery, Just get a DC-DC battery charger. Plenty of DC/DC chargers around at different budgets. If you are on a personal connection, like at home, you can run an anti-virus scan on your device to make sure it is not infected with malware. AFAIK the cig lighter is usually just wired direct to the battery though the ignition switch and a fuse, there is no extra regulation. Heck they're barely suitable to run anything that draws a bit of power, which is why you have merit, Engel, and Anderson plugs. In theory a cable and current limit resistor (that will prevent more than 10A flowing) would work fine, the batteries would eventually equalise voltage and then float. wire gauge, fuses, current rating of socket, wired direct to starter or through ign or accessories signal, etc. Dual battery or standalone setups are common for camping and off roading. A 12V portable fridge is meant for stuff like this, the manufacturers don't make it that hard. http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/6-35V-to-1-35V-DC-DC-Converter-Buck-Boost-Charger-Power-Converter-Module-KK-/281754225497?hash=item4199dc4b59:g:F0IAAOSwHnFVrP2q. That means a dead car in the middle of the road. I have had my brake controller installed by etrailer and thought you folks could help me with this issue. Tell ya wot – send me $500 and I'll post to you, postage included, a neat little system which will do exactly what you wanted. Portable just plug and unplug as required. If so, how are they? Relevance. Actually, good point here. So you can definitely use the cig lighter. A kit costs about $100-200 but you can shop around. This was the first response to the OP's question, and it's the most practical. Favorite Answer. This means the battery won't charge that much in the limited driving time you have. It allows you to start the vehicle from one battery and power appliances from the other. Not what the OP wanted, I read his reply below that he wanted a totally portable plug and play solution utilising his existing lighter socket in his tray. It's really the best, and most uncomplicated solution. • Need to know how the cig socket in the tray is wired before offering up any solution. But If its not deep cycle, its not wise to discharge it on purpose, or leave it at low charge for long .. the car battery is not deep cycle and lasts longer if you keep it charged or charge it straight back up after using it to start.. (eg so you drained it by leaving the lights on for half an hour.. get it charged back to fully charged ASAP..). Chances are it will be a lot closer to 13V than 14... OK, add a $20 multimeter to the kit, check voltage at any rest stops during the drive, disconnect the clips when the 70 AH batt is fully charged. They didn't mention a budget, just wanted to know the right/best way to do it. To set the current limit, put a low resistance in series with a multimeter across the output and turn the pot until desired current is measured. That's the sort of system I have used for many decades. You may need to download version 2.0 now from the Chrome Web Store. The voltage is ~12v when the engine is off and 13-14V (battery charge voltage) when the engine running. i want to recharge my 70ah battery that I use for my 12v fridge whilst I drive around for the day from the 20amp fused cig socket that's in my ute tray. Sometimes, simple works. https://www.redarc.com.au/smart-start-bcdc, I would be very surprised if the OP is looking to spend $500 :), i want to recharge my 70ah battery that I use for my 12v. But it wont be simple. how do i charge a battery from cigarette lighter, https://www.redarc.com.au/smart-start-bcdc. if your battery was very flat when you charged it disconect for 60 secs this will reset the ecus, Interested in the answer here - someone has fitted a charging point to my Tuscan but never really understood why they did not just use the cig lighter. Can you charge a car battery through the cigarette lighter? Only problem is when the battery is nearly full, the voltage difference might only be 1V or less so the charge current will only be 1-2A because of the resistor. Yes you actually can. A 12V portable fridge is meant for stuff like this, the manufacturers don't make it that hard. Yeah 12V isn't enough but obviously you are plugging a charger into the socket. Charging Auxiliary Battery from Car Cigarette Lighter or 12 Volt Auxiliary Plug Connector. You could probably buy a nice charger and mount it in the tray if it was a permanent thing. Electrical surges from the car engine when starting and running may damage your charger. When a car suddenly bumps then charging discontinued. There have been plenty of options presented in this thread, both simple and complicated and most will work. Really, in this day and age there's always a tendency to overcomplicate things. Gassing Station | Tuscan | Top of Page | What's New | My Stuff. Here's one for $174 delivered, reads like a decent product. Who knows. 4 Answers. i.e. direct to battery, signal off ignition or accessories, etc. Surely you want a box with cig connection on input side and alligator clips on output side. The challenge the OP is presenting is trying to do it through a cigarette lighter, where the wiring and socket itself is rated at a fraction of the current a discharged battery could draw from an alternator putting out full current. The challenge the OP is presenting is trying to do it through a cigarette lighter, where the wiring and socket itself is rated at a fraction of the current a discharged battery could draw from an alternator putting out full current. Does anyone have any experience with these? By using a cigarette lighter to charge a laptop or other devices one can save its time and can have entertainment during its long trip. So wired in 5A cable, for example, to run off the accessories signal. I have heard that charging a car through the cigarette lighter can damage the electrical components of the car. It will be the equivalent of a trickle charge though. If the main battery is deep cycle, you can trust a 'don't fully discharge' protector to keep a bit for starting the vehicle. Which is why he would be much better off installing an isolator in the engine bay, and running heavy gauge cable to a battery in the ute tray, Exactly! Sometimes, simple works. I am a little bit confused by the comments on being useless via the cigarette lighter or not being as effective,the accumate is designed as a battery conditioner ie to keep the charge level topped up during periods of inactivity which it does very well via any connection.It is not intended as a battery charger which would require direct connection to the battery or the anderson connector. A cigarette lighter (aux power) socket will run at the same voltage as the rest of the car while driving (around 13.8V) so will be quite sufficient to charge your 12V fridge battery. What more do you need to know? wire gauge, fuses, current rating of socket, wired direct to starter or through ign or accessories signal, etc.

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